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Lazart uses fine laser technology to create unique and interesting Western, Wildlife and  Native American pieces that accentuate your home or office.  A roundup of cowboys illuminated by the lamp over your shoulder while reading adventures by Louis L'Amour, a metal horse and rider colored as the bluffs in our southwest captures your imagination, and a lone wolf howling in front of the flicker of your candleholder, give a rich warmth and appeal to your home.  The refined quality guarantees that you will enjoy these works of art for years to come.





Many of the designs are available in a choice of fusioned colors, rustic browns and wrought iron black.  The color swatches of LAZARTfusion, Oceanfusion, Rusticfusion and Turquoisefusion are sampled on the pages that are appropriate.   If you enjoy a modern touch in home decor that awakens your free spirit,  infused laser art will fit your style. * Call 1-866-492-6926 or 1-864-223-3700 *