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Troxel Helmet is a leader in the equestrian industry and distinguishes itself by being:

Pioneers - Innovators of more helmet advancements than any other equestrian helmet company.

Physician-Developed - The only equestrian helmet line developed by a physician.

Comprehensive - Offering equally protective helmets across all price points and riding disciplines.


Legacy Gold



Grand Prix Classic



It isn't often we refer you to other's sites, but in this case: 1) it is an informative site with blog, news bits, tips and kid stuff. 2) we have their permission to send you! Troxel Safety Center is the most comprehensive and up to date collection of equestrian safety helmet information available online. Promote your best safe riding practices.   Visit:  , then come back and order from Cultured Cowboy! 

Whether you prefer a leather wrapped, velvet wrapped. or silk-screened protective helmet,  Troxel has them all. Cultured Cowboy actually rides and wears these things, so we can know something about helping you with your selections. In fact, since Troxel Helmets are famouse around bicycle circles, I wear my Dakota when riding my mountain bike too. (Keep in mind, I might be the only guy in town riding a mountain bike around our main streets, with motorcycle saddle bags, & toolpouch, Cashel waterbottles, short pants & lacer boots, Troxel helmet, and long blonde hair flying in the breeze, as I try to maintain 35mph with traffic. Even the police laugh! Even when yer trying to get attention for yer store, ya gotta be safe.)

Ride Safe. Ride Troxel.

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