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Braided Horsehair Western Hatbands 

Every cowboy wants to show his rugged individuality. How better than to customize your favorite old hats with hatbands that reflect your lifestyle. Ever since JB Stetson made that first cowboy hat, (and before) hats have been known to mark the character of the wearer.

Yes, a hat protects, but ya might as well look good while wearing it! Did you know that you can choose a few hatbands and totally change the look of your hat, just by interchanging bands? 

When Garth Brooks and Brooks & Dunn were wearing all those wild shirts, Cultured Cowboy began cutting off the shirt tails to make matching hatbands for the "dance hall crowd". 

Today, things are a little more "conservative. Your horsehair can come with a variety of widths and tassels.  In certain circles, the knots and tassels are worn on the left side. In other circles, The tassels hang off the back of your hat brim. Either way is good. Ya might just wear your cowboy hatbands both ways to see which seems to get more complements! 



Truly, shipping charges on several hatbands are about the same as shipping on one. Or, your hatbands can be shipped with your new hat or other items at no extra shipping charge. 

When sizing your hatband, just gently pull the horsehair through the braided keepers. Don't yank. This is easy. Most will fit almost all hat sizes.

Time has made these cowboy hatbands popular. The horseshows and dance halls have made the "Bling" a must for many cowgirls.  

If you have any questions about how to remove your old original band, or how to adjust, or anything else, just call or email us.  Enjoy! 


Bling Western Hatbands

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