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Our American heritage includes the Native American.  Chico artifacts are handmade reproductions of authentic relics from history.  Buffalo bone chokers were used to protect the throats of warriors as well as for ceremonial attraction.  Mandellas were used to trace the immediate family history.  Dream catchers were used to ward off the nightmares of small children.  Most of the items used by our ancestors had multiple purposes of practicality and ceremony.  These items are as real as they get!

This page features double helix dreamcatchers that add a three dimensional effect to your home. Ceremonial drums and decorated feathers are still used to beautify homes.

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Small double helix dreamcatcher
Assorted colors
Dreamcatcher w/assorted Indian Lithographs
Large double helix dreamcatcher with Kachina doll
Miniature replica, life like Indian bow and quiver


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XL - 385 $40.00
L - 384 $26.00
M - 383 $22.00
S - 382 $15.00

Indian drums with natural rawhide heads

L - 393 $32.00
S - 392 $26.00

Painted assorted Indian scenes on natural rawhide drums

$15.00 each
Assorted colorful hand-painted ceremonial feathers
Assorted colorful hand-painted ceremonial feathers with individualistic fancy trim such as conchos and beads.

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