Hondo Black Bullhide Leather Boots
Made Right !

Please tell all your cowboys about Hondo Quality boots & Cultured Cowboy.
Made in USA

Cultured Cowboy - When you need better than ordinary!

Continues Your Cowboy Old West Boot Tradition
in Handcrafted USA Quality

The world of cowboys is filled with variety. In marketing, we call these niches. Different cowboy sports have specialty needs. When riding horses, we need a proper boot to achieve the best performances. Fitting in the stirrups, holding a spur in place, thicker leathers - still somewhat supple. Enough heel to prevent an accident in stirrups. Tough sole but with enough flexibility to move! 

Or maybe, cowboy poetry readings are your life. Or Western Swing?  Are you a fan of concerts? Entertainer? Hondo has designed these 1984 cowboy boots just for you!

Shoulder leather & bullhide boots have been a specialty of Hondo for the 35 years Cultured Cowboy has known & sold them.
This style is kinda special because of the tougher hand, and easy care coloring. This boot looks & feels really good!

3.4 welted leather sole with rows of nails & pegs to hold the arch support in place. Stacked leather heel with non-slip rubber bottom allows dissipation of concussion & a good hold in the dirt.   "What you get here is ALL leather ...  Plus steel shanks, brass nails, wooden pegs, welted leather soles, and the handwork we put into it" - Hondo Boots   - Part of the Hondo Pride Collection

***   Bullhide leather. It's top grain boot leather that's been  finished to allow a durable resilience. Yet it will still be a comfortable leather boot. One key of a bullhide boot is to hand select the inner lining leather. They work together for strength & to deliver that "sock with a sole" break-in experience.  

Square toes are fashion now. Double welting means a "updated fashion" look to the design. And the soles are actually channel stitched - not glue only.  This boot has the wide square toe with true 1 3/8" Super Roper heels. Heels have a moderate spur ridge. 

Glove leather lined to the toes. Padded leather heel cushion with hand formed leather boot insole. (Slide your hand into the boot and feel the detail. - It's ready to take on the unique shape features of your feet. - Even if the feet are quite different left to right. Reinforced heel slide pad transfers your foot into the boot with a tug that won't tear out the linings. 

The boot is fitted with a combination last. When new, You want a good handshake feel in the forefront of the boot and some slippage in the heel. (The boot is designed this way & will not burn a blister on your heel. Boot technology is different than shoes.) The slipping allows air to pump around your feet so they stay less sweaty & more comfortable. Leather is not overly stretchy, but will shift with your foot pressures to break in properly.  This is truly an old school traditional built boot.  

There's nothing simple about a pair of these handcrafted boots that can have as much as 30 sq feet of leather to make. Yet let us un-complicate your life by providing boots that have you've been wanting and providing support after your purchase. 

SO, if you are interested, please continue reading. This is probably not a waste of your time. Especially if you're intrigued by some finer points of boots.

[ Article Continued Below the boot pics. ]   

Cultured Cowboy - wear our boots, & you'll understand why we sell quality! 

Handcrafted Horseman  Boots
Conservative styling, exceptional function!

The boots are cut generously in size. They allow comfortable room for your arches. Until they break-in, they will slip on your heels. ( In fact they are always going to slip a little, the design is different than a short quarter shoe, so the slipping will not rub blisters on your heels. See the next paragraph too.) 

Although a "cowboy boot" is one of the first things you look for, when dressing for cowboy events, people that wear Western dress boots don't always wear them just to look like cowboys. The arch support and quality craftsmanship allow us to go all day without sore feet and aching backs or legs. As you walk, Western style boots pump air around your feet, which aids in dissipation of moisture, and even more comfort for you. This is why you do want some slippage on those heels.

The older I get, the more I appreciate better boots. 

Proper foot care today will pay tremendous dividends in all your years to come. Cheap made shoes create all sorts of problems years from now. And soft bottom tennis shoes, designed for active sports, were never made to wear all day. 

STYLE:   Hondo 1984
Deep Scallop Cowboy Boots - Black Bullhide w/ Black Cowhide  Top
DESCRIPTION:   Durable  bullhide boot leather with Black Cowhide top. Tough Iron LEATHER SOLE COWBOY BOOT.
SIZE:   D,   7-12, 13, 14
EE,  7-12, 13, 14

B & E by special order
COLOR:   Black
LEATHER:   Top Grain Bullhide boot leather with matching black cowhide top. 
TOE:   12  Wide Square toe as shown (Slightly sloping square)
HEEL:   1   1 3/8 inch Long Base Super Roper heel w/ Slight Spur Ridge
HEIGHT:   13"
INSOLE:   Leather
OUTSOLE:   Toughened Leather


CC PRICE:  only  $299.99

Consider this high quality footwear for your wife too. Especially during your aging years, the bones of your feet will maintain only as well as you allow. Lack of arch support, cramming a foot in a shoe or boot, that lacks support underneath, or flexibility in your movement - either can add to falling foot bones, bunions, permanently.

Ladies sizes:  Med B, or Wide C
5 - 10,11

I see hundreds of feet that have the lateral metatarsals splayed outward, the ligaments that are supposed to hold them in place are strained and stretched, or have torn. Your feet hurt. You wear footwear with little support, flat, athletics, or with an orthotic device

Wearing footwear that's too large because your foot doesn't have the range of movement it used to have? This too can add to problems of the foot sliding too far forward and creating everything from ingrown toenails to deformed toes. 
Talk with us about boot options that end this problem too.

Imagine, a boot that will feel comfortable from the very first time you wear it. For dress boots, Use a matching boot cream, polish & conditioner/cleaner. coat with Sno Seal or Mink Oil type waterproofing. And enjoy these Western boots whenever you show them off!




So, here are more pictures of the Hondo Black Bullhide Western boot, with wide square Toe. Double row channel stitching reduces sole release from wear.

First, you'll notice the quality of the rugged looking leather. Easlily "broken in" on your feet. A top of a "dress black" color.  Toe stitch for easier & correct break through the vamp. Simple stitch shaft pattern. 

The top has a deep dip.  

Glove lining and outer leathers are reinforced by both the stitching & the piping of side seams, to hold the shaft from dropping uncomfortably.
A perfect boot
for complementing your "Western Way of life". 

Wide square toe with double row sole stitching
is shown. Other toes are available by special request. 



Authentic looks,  Still, having the support you need for running and On-foot events as well as in-saddle. If you need a good dancing boot to impress, This might be your boot ! 



Strong pulls & pullholes. Very durable "tough iron" leather sole shown. Notice the quality glove leather linings, the extra heel slip leather inside, the leather insole under your feet, and the quality built into & through the entire sole to hold your arch from any slipping. 

Look how tight the heel counters, heel rands and heel base fit together for even more lateral support. When you hold the boot by the heel counter, you'll immediately know why these do not roll over to the outside like so many boots tend to do. This inner counter must be made of the best leather to withstand the rigors of tons of pressure you will exert as you move, doing what you do. 

 This boot is great as is but can be made with a medium round toe.  (Some options will add to the base price above.) (Unusually Specialty sized lasts will be added to the price of your first pair, and marked with you name for future boots) 


"Tough Iron" Leather soles shown. Hand pegged & Brass Nails too. 
You can see here, the great support that is under your feet.

Soles are channel stitched and can be re-soled down the road, by any quality boot repair shop. 

Compare this quality to any!  You'll find these a bargain at our low introductory price of :    Only $299.99 per pair.  

Available in most popular sizes, and widths:  
Ladies 6 - 11  med, wide, 
or  Men's:

D,   7-12, 13, 14
EE,  7-12, 13, 14

B & E widths by Special request   
  Wide Square toe Shown. 


We know it's getting rare to find, but these cowboy boots are
Made in America

Medial View

Toes View - Nice clean lines!

These are really leather stacked heels. Not ground up leather & glue pre-formed, like many more expensive boots use. Lateral View.

These tops can accommodate Almost every calf!

You'll notice the extra heel slip pad on the rear of the shaft, the smooth joining of this into the inner heel counter, the sanded inner side seams, and the nails are clinched, rounded to hold in place a long time and hand formed leather insole/ footbed. 


Many companies talk a lot about a lot of features they “do” with their products. Many of them could make ordinary sound great because they pay thousands for marketing!  Let’s look at some of the benefits, rather than just features, (assuming the highest quality materials are used, depending on the intended purpose for your wear).

     There are boots, and then there are boots!  Your Cultured Cowboy Boots are crafted of the finest materials and with the careful craftsmanship of certainly one of  the best bootmakers in our time. The Hondo boot company is proudly making boots as they first began. Now operated by the second "Fil" with his father's guidance.  

Know Hondo is well known for making the buckaroos, cowboy, and working cowboy boots that we have come to appreciate. All you need to do is wear them for a few days & you'll understand why quality is so important for all day wear. 

For an avid Western boot wearer, to spend up to a week’s wage is a normal thing to do. 1/2 a week is nothing to even think about !  For two weeks wages, ya might think about it. Ya gotta choose it over other alternatives. - JB Stetson first priced his Western hats at a month’s wages as he began his company. People gladly paid it because the value received was worth much more than their investment. I promise the value received, the comfort, the status, the quality from Cultured Cowboy Boots will be felt long after the investment in the durability has long been forgotten.

Each of us can make a list of ways we could renew our spirit & strength.  One way for many is to put on something “best” and feel good about deserving to own it.

Possible Values:
1) When I know I am well dressed, I have an increased confidence in my ability and therefore I accomplish better.
2) When others see that I am well dressed, others better respect what I can offer them.  They “see” proven worth in my ability.
3) When I have longer term investments in quality, I feel more secure. I am actually investing, not spending.
4) My feet feel better, and legs, and back, from better support offered by better footwear. I’m not tired, nor tiring to be around.
5) When I wear the best, I know people appreciate my smile. It is easier to smile, and I feel more generous toward them.
6) As I somewhat “spoil” myself, I realize I do deserve some of the better “tools” for my life. I can more easily fill other’s needs, especially family, when I feel refreshed myself.
7) My time with my “honey” is valuable. I want to feel special when with her/him, and to know I want their time with me to feel special too.
8) Wearing the best, I better understand how others will be enhanced by their wearing their best too. I can encourage them.
9) I can choose footwear that is appropriate for my intended use: Better leather bottoms for dancing, best rubber soles for riding, or working where slip resistance is important. Either impressive dress leather / exotic uppers, or oil /barnyard acid resistant leathers.  And feel good, either way!
10) I am choosing to live my life, rather than reacting to how others try to choose how they want me to live.

Cultured Cowboy, (Chuck Taylor) has been designing footwear, based on fulfilling benefits from thousands of long term boot wearers.  “Way back when”, (1984), the original Dan Post educated me on finer qualities of boot materials. From there, Justin, Tony Lama, Nocona, taught me differences of handcrafted and handmade. Ariat introduced me to better “performance boots”, and Twisted X has carried these forward. Ammons taught me that “spoil me” quality is sometimes more valuable than giving more disposable products. Fenoglio is teaching me not to give up hope on an affordable authentic Western Boot. And Hondo reminds us all of the best qualities of handmade, long lasting, traditional boots.

Nothing makes you feel better than giving your best to those you love. Although relationships may change, children move away from home, styling may shift, respect for someone who has given their best becomes a hallmark of how you are remembered.

What I hear every week: You are requesting, “Where are the boots I used to wear?”  “How come, these aren’t holding up like my boots from 15 yrs ago?” “My Medical Dr recommended a Western boot rather than … Yet, the stuff I’ve been wearing is not helping.”

 Cultured Cowboy is working very hard to make your boot dreams come true again!  Major boot companies are becoming more set up for production for the masses & the profits! So finding traditional bootmakers for you excites us!  I too am where you are. I too am again wearing a pair made for me. I too am taking my time to encourage you, that these are worth what you ever expected from quality boots.

  God Bless the ability to get boots made like I became accustomed to, been spoiled from, again! My back feels 40 yrs younger when I wear these boots.

Your outsoles work perfectly with the arch, ankle and total foot bottom support built into each pair. Your boots are welted so resoles are available. Notice the quality bottom under your arches. Made for your stirrups. This takes an experienced craftsman to get just right. It allows the arch support you need to be held in place properly. This construction has been a sign of quality since modern boots began (1800's).  I’ll admit that there might be a slight sound as you walk till the boot breaks in,  but it doesn’t take long for that to happen. It’s the sole mating into the stacked leather heels.

Shown in a "Wide Square Style" toe, you can choose from  U toe (roper), or a Cutter, medium square toe version. The toe is boxed properly and lasted by hand as your boot is built.

Pretty much, unless you specify differently, the most popular combination lasts are used so fit is impeccable! We have ability to special order some difficult last sizes to use for feet that are either more discriminating, or just hard to fit.  

Notice there is some relief incorporated over the top of your arch. When you feel that “Plop” into your boot as you pull it on, you can rest assured that the slippage is proper, and does not restrict your foot’s blood circulation by pressing too tightly on that vein which crosses over the top of your foot. Great for all day wear.  (Less swelling of your feet.)

Best Glove leather linings wick away foot moisture, (without eating socks), are throughout the entire inner side of your boot. In fact, it’s the leather which you can’t see, inside the boot’s inner workings, which makes the difference between excellence and ordinary. 

 A softer inner full pad is placed under your heel to help dissipation of concussion.  By the way, Outer heels are real stacked leather. Why? The layers of leather adjust and adapt to your way of gait better than the non-moving “reconstituted leather” used in “genuine leather” (ground & glued scraps) advertised by many makers.  If you’ve worn the best before, you understand the difference you’ll feel from your foot bottom all the way through your spine, as everything, (your entire boot design), works together for your benefit.

Your heel counter is a real chunk of leather too. Skived into the lining so you have a smooth transition, attached securely to the heel base through heel rand, this leather gives you lateral support as well as holding your spurs in place as a boot should. None of that “pressed material” or stiffened canvass that mushes over to the outside as the boot gets wet!  If you thought you were the cause of lateral failure, you might be hard on the wear, but it takes better materials to make the whole boot last in comfort for a long time.

Do your toes sweat a lot?  Might be that manmade plastic toe box we don’t use.  Materials that are pre-molded or easy to mold by machine save cost, but will create heat. Not these boots! They’re hand lasted from natural materials which allow heat and sweat to move out of your toes. Pulled across and shaped by expert artisan hands, the toe box forms and maintains the integral shape of your boot’s front.

You want to know my biggest gripe in many boots?  Cotton cord piping, or builder's twine, covered by a thin layer of plastic sheeting. It breaks at the bends, and my expensive boots need me to take a “Sharpie” pen to recolor & hide the flaws. This piping is supposed to provide smooth transition between leathers, and some give as you walk/run/work in your boots.  Better piping is used in your Cultured Cowboy Handcrafted boots, as a washer to prevent the leathers from wearing each other out in movement. (yes, plastic does this too) Real leather, with the right stitching, allows the proper give & take that allows your leather to move with your movement, and doesn’t easily crack at your ankles. (Keep ‘em conditioned.) Often, if you have ankle rubbing, its caused by the initial stiffness of poor piping and the stitching used at the ankle area.

OK, there’s a part called the “rand”. This is a layer between inner heel & counter, and the heel base of your boot. Here there is a nylon type compound that is used to prevent the heel base from smashing through the upper at the joining of your heel area. (Think of it as similar to the  “cartilage” between your bones.) This dissipates pressures. Didja know, your heel takes a huge pounding every step you take? (2112 average steps in a mile. 160 lb man. 316,800 lbs of pressure repeated. Wow didn’t God do a great wonder in designing the bones & padding in your feet! )  These handmade boots are engineered to be the best of protection, and long term comfort.  

This pounding is why the bottom of your heel base has a slip-resistant “tire rubber” plate placed on the ground surface of the heel base. You hit down on a relatively small area which needs ability to not slip till your foot rolls forward, and to be easily replaceable as that back of your heel cap wears faster than any other part of a boot.

The other manmade material used in your boots is the nylon threading – again, the best left hand twist thread in our industry, used throughout your boots. Most people are not particularly picky about the pattern or the stitch color blends. Bootmakers can either computer stitch the tops, or hand stitch the tops. Yes, hand stitching will not be as perfect as the computers, but connoisseurs will appreciate the difference.  We do believe in using technology, when technology makes perfect sense!  These are computer stitched on the decorative tops.

{Sidebar -  Why are most soles sewn with white thread?  Two reasons.  1) Original bootmakers were proud of their handstitching and the white thread showed their quality.  2) White thread cost a few cents less than colors!  (Betcha didn’t figure that one!)    Save money when saving makes sense. Spend money when spending now will save you $$$ over the life of the boot, and when the comfort levels are greatly increased.  (If ya get the white, a Sharpie Fine point will touch ‘em to the color you choose.)

These Cowboy Boots are for guys & gals who wear them every day. I prefer to call them “Usin” boots. They are made to use in everyday stable, training, or ranching conditions!

OR, for motorcycle fans, we also offer a solid black.  This sole and counter and support construction combination is perfect for riding Iron horses, as well as tractors and horses of flesh & blood!

Yes, we carry some in stock. And stock is building!   If we have your boots in stock, 3 to 7 days delivery.  If they have to be made… hold onto your hats… only 3 to 6 months, depending on your specs!  This is crazy when the average special makeup boot can be up to 24 months, isn’t it!   And they are not rushed through!  Hand crafted means taking the necessary time to get it right! 

Get this… You can make a reasonable deposit of about half, and we’ll get your boots started. The other half, we’ll work with you as you need. Dealing with a smaller guy, (Cultured Cowboy), who both cares about you, and retaining a relationship with you, is really important to both of us.  

Hope this reading has been helpful to you.  After all this, don’t you feel you deserve a pair or two?  Please contact us with any questions or comments, or concerns you might have.  A closet full of custom boots is not for everyone.  But everyone deserves to at least try a pair of great boots!  

Thank You & God Bless You all,
       Chuck & friends.

And the "stuff you can't see inside your boot? They're to hold your inner arch support from slipping, especially if your riding stirrups, or footpegs. Look at how clean the heel base flows into this cowboy sole. (Ya might get a little "squeaking" as the boot breaks in, but it soon stops as all that leather under your heel, for dissipation of concussion, works its way into your individual heel bone/pad structure.)

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