Panhandle Slim Ladies Western Wear
Also Known as Ladies "Rock And Roll Denim"

Exciting fashions.  And don't let the name fool ya. There's sizes for almost every body form.

   Buy two shirts, blouses, jeans, save another 5%
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Traditional Cowgirl Clothing is as popular as ever. Maybe a movie peaked your interest. Maybe your family has been raised in the traditions of ranching & farming. Maybe there's a party or rodeo coming to town.  Whatever put you into your first cowboy attire, it won't be your last one!   The lineup for 2024-2025 is as exciting as the ones from 1990's.  Women's Western Shirts are among the most popular lifestyle shirts for dancing, concerts, dining, and trail riding. 

Cowgirl party dresses can be worn most anywhere a ladies dress is correct. Rock & Roll lifestyle has definitely married country. More than country rock, today's fashions are given a modern flair and comfortable styling 

If you want to add that touch of flair to your lifestyle, these selections will do it!    AND Comfort Cut - Cut on an arch at the sleeves and at the body, many with "Re-Flex" technology,  these shirts allow you to raise your arms or reach with ease. That translates into a smoother movement for dance, or riding. Features of these Panhandle Slim shirts will compare to other custom western shirts at over $150.00 price. A remarkable value that will certainly attract eyes toward the wearer!

I hate pressure sales worse than anybody, but order these shirts ASAP! Our suppliers always sell out of them because except for a few basics, it's a one time production. To get the "good stuff" we have to order almost a year in advance for seasonal fashions.  Westmore manufacturing, makers of Rock n Roll denim, Panhandle Slim, Panhandle Select, & a few other name brands will show us samples from requests made a couple years ago, then they ramp up production, so  when ya see something ya like -get it now!  

This is truly the best line up of fashionable western dress clothing we've experienced for decades. Cultured Cowboy has increased our normal stock, based on the early responses of you, our customers & clients. 

ESPECIALLY if you have a dance group, band, wedding party, etc, needing multiple sizes, you need to order well in advance of an anticipated date. Supplies are limited on all fashion shirts. But we do carry hundreds of ladies Western blouses in stock. These Western & Southwestern print styles are not repeated, but each season will provide some similar styling for you.   Best to always call to be sure we have your size.

Ready for work, at home or on the ranch.  A good mix of cowboy snap & button closures.

Most tops in Sizes :  XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Jeans come 32, 34, 36 & some 38 lengths, often in waists from 24 to 34,

Panhandle Slim is one of several names from Westmoore Mfg.   You might also recognize   "Rock N Roll Denim" (Another fashion from the parent company). 

Cultured Cowboy invites you to visit the Panhandle Slim  & Rock n Roll denim websites for some of the "basic" programs. Actually, most shirts and jeans are made as order come in. But they do have some "fast stock" items.  If you send us an email to, we collect these to see better, which styling you, our customers & clients prefer.

With Cultured Cowboy, we use your input to help provide your best wishes. So please, let us know your preferences.  Most items we carry are results of your requests.  We exist to serve you, rather than a bunch of stockholders. (We're 'bout as Mom & Pop as ya can get.)  

Enjoy !

One of many reasons Western style clothing is so popular :  Cowboy cuts & print patterns accentuate the shape of your body. Often lessens the stomach appearance.   It's a fun way to appear "cowgirl tough". 

Yes, men's & kid's matches are sometimes available .  I'll get more of everything online soon.
For now, I'll simply note which of these styles are available in those fits.  

Pease forgive us for rushing this page. More detail pictures coming soon. 
More styles, MOre fun! 

I was impressed with this ladies Western jacket. I wish the pictures could do proper justice to show it has a nice "shimmering" look as you move. If your eyes are blue or gray, you're going to see how this color of blue just "pops" outstandingly! An if eyes are dark, it still feels sexy to wear.
Made with a very soft 100% polyester in a carefully cut horizontal appearing weave. Actually, this women's sportscoat is built on a black base. Yet the blue seems prominent in sunlight.  Additionally, there's a silver sparkle throughout. It brings out the sparkle in our model, Jeanette's eyes!

Lower front pockets are real, poly lined, and the flaps are sewn so they can tuck in as well as come over as shown.
Same fabric on covered singe button closure. 

This lovely ladies Western Top easily moves with you as you dance, as you flow through your evening, as you reach or as you hug.
Slight performance stretch in this fabric makes it perfect for horse sports. 

Rear - Adequately long tail with a rear single vent for ease in sitting or twisting your body. Hang fashionably over your jeans. Sleeves cut on arch, as is the main body. - This means it shows off your femininity very well. 

Directions say: Machine wash cold. Gentle cycle. (I would not use an an agitator type machine because of the covered buttons. )  It's OK to take to a pro cleaner if you prefer. I hand wash such fabrics for best results, then hang to dry on a rolled shoulder thick hanger.  Dry low heat - don't over-dry it.   No iron. (If you insist, very low heat.)

Your collar drapes nicely along your neck & bust lines. Notice how
this ladies coat brings out the best in those Montana Silversmith earrings worn? 
We paired this coat with Rock N Roll Denim's shimmering black
fashionably flared polyester pants. They call it a textured Bell Bottom. Here's an evening appearance that will work for an afternoon outing too.  High waist, Button & zipper front fastening. No belt loops - good for wider fashion & concho belts. rear pockets. Cute!    Pants - hand wash - Cold water, Hang to dry.  No iron. 

The black & almost gray coloring seems to move around as you move.
these pants are really neat with almost any top!
Easy to hem shorter.

Just Imagine yourself having a "kickin" good time
every time you wear your shimmering, sparkling
comfy, not stuffy, Panhandle Slim Outfit!

Jeanette has a Montana Silversmith Matching  necklace & earring set .
Joe's Boots Black Floral, handcrafted comfort with moderate square toe.

Isn't it nice that a company called "Rock & Roll Denim
Will create fashions that attract not only the younger of us, but 
any age!  ( Did I forget I grew up with a mix of rock & roll and country?
We're still kickin even at age 58 and/or 68! 
Youth is an attitude. )


Item #  PS-BW92T02056
Shimmery Sky Blue  ( R&R calls it Teal ) 
SM , Med, Lg , XL , XXL
CC Price -
Incredible at Only $69.99    

# PS-RRWD7PR0FM pants  - $72.99
Joes Boots - $149.99
Montana Silver earrings - $85.00
Montana Silver Necklace - $100.00

Did ya say ya like Southwest colors? This is one of the nicest "party dresses" we've seen in a while.  Light, airy feel. Soft finish. Easily molds to your body type. Even with sleeves, it's not uncomfortably hot, nor binding, to wear. Skirt is made to flail out as you spin on the dance floor. Great to wear with a cute set of shorts underneath. (ya know what I mean!) 
 Floral print - 100% Rayon

As you see, this makes a sweet outfit with either black or brown boots & hat.  Boots from Joes Boots. 

After the Rodeo performance?   Extensive elasticized back allows a comfy fit for almost every bust line, whether high or low.

With all the square toe boots & shovel brim hats, the squared neckline gives even more interest, as well as allowing heat to dissipate from your body.

Are you planning a stage performances anytime soon?

Rear View  - Pleats hang fashionably around your buttocks & hips. Well placed bust treatment. You see a natural , purposeful
break at the bodice. 

Notice how easily your arm lifts, without excessive pulling, for spinning under your partner's arm. or tipping you hat at a friend! 

Six Button front adds styling. Machine wash Cold. Gentle cycle.
No Bleach. Tumble dry - Low.  Iron with low to medium heat.

Sleeve Detailing - comfy cuffs, & looser fit from wrist to armpit.


Black felt hat has a moderate square front - complementing our young lady's facial features. Cultured Cowboy carries this look from $100.00 to $600.00 pricing. Either a 4 inch or 4 1/4 inch brim  works here. We added a great horsehair hatband to give some action above the dress. -After all, don't we want people to be drawn to our face? 

Notice the "kicked back" hat position in the picture at left. Looks just as fabulous in a lower front position too. 

Our model did buy her outfit and graciously allowed us to photograph her happiness!   - Many Thanks! 

Joe's Boots "Cruz" in honey color, gives us a look for about $150.00 that competes with our Black Star & Coral Boots.  Zirconia & inlay / overlay hand crafted beauty. 
Crinkled look, duo-toned all-over leather.
(Almost always in stock - sz 6 - 10)

Rear View. The double dip tops fit most calves without looking too large as to lose your legs.  Heel counter is substantial, good heel base, which translates: Great for dancing, or spinning, or things that would turn your ankles in other boots. 


Item #  PS-BWD2R03262
Blue-Gray with almost Salmon & cute burgundy floral. (R&R calls it orange)
SM , Med, Lg ,     (XL & XXL Sold Out already)  Fit is true & forgiving.
CC Price - Only

Same fabric in a sleevless blouse just arrived! 

Did ya say ya like South Western print shirts? A variety of southwest geometric shapes blend this turquoise & white with special sleeve treatment. Good choice for some of your action events!    Easy to fasten Snap closures.

Long tails stay tucked in, or hang fashionably outside your jeans. (Look for 7 snaps in front, not 6)  Snap sleeves & sleeve placket.

Front - Nice feminine single snap twin pocket treatment

Rodeo performance "RoughStock" fabrics & build.  Sleeves & body sides cut on arch for better reach. Western Yokes front & rear. Twin snap front chest pockets.  Contrasting cuffs. This styling makes it perfect for horse sports. 
Or, dance floor performances.

(Collar stays in men's match, not needed in Ladies.) Does this Southwest sleeve treatment seem to have a snappy "speedy" look?
Pearlized Snaps.


White body with Turquoise,  Chocolate triangle based accents
SM , Med, Lg , XL , XXL
CC Price - Only 

Similar Men's Match   (Sleeve embroidery only in ladies)
Med, Lg,  XL, XXL
CC Price - Only 


Sleeve -  Navy & Chocolate embroidered overlays. 
Machine wash in a delicates bag, or hand wash cold, gentle - No agitator.
Tumble dry low or hang to dry. 



Another South Western print shirt? A variety of southwest geometric shapes with a "not so bold" pattern of steerheads.  Turquoise with just enough chocolate accent to prevent boredom. Contrasting inner cuff accent.
(Need Pic) 

Easy to fasten Snap closures.

Front - Twin Front pockets.
Western yokes.


Rear - Long tails stay tucked in, or hang fashionably outside your jeans. (Look for 7 snaps in front, not 6)  Snap sleeves & sleeve placket.



Need front & rear 

Item #  PS-RSMSOSxxxxx
White Body   Turquoise & Chocolate Accents
SM , Med, Lg , XL , XXL
CC Price - Only
$59.99 )

Ladies's Match (below)
Adds an extra embroidered arm embellishment.
XS,  S,  M,  L,  XL
CC Price - Only
$54.99 )


Another comfortable cowboy print shirt? A variety of southwest geometric shapes interspersed with cattle & arrows.  Turquoise with just enough chocolate accent to prevent boredom. Contrasting inner cuff accent.
(Need front Pic) 

Easy to fasten Snap closures. Double flap covered front chest pockets

 Contrasting cuff adds interest.

 Rear yoke pattern aligns with body. A feature many arena riders appreciate.
White Body   Turquoise & Chocolate Accents
SM , Med, Lg , XL , XXL
CC Price - Only 
$59.99 )

Ladies's Match (below)
XS,  S,  M,  L,  XL
CC Price - Only 
$54.99 )

MORE COMING SOON Kinda ignore everything below this for now!  Except for the Horseshoe blouse
& hoodies.

(Can I give a tribute?)

See Danielle in the hoodie pics below.


We thought it time to "Rock & Roll" ya. From a distance, a fiery appearance. As you close in, a burgundy base is set apart with chevrons, and artistic lines. Black snap closures. Traditional Western yokes & covered pockets. Kinda cool how the designers used the line patterns on 45's to accent yokes, pockets & flaps! 

Close Up - This pattern "rises" to your occasion.  Easy to fasten Snap closures.

Front - Twin Front pockets.

Rear - Long tails stay tucked in, or hang fashionably outside your jeans. (Look for 7 snaps in front, not 6)  Snap sleeves & sleeve placket.
Ladies - Burgundy body   Burnt Orange, Cream & Umber accents
XS, SM , Med, Lg , XL , XXL
CC Price - Only  $54.99 )
Ready to return to a conservative Cowboy print shirt? Panhandle's Rough Stock Collection. 
Spurs & horseshoes (tones of browns) complement a light cream body. Translucent pearl snaps.  Traditional Western front & rear yokes. Flap pockets with left side pen/pencil opening.  
Complementary plaid inner cuff trim. This print is strong enough to be offered in men's Western shirts, ladies Western blouses & children's matches.

Close Up - Winter Wonderland!  Easy to fasten Snap closures.

Front - Twin Front pockets.

Rear - Long tails stay tucked in, or hang fashionably outside your jeans. (Look for 7 snaps in front, not 6)  Snap sleeves & sleeve placket.
White body  Soft brown accents
SM , Med, Lg , XL , XXL
CC Price - Only  
$59.99 )

Ladies Matching Western Blouse (Below)
XS, SM , Med, Lg , XL , XXL
CC Price - Only 
$54.99 )

Child's Match - (Girl side snaps) (Without contrasting cuffs)
XS (4) S (6) M(8) L(10) XL (12)
CC Price - Only 
$39.99 )

Rough Stock western shirts are tough enough for your arena, yet with styling that allows pride at the party afterward. Black body with silver Mylar accents. How they kept this material from all the scratchiness of other Mylar, I don't know. DOes it matter if it works? 

Diamond pyramided special snap fastening. Sawtooth pockets. Western yokes, pocket flaps & front pockets are cut on diagonal bias for more fashion forward design. Adjustable, contrasting patterned cuffs. Collar stays. Left pen/pencil opening in flap. 

Close Up -   Easy to fasten Snap closures.

Front - Twin Front pockets.

Sleeve Cuff
Rear - Long tails stay tucked in, or hang fashionably outside your jeans. (Look for 7 snaps in front, not 6)  Snap sleeves & sleeve placket.
Black body  Silver accent
Men's :  SM , Med, Lg , XL , XXL
CC Price - Only 
$59.99 )


OK - Cowboy florals are masculine. Buckles to saddle tooling, there's something about flowers that bring in the best of men!  Left front pocket with tasteful cream Panhandle Select embroidered emblem. Button down collar & adjustable cuffs.  Vertical Comfort placket in center of rear. Complementing window pane lined cuffs. Tastefully tailored. Feels like you're wearing satin sheetsl next to your skin.  

Close Up - Ride, Cowboy Ride!.  Easy to fasten Snap closures.

Front - Twin Front pockets.

Rear - Long tails stay tucked in, or hang fashionably outside your jeans. (Look for 7 snaps in front, not 6)  Snap sleeves & sleeve placket.
Light taupe body  Navy Floral accents
M, L, XL,  XXL
CC Price - Only 
$59.99 )

Tastefully tailored. Burgundy base spreckled with smaller southwest diamonds. Adjustable contrasting cuff linings. Black snaps. Twin front pockets - flap covered. Western yokes. Luxury feel as you wear it. All the comfort & reliability features you expect from an above average men's Western fashion shirt! 

CUff pic

Tastefully tailored

Tastefully tailored
Black body  Silver accent
Men's :  SM , Med, Lg , XL , XXL
CC Price - Only
$59.99 )

Black body  Grey accent.  How else to describe this other than a "bandana print"? We're open to suggestions. And we also suggest you try this sporty Western shirt.  Black snaps. Coordinating cuff linings. Western yokes. Twin front flap pockets. 



Black body  With Grey
Men's :  SM , Med, Lg , XL , XXL
CC Price - Only 
$59.99 )

We like this print enough to offer to you in maroon too!  Maroon body  White accent.  Panhandle Roughstock. Fashion forward offset snaps on front pockets. Pearl snap closures & adjustable sleeve cuffs that are accented with coordinating cuff linings. How else to describe this other than a "bandana print"? Howabout paisley & bandana? We're open to suggestions. And we also suggest you try this sporty Western shirt.

Burgundy body  With Grey
Men's :  SM , Med, Lg , XL , XXL
CC Price - Only 
$59.99 )

Fantastic  Western Hoodies

There are some remaining styles of past seasons' shirts. And sometimes we have some similar selections purchased on short runs. Selections are limited. Call us and we will research,
then get back with you about which styles in which sizes we can still get for you in fancier affordable Western shirts.
June 2, 2024 Note - It's deep! 

This model is Danielle Balasty. She passed away in May 2024. Coroner's report is not complete at this time.
She & I shared 2 children together. Only 1 of which through my sperm.  I wrote a poem years ago, in dealing with SC DSS - "LOVE is thicker than blood". 

Danielle had 3 distinct personalities. Here you see her as a  38 yr old adult in the mindset of a 12 yr old child. This personality and Danielle No 2 - a normal woman, were both attractive and sustainable. Danielle 3, you never wanted to meet.  (There were protective issues a more Solution Focused psychologist, and a more understanding/informed, SC DSS could have helped.) 

She suffered thru mental health challenges for a lot of her life.  At 12, she was on the streets of Cincinnati, about to be gang raped, and a pit bull dog kept the gang at bay till she could escape.  Her partner was "curbed".  His face was placed on a sidewalk curb & the gang jumped on his jaw till it was dislocated, face deformed, brain permanently disabled, and he was unconscious & left for dead.   Can you imagine - she was never going to be without a pit bull dog for the rest of her life.  She had trust issues.  She had protective challenges.

{ Sidebar: Her mother, Diane, had mental health challenges too.  Even so, Diane lived with me for about 9 months. We debated / examined / studied Hebrew Scriptures. She taught me the basics of "Aleph-Bette".  Diane challenged me. Called me a "Gentile".  At our beginning, this was not a nice reflection. ( think spic, wetback, low life person, etc.  I was not a "Jew", and was dating her daughter.) I was too ignorant to take "Gentile" that way. Over a few weeks, "Gentile" became a more affectionate description. Weird?  Only God can take the weird & make it righteous! }

Danielle had residence in several states, 3 of which prescribed medical marijuana. SC does not -, except for former Gov Nikki Haley allowed the use in epilepsy. (You would think this to set precedence?) Danielle's best was when MJ was used in moderation. She had an issue with moderation!  Alternative legal drugs were both addictive & catastrophic with her. - Even catatonic states I observed. ( I went to her mental health facility - Beckman. Tried to explain her difficulties. I was told they could not discuss her with me due to HIPPA. I told them I knew HIPPA. But they could listen to me, and pass forward to Dr Ebert & others my observations & experiences with Danielle on the prescribed meds. ) Her diagnoses were bi-polar & sometimes (intermittent) severe PTSD.  She definitely had an attitude & could tell a lie as if truth. She believed what she told herself in every situation - truth or not. (brain science proves this as true) 

That said, fast forward.  I was scanned & diagnosed as 4th stage colon cancer a few years ago. Oncologist walked into my room, said they would make me as comfortable as possible for the next 3 months & wished me the best.  2 minutes later, came back. Said, "whoa"!   I told him I had horses & knew what that means. 'WHAT YA GOT DOC?"   "Your blood doesn't match your images."  Truthfully, without all the details, we coached 2 more tests. Crazy cross indications.    Danielle, knowing the possibilities of medical marijuana, risked arrest for me. Went to MI, or WI, I don't know which, and brought back 'Simpson Oil".

So, I tried to ask my oncologist about it and I was ignored. (He'd a lost his license.) Another Ontological person contacted a peer who was in CO. CO said no contra-indications with the chemotherapy planned. I was told this stuff already cured more than 70,000 cases of cancer, mostly skin cancer, without any other chemicals.  If I could get it - take it.  At the risk of arrest, I took a "rice" sized pellet 3 times a day. (Nasty tasting stuff, and no "high" due to slow low heat cooking. Turns out it's the high heat that turns loose the chemicals that get ya high - Smoking, or baking cookies.) 

By the time the Greenville Surgeon cut out about 1/3 of my intestines & 1/2 liver, he danced into my isolated room at the top of a Greenville hospital. "Whatcha got doc?"   "It was morbid. Had it run though the lab 2X."   I stated, "So, it had to come out or I'd get gangrene".  "That's beside the point, yes.  But we don't cure your type cancer. We reduce it to the safest levels possible, cut out the remainder & hope for the best. Yours was morbid! DOA! "

So, being a "Believer", I attrib my time on this earth is not finished yet. From 4th stage cancer to done. (Will be 2 yrs now as of mid June 2024) 
10,000 prayers, the best medical science of these times, ( My Dr Ahmed is great.) And Simpson Oil,  I'da never known without Danielle, have kept me with you today.

SO, tributes & kudos to Danielle, who was the one who introduced a substantial part of my recovery.  Went beyond normal, risked her self to bring me the meds. She and I share Mark Watts & Ariella Taylor together.  Truthfully, it was the kids that kept me from giving up on her. Met Mr Mark before a year old, in a DSS 6 x 8 room.  It was the kids that kept her attached to me. She was afraid of being alone, though she "acted out" as if she had no care. 

{Sidebar - How does an older fellow have a child with Danielle?  She crawled into my bed. Sex happened.  I don't believe in abortion. She was OK with having another child. We were blessed with Ariella! (Her name, Ariella is Hebrew for Lion of God, feminine tense) } 

Danielle was recently found alone, deceased, with her fav male Chihuahua dog in a feed room of a neighbor.  

Yes, Danielle was not "normal". Who of us is?  No, I could not often bring her with me to events, business or family. People often saw her as a threat. Praise God for the training I have sustained over the past 15 years.  Yes, I called 911 over 80 times in the last 10 years, myself. Yes, this was a trigger for her to calm back into Danielle 2.  No Danielle 3 had appeared for over 2 years now.  

I feel my older 2 children have abandoned me because they don't understand. They wonder, because of SC DSS telling them a single white male, especially 68 yrs old, has no business raising children. That I could not control Danielle.  That M & A were not safe in my custody, because of liberties I was told by SC Family Court were at my discretion?  My oldest daughter, I will have to debate in family court, which SC has put off since Jan 24.  I guess they are waiting for me to die, or get caught in a compromising position!   Court again was delayed from Monday June 3 till probably some time in July.   It's a merits hearing. Should have been in January.

SC has no "merit" for having taken my daughter, 12, Ariella, for all this time in 2024. They took A when her brother Mark did an overdose. The both of them had just been placed in my custody after over a year of legalities. 2 days, and they take her again because Mark made another bad decision. There is video tape of me taking a door off hinges, and CPR and 911 calls, and NARCAN for Mark.  Mark, God bless him, has been in "confusion & conflict for years. Yet, It's my fault this happened?  Punish Ariella? Are they that afraid of a lawsuit for misconduct as an agency? The current case worker is OK with me. The Judge was OK. DSS supervision says - No No No.  No to picking Mark up to take him to his Mom's funeral. No to any overnights with either Mark or Ariella. No to the time both children need me in their time of grief.   Seems since the "threat" was the Mom, and Mom is deceased, no longer a part of their equation, Ariella could come home.  
No wonder my oldest daughter is so stringent - She and her husband have seen what SC has done to me, to A & M.  They can't afford, don't tell me they don't fear, the power of DSS to take their children away too!  (Ariella is with my oldest daughter & her husband. Mark is in a group home.)

We just finished "Mental Health Awareness" month. 

Please, seek help. Get a support group.  Coaching under a specialist in this area, or Solution Focused Therapy - Elliot Connie, TX, USA.  Internal Family Systems, Frank Anderson, is another similar Psychological specialty that is non-judgmental with focus toward your own best hopes for your preferred future.  Chuck chose not to get a therapy degree because of the limitations coaching averts. ("Therapist As Coach" book  - Amazon.)

 Know your meds. Understand depression triggers, and available physical/mental/social/ spiritual aids: deep breathing, clarity, prayer, enlisting opportunity  to contribute beyond Self, etc.    

Fight for your rights, and those of your children. Righteous anger is good anger. Don't bury your head in "sand".  "Never, never, never quit." - Sir Winston Churchill.

Got an addiction?  Most of us do.  Could be Social media, fatty foods, as well as other "bad stuff" - anything that brings relief when relief is hard to attain!  Anything outside of moderation can be considered a habit.  Good News - You can replace one habit with a better habit!  Have a co-dependency challenge?  You cannot control everything, everyone around you. Yet - Know ThySelf. Set boundaries. Get with a support group.  Love them, but understand the fine line of love & enabling. 

Danielle is no longer with us here. Yet, if others can find their lives through her challenges, I know she would smile at YOUR possibilities. - SC DSS can't control heaven!   You can discover You, what you can shift. What you should avoid or avert. What you should embrace & attain. 

More thoughts? Questions? Need to share?   1 864 341 4775 - cell  Chuck Taylor, Certified Life Coach specializing in relationships. 
    And Cultured Cowboy has been a part of my life for 51 years - guess that gives me the right for writings such as this in a place such as this.
Please forward to anyone who may benefit.

God Bless !

Look again soon for updates on other Western Print, plaid & striped shirts. Or Call us to have us text some of our latest styles to you. 



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