Braided Nylon Western Fashion Belts 

For over 30 years, this has been a great staple in belts. They fit almost everybody. Hot knot the ends, or let the ends be natural. Either way is good. 

Now, we have a second supplier who will make the XXL sizing for you. 
Click here for a few more colors , or BigMan sizing. 

Whether you are looking for a kids belt, or teen's belt, or adult belt, These are soft to wear and easily hold your favorite buckle.  Just stick the buckle pin through the nearest hole. You will want several colors once you get the first one. Match your shirts, your boots, your trucks, or your horse's mane.

Truly, shipping charges on two parachute cord belts are about the same as shipping on one. Girls and boys, teens and adults all really like these braided western belts. (Grandma Senn used to say, "You can't buy a birthday present for just one sibling... Younger children each deserve a prize on each birthday!)

When sizing your belt, take a tape measure and measure around your wearer's body, at the place you want to wear it, over the pants. This is easy. If you do not have a soft measuring tape, use a string, then measure that string.  If in doubt, get these "parachute cord" belts long. To shorten, take the Chicago screw out of the belt. Pull the buckle you want to wear down the belt until the belt is as short as needed. Refasten the Chicago screw. (You can use an ink pen cap, or the pointed end of a caulking tube, to separate the braids long enough to work the Chicago screw parts into that braid.) Then use a lighter to cut (burn) off any excess at least 1 inch past the Chicago screw, at the buckle end, if necessary. Burn the nylon and it will all bind together.  If you do not have a ruler handy, put the belt around your waist and tie the end like you like. Move your buckle back a bit and refasten the Chicago screws. Figure how much you want to shorten, if any, then cut it off the buckle end. (I like to use the pointed end of a pencil to help temporarily separate the braids to get the Chicago screws in easily.)  

We have found these braided belts to work well with diabetes and other disorders where swelling creates a problem. They hold up your pants, but give as you move in them. Some people call them diabetic belts. 

Yes, all of these belts will allow you to interchange buckles. 

Rodeo has made these braided Nylon belts popular. And you can put your name on the back with silver letters. A lot of people will use just one initial on the drop of the "Hot Knot".  Just separate the braids and screw the screws in place. If I am going to be rough, I like to put another backing of denim or thin leather on the inside of my braided belt to secure it better. (Call us if you need more instruction. Dress belts do not need the extra re-enforcement.) 

Names or Initials can be applied using Silver letters. Silver letters are approximately 1 inch tall and are $10.00 per letter installed. They attach easily with 3 to 4 screws on the back of the initial. (Letter i has 2screws). Work them through the braids themselves. 

HINT: With any screw used for belts, you can put a dab of clear fingernail polish on the screw, to keep it from backing loose, once tightened. 

1.5 inch Machine Woven Parachute Cord Braided Belts

20006  Braided Nylon Belt    Compare at: $16.00   CC Price: $13.99
  Braided Nylon Belt  fits up to 48 inches.    Compare at: $18.00   CC Price: $15.99

1.5 inch width fits older kid's loops and works well for men, ladies, or dog collars too.


More 1.5 inch Machine Woven Parachute Cord Braided Belts
0006  Braided Nylon Belt    Compare at: $16.00   CC Price: $13.99
  Braided Nylon Belt  fits up to 48 inches.    Compare at: $18.00   CC Price: $15.99
"Our most popular Braided Western Belts"
Available in all colors displayed.

Still more 1.5 inch Machine Woven Parachute Cord Braided Belts


20006  Braided Nylon Belt    Compare at: $16.00   CC Price: $13.99
  Braided Nylon Belt  fits up to 48 inches.    Compare at: $18.00   CC Price: $15.99

Yes, all these braided belts are the same. Just different colors.

Great News! - Cultured Cowboy has also found some of these Braided Web belts from a maker who will make larger sizes. XXL (58inch)

How to Shorten the Size of your Braided Nylon Belt:
     Sometimes we take for granted, little things that are important. The braided belts are often cut down for people. To do this, or to change buckles, take the Chicago screw apart. (To put it back together, use the end of a pen cap or caulking tube point, to separate the braids to get the Chicago screw back through.)  Just roll the belt from the buckle end to the position you need, and replace the Chicago screw.  Try the belt on to make sure you are happy with the new position. To remove excess belt, cut off the excess, at least 1.5 inches past the Chicago screw, with Scissors, from outside edges toward the center. Then burn the ends with a butane lighter to seal. Better, you can use a hot knife, made for cutting nylon, (perhaps you have a friend at a hardware store that will let you borrow their rope cutter.) (There is a hot blade attachment for most electric soldering pistol type guns.) Or heat a blade to melt through the nylon. The secret is to seal the end of the braids together, through burning that edge into all of them. 

The billet end is sealed under your  tip. For best results, leave this end alone! Exception: If you are changing to a full tip, like Montana silver, with your initials, it will be OK to remove the corner tip on your belt. We have found that once the metal tip is loosened, it is hard to get back in place without bending it. 

At this time, we cannot get any longer belts from Nocona Belt. However, check our other braided belt page for size 58 and longer.

See a silly video?

   More colors are available. And we offer a Deluxe tip for only $6.00.  Click one of these links -

Nocona Braided Nylon Belts  |   Austin Collection Braided Web Belts  |  Brushy Creek Parachute Cord Belts 

Nocona Belt Co. Sizes
Take your waist size and add at least 4 inches for the total length of your belt, to wear normally. If you are planning to tie a "Hot Knot", add about 14 inches to make the tie and tail. 

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