Snaffle Bits

Medium Rings
Small Chain Mouth Bit

This mouthpiece conforms well to the horse's mouth and is much less severe than it appears to be.  Horses that do not like other mouthpieces will accept this one much better.  Excellent for young colts or older horses with mouth problems.   Remember this bit does not have a lot of control. 
3" Rings, 5" Mouth

Futurity Rings 7/16" 3-Piece with Copper Roller Bit
This is an excellent heavy ring to add weight for better feel. This mouthpiece breaks over the bars at a different angle to contact new nerves, and has some tongue pressure for better control. The copper roller adds that sweet and sour taste for better moisture and acts as a pacifier for many horses that like to chew on their bit.  3" Rings, 5" Mouth
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Item#: Bit-131
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Item#: Bit-152
Medium Rings 1/4" 3-Piece Twisted Wire With Dog Bone Snaffle Bit
This is an excellent bit for schooling or training your horse. It is excellent for young horses that get heavy or lean on their bit. This bit will lighten them up and bring them back off the bit. 
3" Rings, 5" Mouth

Divided Ring Copper Mule Mouth Bit
This bit was designed for horses that are heavy or lugging on the bit.  It can be turned either way in the  horse's mouth for the severity you need.  The divided ring is for quicker response.  This bit can be an effective training bit.   "Do Not Tie your horse in this bit." 
3" Rings, 6" Mouth

Futurity Rings 7/16" Double Five Snaffle Bit
These heavy rings add weight to the bit with our new copper inlaid mouthpiece for a moist, soft mouth. It makes this bit a must for anyone that rides.  3" Rings, 5" Mouth
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CC Price:  $47.99
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Item #: Bit-172

Item#: Bit-173

Item#: Bit-181

Futurity Ring Billy Allen Snaffle Bit
The heavy rings add weight to this bit for better feel. The mouth is comfortable for a horse to pack, has the roller to pacify a nervous horse, and applies light tongue pressure to help break a horse over at the poll for better head set. The best feature of this snaffle is the limited amount the mouth will bend before it stops. The limited action makes this mouthpiece even less severe than a conventional snaffle for training young colts.  3" Rings, 5" Mouth
W.P. Two Pounder Stainless Steel Rings 
3/8" Smooth Sweet Iron
This bit was designed to help lower the headset on a horse. The bridle should be adjusted where the horse has to pick up the snaffle with his tongue and pack the mouthpiece. The weight of the rings is carried by the headstall, applying poll pressure. The weight of the rings also gives a solid que when rein pressure is applied. This bit can also self school a horse that slings or throws his head. Ride with a curb strap and adjust to allow the ring movement you desire.
3" Rings

Camarillo Twisted Snaffle Bit
This bit is perfect for your training and tuning program. The twisted snaffle helps not only to educate a young horse but to help keep an older horse light in the mouth. The snaffle works off the horse's lips with a hinge effect on the bars and tongue.   3" Cheeks, 5" Mouth

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CC Price:  $36.99
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Item#: Bit-191
Item#: Bit-195
Item#: Bit-701

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