Cowboy Shank Bits

The shank is designed to set the headstall back away from the eyes.  It has good balance and medium to good control. Ropers especially like this design. Some of the bits allow quick response with minimal work from your arms. 

Seven Shank Bit
1/2" Sweet Iron Medium Port

Designed for horses that try to lip a bit, the mullen relief in the mouthpiece makes it comfortable and easy to pack.  This bit has medium to good control. 
7" Cheeks, 5" Mouth

Cowboy Shank Bit
1/2" High Port Sweet Iron
with Copper Roller

Designed to set the headstall back away from the eyes, this bit has very good balance.  Copper roller adds a little tongue pressure for better control and is excellent for nervous horse that like to play with the bit.  It helps break a horse over at the poll for a good head set. 
7" Cheeks, 5" Mouth

Cowboy Shank Bit
1/2" Bars, 3/8" High Port Roper

A nice all-around combination of shank and mouthpiece, this bit is well balanced with lots of tongue relief and enough port to work on the roof of the mouth.  It is an excellent bit for roping horses that need whoa! 
7" Cheeks, 5" Mouth

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Rutledge Roper Bit
Sweet Iron Low Port

Often misunderstood, it looks to be severe but when ridden with a medium to tight curb the mouthpiece will lay flat on the bars, over a wide area, touching more and many new nerves.  Often used successfully on horses with damaged tongue or bars, the unique floating shank allows the curb to be drawn from side to side for another totally new feel.  Many riders who have tried this bit say it works OK the first day, better the next day, better the next and by the end of the week cannot believe the control they have regained. 
7" Cheeks, 5" Mouth

Swivel Polo Bit
Low Port Sweet Iron Mouth

Swivel shanks are a horseman's dream come true.   It adds lateral control to the quick rate and collection already offered by the traditional Polo bit.  Not only for competition, this bit is a welcome addition to any trainer's collection to collect and control young horses. 
7" Cheeks, 5" Mouth


Easy Lift Bit
This is a true curb bit for training, tuning or general riding.  This bit offers bar, tongue and curb pressure with a lot of tongue relief.  The unique swivel in the port allows for important control to help lift a horse's shoulder.  Neutral adjustment on the headstall to meet the corners of the lips and a looser curb to allow rotation in the port. 
7" Cheeks, 5" Mouth

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