Big Horn Nylon Saddles

This is not just any old synthetic saddle. These are engineered for comfort. We have had mixed experiences with almost every other synthetic saddle. With Big Horn, the saddles are made not to lower cost, (which they are able to do), but to provide an excellent product for the older, and the young, and the lazy, (does not like to clean tack), riders. 

Stainless steel hardware prevents rusting problems down the road. Cordura heavy duty nylon can take the rigors of riding. Leather next to the rider will prevent chaffing. The pommel covers will not roll and twist. The cantle doesn't loosen because Big Horn uses the same quality of tree in the synthetic saddles as in their best all leather saddles.

The bottom fleece is thick and will transfer moisture away from the horse. The bindings are sewn securely. Cordura skirts allow your horse to move without restraint, yet will support the bars as expected. Cordura fenders allow easy mobility in the stirrups. 

Cultured Cowboy has provided unusual comfort for many riders through the Big Horn Cordura selections. They have a model to fit all horses. They have a model to fit all riders. And if you have any doubt about fit, we have ways to make sure your saddle will be right.

God Bless, 
Cultured Cowboy   

Here are some of the best lightweight saddles made. A combination of leather top and Cordura bottom makes a very sturdy, comfy saddle. Click on the links below to see more details of each.   But if you are looking for all leather, 
                                          go to:  BigHorn Leather Saddles


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