Popular Imported Bits - Western

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Straight Reiner 7/16" Smooth Sweet Iron
High leverage bit when ridden with a tight curb. It has good control combined with this medium severe mouth. A popular bit used in training, showing, competition and pleasure riding. 
7" Cheeks


6" Shank Roller Bit
Action similar to Tom Thumb with more leverage and copper roller for taste and as pacifiers.  Stainless Steel.  
5" Mouth


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Item#: Bits-CC753

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Mechanical Hackamore Rubber Covered Bicycle Chain
Horse Size

8" Cheeks An improved version of one of the most popular mechanical hackamores ever made. Ropers and Barrel Racers love the rubber covered bicycle chain for the control it delivers. (Usually ships with red rubber nose)

Grazing Bit, Oak Leaf Cheek
Medium port allows tongue relief and gentle control.  Solid cheeks for stability, swept back to prevent jamming while horses graze.  Stainless.  
5" Mouth


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Item#: Bits-CC953

Item#: Bits-CC956


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