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Born March 10, 1929, in a small northern Colorado town, Terrance Patterson presently resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado with his wife Betty Jo.

In 1979 Terrance retired from a full time job as a Commercial Artist and Exhibits Designer. To him, art is a way of life and gives him a way of expressing himself. He comments on his profession, "I have been drawing and sculpting for as long as I can remember, and I want to pursue my  real love, sculpting exclusively".

Terrance has studied with the Rocky Mountain School of Art in Denver, Colorado; Al Wynne, Professor of Art at UCCS, Colorado Springs, Colorado; and Phil Steele. 

He has developed a business in affordable art castings in Foundrystone, which is nationally recognized and ships his works world wide. His wife and youngest son Todd, now operate this business while Terrance pursues a career selling his bronzes.

In 1973 he was commissioned to execute a Memorial for the Air Force which was rendered from a twelve ton block of Carrara Marble. In 1984 he was commissioned to create a Memorial for the Police of Colorado Springs. The Memorial was cast in bronze and dedicated in December 1984. It is proudly displayed in the entry of the Colorado Springs Police Protection Association building.

His love of the west serves as a motivator in his art, and his portrayal of people and animals of the west shows a deep sensitivity to these unique personalities.

His sculptures may be seen in the Toronto National Museum in Canada; Scotland Yard, London; The Pentagon Building, Washington D.C; the Departments of the Air Force, Navy, and Army; and the Office of the Chaplains.

The sculptures created by Terrance Patterson are in private collections in every state in the Union and many of the world's countries. Terrance has appeared in one man shows in Colorado, Wyoming, Missouri, and Texas.

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