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Tony Lama Exotic Western Boots
Tony Lama Western Diamondback Rattlesnake Boots
If you like to sport a wilder side of life, you just can't get any more wild than the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake boots. To some boot connoisseurs,  rattler boots are "the" exotic Tony Lama boots. Smaller scales than the Python snakeskins, Tony Lama Diamondback rattlesnake boots feel as soft as butter is sweet on your feet. Easily conditioned for years of enjoyment. 

Tony Lama Rattlesnake Boots
Made in the USA

Tony Lama Exotic Boot Collection gives you a handcrafted boot with style and support. Leather soles on a Western dress boot that allow you to stroll effortlessly, and even pridefully.  Built as a traditional Western boot, this men's boot blends all the best hi tech cushion with all the old west boot savy.

Tony Lama has been making boots designed for ranching, roping and riding, since 1911. Over the years, Tony Lama Boots have evolved into technically advanced, fashionable footwear that set the standard for your Western lifestyle. Handcrafted, and made in America, The El Paso Collection features exotic boots and the best dress leathers alike. With full welt construction and a full cushion foot bed, the El Paso Boot is definitely designed for customers with modern discriminating tastes. Full welted boots allow your local boot repair shops to keep resoling your boots without specialized equipment. If you take care of them, these rattler boots will go through numerous resoles for you! I almost always continue to put leather soles on them, until the boot repair shop tells me I'm on my last pair. Then I'll switch to a Mini-rib Vibram sole, or something similar.  

Tony Lama boots have used their same lasting systems for a hundred years. If you have worn TL boots before, get your usual sizing. If not, call Cultured Cowboy and we'll walk you through the sizing process, but generally, go 1/2 size smaller than most dress shoe sizes.

Your Tony Lama boot should feel like a comfortable handshake on the front of your foot. Boots slip on your heels. They are designed to! They will not rub blisters as they do, because they are designed with a heel counter that allows slippage. The slipping pumps air around your feet for more comfort. The top, including the instep area, will keep a well made cowboy boot on your foot while you run around town. (I know Momma told you never to get a shoe that slipped. That's because in a shoe, the top of the heel must cup your cuneiform bone. Western boots, with their special design, and taller top, developed over centuries, are made more forgiving & more comfy than department store shoes!)  

We recommend a good Thorlo sock to go with your boots. Thorlo socks are engineered for feet in boots. (Everything from sweat dissipation to padding in the right places.) And always use cleaners and conditioners to make your boot leather last a long time. And remember, with a buckaroo boot, you want to have your boot repair shop replace the heel pad as soon as it wears thin. This keeps the boot from wearing into the heel block, and thus breaking over at the heel counter. 

Natural is the choice of Western Diamondback Rattler boots. If for some unusual reason, you tear your snakes, the snakeskin is laid over a leather boot. You can use carpenter's glue or Leather Weld glue to glue it back down to the leather foot.    Thanks & God Bless - CC

Tony Lama 6971 R toe shown 

Tony Lama Super Exotic Boot. Full welt with complementing welt stitching. Traditional comfort walking heel. Plenty of top stitching for proper support, (to prevent your boot top from sagging onto, rubbing, your ankles too much.) Properly stitched vamp helps the foot break in just right.

Built in the tradition of cowboy boots made for centuries; technological improvements allow your men's western boots to have more cushion, more comfort, and support than ever before. 

STYLE:    TL-6971
DESCRIPTION:   Natural Western Rattlesnake Boots
SIZE:   B width (men's narrow)    9 - 12, 13
D width (men's medium)    7 - 12, 13
EE width (men's wide)    6 - 12, 13
FOOT:   Natural Western Diamondback Rattlesnake skins
TOP:   Antique Tan Vintage Goat
TOE:   R   Medium Round toe
HEEL:   T4  Cowboy Walking Heel
HEIGHT:   12"
INSOLE:   TL Cushion Comfort Package
OUTSOLE:   Full Welt  Leather


TL-6971 R toe (Medium Round) / 4 heel
:  $434.99

Compare at$500.00

TL-6971 U toe (Wide Round) / 4 heel
:  $434.99

Compare at$500.00

This price includes a $15 shipping allowance

Cultured Cowboy knows this boot is an incredible value for this money. We sell only First Quality Exotic Western Boots.

This exotic Western boot style has the best exotic dress leathers wrapped around the top & sides of your feet, with a comfort function unsurpassed by most hand-crafted dress Western boots. (Tony Lama Exotic boots are actually, an exotic skin wrapped around a handcrafted leather boot. This gives you the support and strength of the best glove leather boots, with an almost glamorous, appeal!  

Cultured Cowboy stocks a lot of boots. We also use the inventory at Tony Lama for additional backup stock. Shipping is usually fairly quick. Cultured Cowboy does offer a lay-away plan, if you like. Just a deposit when the order is placed, payments that are convenient for your situation, and the balance as they ready to ship.   God Bless, CC

Exotic Boot Care:   Use Delicate Cream to condition, and a matching color cream polish for the tops to renew color. When a matching cream color is not available, use a neutral. Also, use neutral over any embroidery, or special effects that you want to keep the colors. DO NOT wear these in barnyard acids.  If they get really covered in muck, you can just squirt them off with a water hose before you tote "all that" into your house.  If wet, allow them to dry at room temperature, then just add another coat of conditioner. When you take them off, get in a habit of wiping any dust or dirt off the boot right before you put them away. This keeps pollen, dust or dirt from making little cuts within the membranes that hold the snake's scales together. Your boots will last a long time if you take a little time to care for them! 

Reptile cleaner & conditioner comes in a spray that you shake like a can of paint. Spray from about 6 inches away. The foaming action will pull dirt and debris out of the scales. Wait about 5 to 10 minutes. You can then wipe your rattlesnake boots off with a cotton, t-shirt type rag. This makes cleaning easy. Leaving the spray on for much more time than 10 minutes will cause a whitish residue, which can be wiped off with a dampened cotton cloth.

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