Cashel Trail Saddle
"Comfort has a style all its own."

Light on weight and heavy on quality. Soft supple leather and a streamlined design makes this an adored trail saddle. Double padded seat for advanced rider comfort. And built on an AXIS tree, you know it provides full contact evenly distributing all pressures to your horse.

If you are searching for a saddle built better than most, Cashel is a great choice. Cashel has made a great mark with innovation for trail and endurance riding. As top innovators, they have gone to the best saddlers to build your next great trail riding saddles. 

(Some of the tack pictures have been lightened to better show the detail. Saddle picture is the true color of all matching tack for Cashel.)

The expertise of top trainers, top executives, and artists all come together to present some of the world's best saddles for you. If you dream of becoming all you can be as a rider, you're in the right place. And this is one of your best choices for a pleasure saddle.

Cashel Saddles are built tighter than most. They use a quality skirting leather that will look rich, even without a lot of tooling. Trail riders often want saddle leather that is not as intricately tooled, (easier to clean). The company understands what professional style saddles are supposed to be, and they make them to give you every edge in comfortable, safe riding.  

Cashel Saddles are the right sort of hand made saddles to pass on to your grandkids, because you don't wear them out easily! Engineered to compete in the most compelling mountains, and in the most trying of weather conditions on the ranch. Still, Cashel Trail saddles are among the most comfortable  Western pleasure saddles made.

Grain and selection of leather is planned and carved for each position on your saddle, instead of looking like an afterthought. Each trail saddle has a little difference to make a choice of designs to enhance the individual horse and rider. Rather than a die cut piece of leather with oversized leather conchos to cover the gaps, each piece of leather is hand fitted and properly molded for a tasteful and useful marriage between parts. Heavy oiling is available on each saddle.

Whether or not you have the experience of a professional, anybody can sit in one of these engineered saddles and tell it was made to ride. The tree maker and the saddle maker have made it easier to travel by placing emphasis on your leg position. These Western trail saddles allow good close positioning with your horse. You will feel balanced whether you are riding uphill, downhill, on a flat or rounding a curve. The ground seat and rise is proper to aid you in your riding, rather than restricting you. 

Built for strength and endurance. Unlike saddles which are made for a couple years of showing and then to be traded, Your saddle is built with selected high tech materials mixed with timeless natural fibers, placed in positions according to their flexing and their rigid properties. Then properly finished to add life. The AXIS maker gives a 5 year warrantee, but today's trees are even better than the type of tree that lasted many years in your grandfather's saddles. Using the best leather on top of all that foundation will keep your seat in the saddle till it's time to give up riding.

Would you like to get a new saddle that feels like it is used? We will heavy oil any saddle for you. We prefer to use Lexol. Lexol will darken less than any other conditioner. It is PH-Balanced for the leather used in your saddle. We have been using Lexol on our personal saddles for over 30 years. Add $120.00 for about three liters of Lexol and some several hours of application. Lexol is best applied in many thin layers. To darken slightly, we will add extra virgin olive oil. To darken more, we will blend in some pure neatsfoot. The choice is yours! Your saddle will then come out of the box ready to ride in ultimate comfort!

Remember that a breast collar is a great addition to your saddle purchase. For a small investment, you can add an emergency measure that could prevent a saddle twisting under your horse, should a girth loosen without your knowledge. 

Have you ever had the experience of getting a new saddle to find the stirrups won't take up enough to fit, or let out enough to fit? No more...We like to get your real inseam, (and other measurements, like we were making your chaps), then assure the saddle will fit when it arrives. Hey, by the time we get through spoiling you, you'll always want to buy your saddles and tack from us! 

Your saddle can be shipped to you in a padded saddle bag by Big D Blanket company. This protective saddle bag will help insure the proper finish of your investment for many years. 

We strive to keep some of the basics in stock. They can be to you in a week or less. But, if we are out of stock in your size, then the saddler needs about 4 to 8 weeks to make your saddle. Leather is cut, wet, steamed, dried, fitted and pulled. It cannot be rolled off a bolt and processed like fabrics. This does take time to do right. Allow another 3 days to a week for UPS delivery. Overseas orders will usually go through UPS, or Airborne express, (depending on your best rate or most security). Any more time is because the saddler is catching up on previous saddles, or waiting on parts, or needs to take one night off for his wedding anniversary. 

Saddle makers are as excited about making your saddles as you are about riding! They would rather get it right, than rush it. We have chosen our saddle making partners because of their consistency in quality of product. Cultured Cowboy knows that most of our customers will be riding for many years to come. A short wait for a really good saddle is worth your "wait" in gold!

With the experience of thousands of saddles made for thousands of horse people, Cultured Cowboy looks forward to helping you with your needs. Tired legs, hurting knees, lower back pains, need grip, need freedom, need speed, need to impress your friends, need to impress your equine, need help, need a hug? Give us a call.

God Bless,
Cultured Cowboy

Cashel Trail Saddles Notes: There is no difference in the pricing in seat sizes 15, 16 or 17. Cashel uses the Martin Saddlery Axis saddle tree. What this means to you, is a saddle that will give at times when a totally rigid saddle would put pressures on the shoulders and kidneys of your horse. Still, you won't feel like you are bouncing on a trampoline, and your horse will not have "bends" in the middle of his back that pinch. Your weight will be continuously distributed along a large area of the horse's back. Ends of the bars are flared so no points get jabbed as your horse maneuvers.   

Built with Hermann Oak Leather.

Cashel Lightweight Trail Saddle

All Cashel Leather Saddles are USA made with the finest quality leather available. AXIS designed tree. All are beautifully handcrafted and pleasantly finished.

Options: Latigo lined flank. Seat sizes. 

Simplistic beauty comes through in both the choice of the leathers and in the quality of the hardware. Each saddle is made by an artist with many saddles of experience under their belt. Their pride rides on the saddle made just for you. 

When you begin with the best quality leathers, and use professional craftsmen, you can finish with a look that can compete in your most important arenas. 


* New Update *
Prices too low to advertise,
with service that is hard to beat.
Cashel believes in their product. Cultured Cowboy believes in the integrity of their product. Martin Saddlery believes in the integrity of their product.  This is a great saddle! Where other makers often double wholesale price for a pretend retail, these guys want a real world price reflected in all pricing.  As you shop, you will find Cultured Cowboy to be incredibly fair on price.  We have been asked to please not advertise our Cashel saddle pricing. We reflect this value in our sales price. Sometimes, another dealer might have a saddle that is a little "shopworn", or just can't sell in their area. Should you find a lower price on the exact saddles, please give us a courtesy call to see if we can match it. BE SURE TO MENTION INTEGRITY , when you order your saddle. YOU WILL GET your choice of SHIPPING INCLUDED WITH PRICE*,  or  CONDITIONING (see above) INCLUDED WITH PRICE, - YOU CHOOSE!

* Continental USA


Also available in Rough Out fender & Jockey.
Cashel Lightweight Trail Saddle with 6.5 inch or 7 inch gullet width. NO HORN on the pommel. All other specs are the same.
The standard model is better for most athletically fit horses that are so common.  All the fit & function features of the axis tree, in an endurance look. (Picture coming soon.) 
Same pricing Too. 

Shown saddle options. 

  • Saddle:  Cashel Trail Saddle
  • Saddle Type:   Trail
  • Tooling Style:  Border Diamond
  • Tooling Amount:  Border
  • Seat Style:  Full Padded
  • Seat Size:  15,16, or 17 inch Seats
  • Saddle Color:  Chocolate
  • Seat Color:   Black Top Grain


  • Tree:  AXIS  5 Year Warranty. 
  • Gullet Width: 6.5 inches, modified QH dimensions.
  • Or ! CAS-SA-CT WIDE: 7 inches, modified QH dimensions. 
  • Swell Width: 13 inches 
  • Seat Size:  15, 16, or 17 inches.
  • Cantle Height:  4.5 inch. 
  • Horn:  3 inch,  2 inch cap.
  • Skirt Length:  26 inches
  • Rigging: Stainless Steel  Dees. In-Skirt Drop. 7/8 Position.  Rear Reinforced Slot.
  • Stirrups: Aluminum trail stirrup.
  • Finish:  Chocolate
  • Trim:  Conchos - Dee clips with saddle strings.
  • Weight:  Approximately 24.5 Pounds
  • Price Also Includes These Extras:  Premium Grained Skirting Leather. Comfort Cantle, Hand fitted top grain seat. Double comfort padded cushion seat. Hand stitched cantle binding and horn. Fender & Stirrups easily adjustable to your length. Stainless steel Blevins buckles. Nylon latigos. Heavy Duty Synthetic Wool Fleece. 
Cashel Lightweight Trail Saddle 
Seat Sizes

Compare At:

Our CC Price

  15", 16", 17"


$ Call or




Cashel Lightweight Trail Saddle with 7 inch gullet width. All other specs are the same.
The WIDE model is better for the mutton withered horse that is so common. Cashel tried a run of these and they are a big hit. All the fit & function features of the axis tree, in a little wider width.
 Same pricing Too. 

AXIS Saddle Trees - Since 1998, Martin Saddlery has been working to achieve a better fit for the horse. The AXIS™ tree by Martin is designed and constructed in-house. By having the ability to produce saddle trees in-house, Martin can control the entire process from start to finish. The new AXIS™ saddle tree is a result of Martin’s on going efforts to improve saddle quality and performance.

Martin Saddlery understands the intense athletic maneuvers required of a performance horse and the negative effects an ill-fitting saddle can have on their performance. That is why Martin has dedicated years of research and development towards designing saddle trees that fit today’s athletic horses without hindering their natural range of motion. Through precise angles of alignment, flared bar tips and stirrup fender cut outs, Martin’s AXIS™ saddle trees help horses perform to their top potential.

Martin Saddlery has worked with top professionals and trainers in all disciplines of western riding including Sherri Cervi, Kory Koontz, Clinton Anderson, Matt Gaines, Terra Bynum, Don Murphy and many more.

“Our goal to better fit the horse is ongoing. We breed better horses today than we did 20 years ago and through genetics we will continue to breed for increased athleticism and performance. In doing so, the conformation of our horses is forever evolving. At Martin Saddlery, we continue to dedicate time and resources researching ways to improve saddle tree design to better accommodate today’s equine athletes. We are truly excited with the improvements we have made. After all, the saddle is really only as good as the tree upon which it is built” – Brian Peterson, Martin Saddlery.

What makes the Martin AXIS saddle tree so special?

The front of the bars are trimmed to flared up and away from the horse’s shoulders. The axis tree is designed to allow full range of motion of the horse’s shoulder, without inhibiting or interfering gait or performance.

Only the finest South Dakota White Pine is hand selected, cut and graded for quality before construction begins. Once the tree is built, it is fiberglass coated and sealed to completely encase the wood and protect it from warping or changing shape. This sealing process makes it virtually ageless and 100% moisture proof from outside weather, as well as sealing in proper moisture levels within the wood.

Double stirrup leather cut out allows the stirrup fender leather to lay flush against the top and bottom of the bar. The unique cut out feature eliminates the stirrup leather from causing uneven pressure points under the saddle, therefore providing a flat and even fit against the horse’s back.

Bars are designed to sit down on the horse’s back to provide full and even contact that evenly disburses the riders weight over the entire surface of the bars.

With noticeable smoothness and flared edges that work with the horse, the AXIS tree allows for a full range of motion without abrupt pressure points against the long muscle in the horse’s back & loin.

The fiberglass ground seat is especially unique to the AXIS tree. It adds 1000lbs of strength and gives Martin the ability to construct the ground seat specific to each discipline. A refined and consistent ground seat gives the rider confidence and a secure advantage that they will be set in the best position to perform.

The AXIS saddle tree is designed and constructed at the Martin Saddlery Saddle Shop in Greenville, TX, where every step is under constant quality control. With this process, Martin controls the tree’s integrity from start to finish guaranteeing its superior strength, symmetrical fit and unmatched quality.

For more information on Martin saddles, please visit their website at But be sure to bookmark this page so you can return easily! 


Did You Know?  Cultured Cowboy can work out an affordable payment plan for your purchase. If you can raise somewhere around a quarter to a half down, we can start making your saddle. The balance can be paid as the saddle is finished. Split payments with no extra charges. No Credit card? No problem!  We can take a money order or your personal check. 

Oh yes, there is Matching Tack!
Order your matching Breast Collar tooled with your saddle so the leather artist matches them together. 


CAS-SA-CTBC Cashel 1 inch Diamond stamped Breast Collar. Chocolate leather. Quality matching hardware. Double & Stitched. Adjustable fit.

Compare At:$90.00       CC Price: $72.99



Did you know that your supporting tack is as important as your saddle? Having a breast collar that is sturdy enough for the job, yet will move with your horse can make a difference in safety or falling off.  Be sure your girth is properly fitting and always do a pre-flight check on all parts of reins, headstalls, bits, ...everything, before your ride.


Cultured Cowboy can match every saddle. Several styles are made to fit each saddle. More styles are also on the Reinsman Breast Collar page


CAS-SA-CTBC2  Cashel 2 inch Diamond stamped Breast Collar. Chocolate leather. Quality matching hardware. Double & Stitched. Adjustable fit.

Compare At:$120.00       CC Price: $109.99

CAS-SA-CTBC2S  Cashel 2 inch Diamond stamped shaped Breast Collar. Chocolate leather. Quality matching hardware. Double & Stitched. Adjustable fit.

Compare At:$120.00       CC Price: $109.99

CAS-SA-CTHS Cashel Browband Headstall. Diamond stamped. Stainless steel double buckle adjustment. 5/8 inch premium Chocolate colored skirting leather. Chicago screws at bit ends. Hand finished. 

Compare At:$55.00      CC Price: $45.99


There are several other styles of headstall & reins to match each saddle. Choose among your other favorites on the Reinsman Headstalls page.

CAS-SA-CTSR Cashel Split Reins. Diamond Stamp bit ends and latigo ties. 5/8 inch X 7 to 8 foot premium Chocolate colored skirting leather. Hand finished. 
Compare At:$42.00      CC Price: $34.99




CAS-SA-CTFCA  Cashel 1 1/2" Matching Diamond stamped billets and trail flank set.  Stitched premium Chocolate colored skirting leather. Stainless buckles at ends. Connector Strap. Hand finished. 
Compare At:$170.00      CC Price: $148.99



CAS-SA-CTSS  Cashel Trail spur straps. Contoured fit. Premium Chocolate colored diamond stamped skirting leather. Stainless buckles. Adjustable fit. Hand finished. 
Compare At:$36.00      CC Price: $27.99



Front Girths: Normally sized 28, 30, 32, 34, 36.  Cultured Cowboy offers a high quality handmade Mohair cinch for only $69.99.  A high quality Mohair blend cinch for only $29.99. A TackyTack type non-slip vented Neoprene at $39.99. A great non-slip reinforced Neoprene roper at $59.99.  From "Smart Cinch" to custom colored Mohair, Cultured Cowboy believes in offering you variety!  

Saddle Bags: Cultured Cowboy carries saddle bags, trail bags, water bottles and canteens by Weaver Leather and BigHorn and Auburn Leather and Richland Yellowstone. Even so, with all these brands, we can highly recommend the Cashel Saddle Bags and other accessories to go with your new saddle. Visit these sites on our online Western Mall, or just call us if you like.


Our Pricing:  

Our CC Prices are based on the saddle as shown and described.  Don't be shy about asking for options you need. 
For You, we will deliver more saddle value for the buck than anyone; because, 1) we spend more time asking you, your trainers, instructors and judges, the questions needed, to get everything right for you.  2) we actually ride. 3) we study several disciplines and more than one breed, allowing us to cross over great ideas. 4) we have the experience of fitting hundreds of riders and their horses. 5) we respectfully ask the tree makers and the saddle makers to work with us as a team. Making you the winning rider that you deserve to be always takes a willing team.  These are a few reasons that we understand more about riding, and fitting saddles than most! 

Really, with all the many options available, these saddle packages are hard to price without a conversation anyway.  There are often options of colors, seats, sizes, and fitting. 
Thanks, & God Bless,   Chuck

And don't forget about a matching breast collar headstall and reins with your saddle! Cultured Cowboy carries a full complement of tack and accessories for you and your horse.

 Please e-mail or call us for a friendly quote on your “Dream Saddle”. 

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