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Keepsake Rings


All Right!  We found some more fun for You!  Cultured Cowboy has been doing “Name on the Back of Your Belt” since 1974. Now we can add names, sentiment, and even advertising value to Hand Stamped Rings.  

There are 2 ways to look at these signature rings:
1)  They are great Ads. Have them made for your best customers or prospects. Have them made for your employees & volunteers. They feel great, will get worn, and make your barn, club, or training appear even more valuable. Add value to your services and give a reason for people to mention them to others. This is networking as networking should be.  Why? To increase awareness to your breeding programs, your show team, increase loyalty among barn helpers, keep boarding clients part of your team.  

2)  They are remarkable Gifts and Treasures for you, and your BFF, & family. People love to wear their dreams, their love, their accomplishments, and their memorable events. Family reunions, fund raisings, retirement, births, groomsmen & bridesmaids. They have perceived value and significance that will well outlast T-Shirts.

Your Customized Stainless steel rings Become a Treasure for their sentimental value.  Quality crafted like the finest silver or gold.  These rings are known as comfort bands. The inside of each ring is carefully shaped so that there is no “edge” to feel on your hand. We have chosen stainless steel for durability.


Although I appreciate the way gold was supposed to last for many years, it only took me a couple months to demolish my 14K white gold wedding band. Working in it bent it into my finger, and eventually it enlarged and was lost. Amazing what pitch fork, hammer and wheel barrel can do to soft metal!  When I married, I really wanted to wear it proudly every day.  What I learned is:  Gold, silver and platinum are great for those dress occasions.  But for an every day ring, stainless is hard to beat! 

And, it is the meaning behind the gift that you wear, not only the gift, that endows the endearment.


Cultured Cowboy has invested in the equipment and the dies to hand stamp whatever might be sentimental to you. These signature rings are more permanent than many “novelties”. The similar skills we learned in other customizations, like names in leather belts, and lining up embroidery, have made the abilities to “get it right”, much more effective.



Only your imagination limits what you have embedded into your ring: 
     Mothers & Grands like the child's names.  Dads do too!
     The names of business, or short slogan – (
any that will fit in the allowed space like:
           THINK PINK ),    WTS   or   CC,    Cultured Cowboy  or  Cultured Cowgirl
     Pet Names or Pet's Names!     SWEETIE  or  PUGS,   STUD BUD  or  INDIGO
     Sorority or Fraternity Greek Letters.      Σ Ώ Δ
     Graduation gifts with the year or riding class level:      2015 GRAD.    PONY 1 2014
     Jr High or High School rings
for those not yet seniors:   AHS on front, NAME on rear.
          (Rings often spin as you wear them!)  

  Event Trophies, Remembrance, or Souvenirs:  2015 YMCA  or  ACS QUEEN 2015  or
          GHS PROM    or   JOHN SMITH 1956 - 1996     or   2015 GYMKANA 

Lettering can be a natural stamp, or the letters can be filled with color, as in the pink "THINK PINK" above.  Stamped Letter Colors include : Black, Brown, Green, Blue, Purple, Pink, White, Red, Gold, Silver, Orange, Light Blue or Lime.


     Clubs or Memberships:    4-H   or  ST MARK   or   RIDGE SPRING RIDE   or
         SERTOMA  SHOW          

     Milestones:     50 YEARS    or   SERENITY   or   FREE   or   FORGIVEN   or  
          CLASS OF 86   or   BROKEN   or   HORSE TIED
These are just some of the more common Keepsake Rings.

              Pricing is usually between $25.00 and $35.00 per ring.   
   Large Selection
of Styles,
                                   Several Color Choices, 
                                                               Sizing 3 - 16.

Groups may contact  for Group Rates, or for resell Fund Raising opportunities.   Wholesale pricing starts with only 25 rings

(864) 223 3700  store  or  (864) 341 4775 cell   or toll free  1 866 4 926 926  

You may pick your ring style, then submit your names, then if you would like enamel paint filled lettering. We do need your size. Whole sizing only. Customized rings are inspected for defects and quality before shipping. They are shipped properly, usually in a box UPSP Priority Mail, and are not returnable once customized properly. Errors in spelling due to your telling us a wrong spelling will not be considered our mistake. We will repeat back to be sure all is well!   Thanks & God Bless.   Enjoy!  


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