Mens Value Priced Imported Leather Pants

by Cultured Cowboy

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Mens Leather 5 Pocket Lace Side Pants

Sexy Because you know it's so!  These pants are made of the real thing, not reconstituted, not plastisol.  Feel the fit in your leather jeans.  These pants fit mostly like a Levi cut.  Side laced to allow you to make those legs as tight as you like in the places you prefer.  Great for guys with large thighs and calves.   Straight leg but will fit over a boot.  Leather pants come as a one size fits most lengths.  To Shorten:   Try them on,  mark the desired length, cut off the excess, put a dab of  leather or wood glue on the seams at the bottom cut and wear them when the glue dries.  You can also hand stitch a couple loops through the existing stitch holes then tie the ends of the threads in a knot.   If this sounds complicated, it isn't. Call us if you need to. (We'll tell you all these little details before you spend your hard earned money.)      Zipper front.  Rivet reinforced.  Sizes are determined by a pattern made for denim.  Leather is thicker so if you order by your waist size go up a size for a regular fit, up two sizes for a looser fit and order your normal size for a skin tight fit.  Clean and condition these leathers with leather balm.  You may use snow seal, or mink oil to weather proof .  Matching cream or wax polish can be used to enhance the color. 


Style No.751     Black      Mens Leather 5 Pocket Lace Side Jean

     Style 751  is made of select Buffalo hides.   Buffalo is a variable grain leather that will usually have more natural scars and blemishes due to the wild nature of the beast.  Panels of the pant may have slight variation in appearance...more of a distressed or retro look.  Buffalo breaks in soft and fast. 

Sizes     28  -  38 $159.99
Sizes 40  -  42   $169.99

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