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Men's Round Toe Lace Up Work Boot

You want a tough boot, with support, with safety built inside as well as out? 
Well, Here Ya go!

You asked for a great round toe workboot
Well, Here Ya go! 

As fashion has swung toward a wide square toe, not all of our tastes have followed suit. Has it been hard to find a quality boot with the traditional round toe?  - No longer !

We know you can find all sorts of workboots today. But, are they all really worth the $$$ and are they benefiting your sore body?  Cheap ain't inexpensive! It's cheap! I   Cheap cost much more in the long run.  (I hope I'm preaching to the choir here!)

OK - I'm in the midst of opinion here about lower priced boots.  This is a boot at about $110.00 that is the best we've found for the low end price range of slip on work boots under $135.00. Only available in EE width - this actually translates into an E width for many custom lasted American boots. - If we send a pr and you need to exchange a size, we can't absorb all shipping but we'll be real fair on an exchange. I cannot give the volume to have above an 11 made for you.  - But for most people, this is an exciting find for the price.  The maker suggests you order 1/2 size smaller than most other brands. ( If a 9 Ariat fits, try 8,5 in Silver Bull boots.)

This company provides more than basics in their footwear. This is the maker, the designer, the direct company. What this means to you is much fewer middle men & upper management, less overhead, fewer structural costs. This brings this boot in to you at lower than many wholesale boots to dealers. 

Their boots are comfortable. The leathers they use are substantial. I have a pair of the cowboy lacers we are designing together. A couple more protocols on that & "Look Out Rodeo" Here WE Come!  I have grand-dads with grandkids that understand the appropriateness of proper boots.

While many "name brand" makers have had no choice but to succumb to short term stockholder profits without regard to the quality that brought them to the "dance", ...  Cultured Cowboy is doing the research, the painful processes of re-marketing, of wear-testing, of "stuff" most retailers don't do for you. 

We thank YOU!   I'm an Old Fart of almost 68, and even Social Security has asked me to retire. I can't help myself. God put me here for a reason & at this time my reason is to help you.  As the world finds more disparity in income, we feel we have an obligation to offer affordable & BETTER THAN GOOD footwear, so you come home with enough energy to kiss your wife & kids! 

We ask you to give these "botas" a try. You will be happy you did, and you support many American families as you do. God Bless You! 

Remember the old Justin 545 & 414 lacers in Bay Apache along with the black bullhide counterpart, so popular among rodeo riders is coming back through Cultured Cowboy? Silver Bull is working with us to bring them again! 

See the pics below & let us serve you!

Heel slider pad inside to easy on & off pulling and reinforce the rear & heel counter. 

Triple Stitched at most important stress areas where top & vamp meet Triple stitched counter & Double stitched rear reinforcement.  Antique Brass eyelets for durability. Soft padded tongue. 

SilverBull Lace Up WorkBoot
slip & oil resistant
Work Lacer - Round Toe

Padded Collar - Fully Leather Lined. 
Protective Laced-in Logger Kiltie

STYLE:   #SB-564
DESCRIPTION:    Ocre Lace up round toe work boots. Cushion insole. Substantial midsole. Direct Attach Sole. COWBOY WORK BOOT.
SIZE:   EE 6-11
COLOR:    Ocre
LEATHER:   Cowhide
TOE:    Round toe
HEEL:   Unit Outsole
HEIGHT:   8"
WELT:   Direct Attach 
OUTSOLE:   Slip resistant, foam core Specialty selected Compound Sole.

Compare at: $160.00
CC Price: $109.99


Slip resistant rubber compound surprised me. Our customers are admiring the comfort, the support, the traction. (We have seen some variation in tread patterns in this boot.) 

Leather lined foot and leather lined upper.  Cushioned Insole.


Medial View - Notice the high set heel counter
for your ankle support.

Lateral View - resistant bottom layered with a
cushioned middle and a strong direct attached upper to this Comfort Sole System.

oPadded collar, kiltie & two pair of speed eyelets.

Good Quality both coming & going!

Turn to the right.

Turn to the left!

You want a workboot, tough on the walking surface, gentle on your feet?  With support, with comfort built inside as well as out?     Well, Here Ya go!

Cultured Cowboy has a full range of Saddle Soap cleaner, Mink Oil, Snow Seal, & other Work Boot conditioners - See Boot Care Products.

Want to round out your boot comfort even more? - Try a pair of Thorlo socks with them.  Mid calf Western Boot socks, or over the calf Western Dress Socks. - Spring 2023 -  Try 1 pr of Thorlos with your R Watson boots for half price! - (Ya gotta request this with your order)
Extra thickness, almost like a terrycloth towel, in the heel area (Dissipation of concussion). Thickness under the ball of your feet (protection on your take off). And thins down on the top of your arches with a supportive structure so you don't need to change boot sizes. (Assists your metatarsal bones). 

These socks work so well with your boots, we gotta get you to try them.  Regularly $20.00 a pr in most stores.
     Only $10.00 today  to try. 

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