Hackamore bits allow pressures to be applied outside the mouth. Combination hackamores work both inside and outside the horse's mouth. 

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Mechanical Hackamore Flat Leather Nose, Horse Size
This is an improved version of one of the most popular mechanical hackamores ever made.  The flat leather nose is excellent for horses that have natural rate and need only to be "keyed" to stay in tune with the rider.   This bit is also a good choice for a new rider just learning to ride.  
8" Cheeks


Brown Futurity Sweet Iron Twisted Dog Bone
This is a bit used by barrel racers and trainers.  Ridden with a tight curb, this bit has good rate, lots of flex but light enough to keep your horse moving in the turns.   This little mouthpiece adds some "bite" for stronger running horses.   Loosen the curb for colts or slow work for plenty of flex. 
8" Cheeks, 5" Mouth


The "Hank" 7/16" Smooth Sweet Iron Snaffle
A training bit that works by using the rose buds on the rope to contact the nerves on either side of the horse's nose.  This bit teaches a horse to head-set, flex, turn over his hocks and stop without hurting the bars of his mouth.   As you pick up on the reins, light pressure goes to the mouthpiece keeping your horse "light in the mouth."  Great for tuning up a mature horse.  
8" Cheeks, 5" Mouth

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Johnson Hackamore Small Chain Mouth
Designed by a leading barrel racing trainer, this bit is an excellent training or performance bit.  The long gag action delivers plenty of lift as well as control.  The rope nose conforms well and works on the bridge of the nose for rate and control.  The chain mouth is superior in this bit to lessen the bar pressure and add tongue pressure to help set your horse's head and help provide the flex you need to turn your horse at the performance level. 
7" Cheeks, 5" Mouth

Beetle Hackamore
This simplistic little hackamore is reasonably light.  It works well on horses that need very light control.  It has a moderate lift to help set the shoulders and lots of flex for well trained horses.  Works well on slow work with young horses, and pleasure for your horse to throw on and ride in the pasture. 
6" Cheeks


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CC Price:  $67.99
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