Short shank rope nose combination hackamores are good all around combination hackamores.  The rope nose has a soft feel and conforms to the horse's nose.

Little "S" Horse Hackamore
This little bit is deceiving.  While it does not have a lot of whoa, it works well on horses that have a lot of natural rate.  It does have a good deal of lift and a lot of flex.  It is used by a good many barrel racers in competition.  It is a good bit for slow work and training. 
6" Cheeks

Stop & Turn Horse Size Short Shank
This headstall fits around the rope nose next to the shank and the knot twists back against the headstall to hold it in place.  The unique design of the curb portion of this bit applies severe pressure to the horse's lower chin for lots of whoa.  The swivel cheeks allow the rider to lead a horse off to the side much better than the old fast stop or quick stop.  4" Shank


Short Shank Rope Nose Combination Hackamores
This mouthpiece is very popular, it has medium plus control and packs well.  8" Cheeks, 5" Mouth


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Item#: Bits-964

Item#: Bits-998H

Item#: Bits-902


965 - Same as 964 in Arabian size.  
Item#: Bits-965 -
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Short Shank Rope Nose Combination Hackamore 3-Piece Twisted Wire w/Dog Bone Mouth
A good all-around hackamore, the rope nose has a soft feel and conforms to the horse's nose.  This mouthpiece has more "bite" than a two-piece by increasing the angle of contact to the bars, touching new nerves and by added leverage from being broken twice. 
8" Cheeks, 5" Mouth

Short Shank Leather Wrapped Steel Nose Hackamore
This drop down nosepiece adds a little bite to this bit and lowers the nose to help clear a tiedown.  You get the same "all over" nose, bars, lips and chin control but with added emphasis on the nose and curb for better rate and good shoulder control.   Combined with a medium plus 3/8" large twisted sweet iron snaffle mouthpiece, this bit can steer your horse to the pay window.  8" Cheeks, 5" Mouth

Rocky I Premo Nose
There are two ways to stop a horse, pain or control.  The difference is when you use pain, very soon your horse will stop turning in anticipation of the pain you are going to inflict on him at the end of the run.  This bit uses control.  The shape of the nose spreads the contact across the full face of the horse.  In most cases you can let your tiedown out so your horse can run better yet still rate and collect your horse.   Roping horses will stop much better on their rear end.  8" Cheeks

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Item#: Bits-930


new pic needed

Rocky III Rubber Covered Bicycle Chain
This has been a very popular nose for years.  Combined with these unique and free floating shanks, this bit has good control, some lift to help hold up the shoulder and the side action to help flex your horse. 
8" Cheeks


Mechanical Hackamore Rubber Covered Bicycle Chain
Horse Size

8" Cheeks An improved version of one of the most popular mechanical hackamores ever made. Ropers and Barrel Racers love the rubber covered bicycle chain for the control it delivers

Shanked Rope Sidepull
This sidepull is very similar to a rope nose hackamore but is less severe.  This bit will help lift a horse that is dropping his head and is very effective in teaching a horse to flex. 
8" Cheeks


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Item#: Bits-933

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Item#: Bits-993

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