Arles Ladies Cross & Wings Boot
Just enough "Bling" to make a difference

Want your ladies western boots to make a statement? About faith? About attitude? 
With all the "fashion" available lately, these will become a favorite for you.
Joe Boots - Proudly Mexican made  ladies handcrafted boots!

Cultured Cowboy - When you need better than ordinary!


Wings & crosses have been a staple design in ladies motorcycle boots. In Ladies Western Fashion boots. In boots that express your faith.  Here, Joes Boots have done an excellent job with boots designed for your lifestyle.  Functional & Fashionable.

Underlayment of sparkling gold combines with clear cubic zirconium for a standout boot without too much overstatement. Burnished honey leather adds more depth. Brass spots & tasteful white stitching all come together in a rich womens Western boot. 

Traditional 3/4 welted slip resistant leather sole with pegged inner construction to hold your arch support in place. Stacked leather heel with non-slip rubber bottom allows dissipation of concussion & a good hold in the dirt. 

Burnished honey brown cowhide leather is accomplished through a multi phased dye process. It's top grain boot leather that has been waxed & crackled to accomplish a weathered look.  True double row stitching on the soles are channel stitched and can be re-soled when needed.  

Square toes are fashion now. Moderately wide, your foot looks attractive, not overly broad. Especially with the elongated toe cross / wing design which gives a more narrow appearance as it helps the boot leather to break in properly!

Glove leather lined shaft with a moisture wicking fabric surrounding your feet. Elongated heel cushion makes your soles go a long time without tiring. . Won't pull loose as ya take yer feet out of the boots. Reinforced heel slide pad transfers your foot into the boot with a tug that won't tear out the linings. 

The boot is fitted with a combination last. When we're all in the weather, we want a snug fit to begin. Leather is not overly stretchy, but will break in properly.  This is truly a ladies Western boot combining some of the best of traditional women's with some of the more modern "hi-tech".   

[ Article Continued Below the boot pics. ]   

With all the wings, bling, and crosses, these ladies fashion boots are favorites for both horse of blood & iron.  From the fancy pull tabs to the tooled leather soles, you're gonna love this Women's Western Boot. 

Handcrafted Horseman & Rodeo Cowboy Boots
Christian styling, exceptional function!

The boots are cut average in size. They allow comfortable room for your arches. Until they break-in, they will slip on your heels. ( In fact they are always going to slip a little, the design is different than a short quarter shoe, so the slipping will not rub blisters on your heels. See the next paragraph too.) 

Proper foot care today will pay tremendous dividends in all your years to come. Cheap made shoes create all sorts of problems years from now. And soft bottom tennis shoes, designed for active sports, were never made to wear all day. 

STYLE:   #JB-SG503 CRUZ - Honey Wings & Crosses Fashion Boots
DESCRIPTION:   Waxed & Burnished Honey color boot leather with CZ embellished wings & cross design. Slip resistant tooled leather sole.
SIZE:   Med (B) 5 - 10
COLOR:   Burnished Honey foot & Top
LEATHER:   Waxed & crinkled Cowhide leather vamp,  heel counter & top.
TOE:   Medium Square toe as shown 
HEEL:    Western walking heel w/ slight spur ridge
HEIGHT:   13"  Deep Double Dip top
INSOLE:   3/4 Cushion over Leather
OUTSOLE:   Tooled Leather 


CC PRICE:  only  $149.99

Consider this as great quality footwear for your wife or daughter. Good arch support underneath. Flexibility in your movement. Soft leather is good for feet with maybe a bunion or such. 

Ladies sizes:  Med B, 
5 - 10

I see hundreds of feet that have the lateral metatarsals splayed outward, the ligaments that are supposed to hold them in place are strained and stretched, or have torn. Your feet hurt. Instead, wear footwear with a little support!

Ladies,, there is almost always plenty of room in the toe. We fit your arches in a boot.  It should feel like a good handshake in the front & slip a little on your heel.
Some times it's a little tight pulling on till your boot breaks in.  If you have any ?s, just call us! 

Imagine, a boot that will look like it feels - well worn, even better over time!  For these ladies dress boots, use protective coatings such as a white based Mink Oil weatherproofing.  Mink oil will slightly darken the leather. 
An old soft toothbrush makes a great applicator for these intricate boots.




So, here are more pictures of the Ladies  Western Wings Fashion boot, with medium square Toe. Double row lockstitch sole stitching without excessive sole width for ease into & out of stirrups.

Glove lining and outer leathers are reinforced by both the stitching & the piping of side seams, to hold the shaft from dropping uncomfortably.
A perfect boot
for complementing your "Western Way of life". 


Although a "cowboy boot" is one of the first things you look for, when dressing for cowboy events, people that wear Western dress boots don't always wear them just to look like cowboys. The arch support and quality craftsmanship allow us to go all day without sore feet and aching backs or legs. As you walk, Western style boots pump air around your feet, which aids in dissipation of moisture, and even more comfort for you. This is why you do want some slippage on those heels.

The older I get, the more I appreciate better boots. 


Authentic looks,  Good Heel counters having the support you need for running and dancing events as well as in-saddle.



Strong pulls. Very durable leather sole shown. Notice the quality glove leather linings, the extra heel slip leather inside, the soft cushion 3/4 sole pad under your feet, and the quality built into & through the entire sole to hold your arch from any slipping. 

Look how tight the heel counters, heel rands and heel base fit together for even more lateral support. When you hold the boot by the heel counter, you'll immediately know why these do not roll over to the outside like so many boots tend to do. This inner counter must be made of the best materials to withstand the rigors of tons of pressure you will exert as you move, doing what you do. 


Quality "made for boots" tooled leather soles shown. 

3/4 Welted. Arched hand-secured with rows of extra support.



Soles are lock stitched and can be  re-soled down the road, by any quality boot repair shop. 

Compare this quality to most!  You'll find these a bargain at our low introductory price of :    Only $149.99 per pair.  

Available in most popular sizes, and widths:  
Ladies 5 - 10  med
 Medium Square toe Shown. 

We know it's getting rare to find, but these cowboy boots are
proudly Made in Mexico

Medial View - Just enough sparkle to garner attention n the dance floor!

Even with all this beauty treatment, our ladies admire how easy to "walk" these boots become! The designs make "break-over" as you walk so nice! No pinching at all! 

Lateral View Real Stacked heels for breaking in comfort.
Heels take tremendous pounding pressure with all the steps your body requires!

Front View - Tasteful, Exciting, Secure, 
... Reminds me of my faith! 

You'll notice the extra heel slip pad on the rear of the shaft, the smooth joining of this into the inner heel counter, and the softened inner side seams. 


Cultured Cowboy, (Chuck Taylor) has been designing footwear, based on fulfilling benefits from thousands of long term boot wearers.  

Nothing makes you feel better than giving your best to those you love. Although relationships may change, children move away from home, styling may shift, good feeling boots are remembered.    Perhaps this is a gift worth giving? 

Cultured Cowboy is working very hard to make your boot dreams come true again!  

Your outsoles work perfectly with the arch, ankle and total foot bottom support built into each pair. Your boots are welted so resoles are available. Notice the quality bottom under your arches. Made for your stirrups. This takes an experienced craftsman to get just right. It allows the arch support you need to be held in place properly while suspended in the stirrup, or walking on solid ground. This construction has been a sign of quality since modern boots began (1800's).  I’ll admit that there might be a slight sound as you walk till the boot breaks in,  but it doesn’t take long for that to happen. It’s the sole mating into the stacked leather heels.

Notice there is some relief incorporated over the top of your arch. When you feel that “Plop” into your boot as you pull it on, you can rest assured that the slippage is proper, and does not restrict your foot’s blood circulation by pressing too tightly on that vein which crosses over the top of your foot. Great for all day wear.  (Less swelling of your feet.)

Linings wick away foot moisture, (without eating socks), are throughout the entire inner side of your boot. In fact, it’s the materials which you can’t see, inside the boot’s inner workings, which makes the difference between excellence and ordinary. 

 A softer inner full pad is placed under your heel to help dissipation of concussion.  By the way, Outer heels are real stacked leather. Why? The layers of leather adjust and adapt to your way of gait better than the non-moving “reconstituted leather” used in “genuine leather” (ground & glued scraps) advertised by many makers.  If you’ve worn the best before, you understand the difference you’ll feel from your foot bottom all the way through your spine, as everything, (your entire boot design), works together for your benefit.

{Sidebar -  Why are most soles sewn with white thread?  Two reasons.  1) Original bootmakers were proud of their handstitching and the white thread showed their quality.  2) White thread cost a few cents less than colors!  (Betcha didn’t figure that one!)    Save money when saving makes sense. Spend money when spending now will save you $$$ over the life of the boot, and when the comfort levels are greatly increased.  (If ya get the white, a Sharpie Fine point will touch ‘em to the color you choose.)

These Cowboy Boots can be for gals who wear them every day. Casual boots. Fine ladies dancing boots. 

Hope this reading has been helpful to you.  After all this, don’t you feel you deserve a pair or two?  Please contact us with any questions or comments, or concerns you might have.  Everyone deserves to at least try a pair of great boots!  

Thank You & God Bless You all,
       Chuck & friends.

And the "stuff you can't see inside your boot? They're to hold your inner arch support from slipping, especially if your riding stirrups, or footpegs. Look at how clean the heel base flows into this cowboy sole. (Ya might get a little "squeaking" as the boot breaks in, but it soon stops as all that leather under your heel, for dissipation of concussion, works its way into your individual heel bone/pad structure.)

Add your choice of Boot tips & heel guards. (Style 109 recommended) These ladies Western Fashion Boots also look great when adorned with boot bracelets.  (See boot trim link below)

Use an antique saddle or neutral polish or boot cream. A white mink oil can help weatherproof your boots. Use soft brush applicator. Finish with a horsehair polishing brush. All available from Cultured Cowboy  and can ship with your boots for no extra S&H costs.  Brown sole dressing. 

Cultured Cowboy has a full range of Saddle Soap cleaner, Mink Oil, Snow Seal, & other Work Boot conditioners - See Boot Care Products. 

Want to round out your boot comfort even more? - Try a pair of Thorlo socks with them.  Mid calf Western Boot socks, or over the calf Western Dress Socks. - Spring 2023 -  Try 1 pr of Thorlos with your Silver Bull boots for half price! - (Ya gotta request this with your order)
Extra thickness, almost like a terrycloth towel, in the heel area (Dissipation of concussion). Thickness under the ball of your feet (protection on your take off). And thins down on the top of your arches with a supportive structure so you don't need to change boot sizes. (Assists your metatarsal bones). 

These socks work so well with your boots, we gotta get you to try them.  Regularly $20.00 a pr in most stores.
     Only $10.00 today  to try. 

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