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R Watson Men's Work Boot

You want a tough boot, with support, with safety built inside as well as out? 
Well, Here Ya go!

We know you can find all sorts of workboots today. But, are they all really worth the $$$ and are they benefiting your sore body?  Cheap ain't inexpensive! It's cheap! I   Cheap cost much more in the long run.  (I hope I'm preaching to the choir here!)

And ya can't even trust some of the brands you used to trust. How are the heel counters made? Are the soles injection molded plastic or are they rubber? (There's a huge difference in how they last.)  Is the toe box of material that sweats your toes, or is it breathable? Does air flow around as well as moisture dissipating through to the outside of your footwear? How about the linings which can cost a maker from $2.00 to $25.00 to install.  Without going into all the details, (Which we will do if you call to ask), you can trust R Watson workboots to be moderate in price and above moderate in longevity, and comfort.

Mr. Randy Watson was past President of Justin Industries. His experience, the trust our industry has for him, and his caring for both the makers and wearers of boots brought him back into boot making after his initial retirement. 40 years of experience need not go down the drain!. After retiring, (and various other legalities expired), he began R. Watson Boot Company.

One of our customers came into Cultured Cowboy and said. "You gotta put these boots in your store. They're like the old Justins you used to carry."  It took a few months, but now Cultured Cowboy & R Watson boots are teaming together to bring you "excitement" in Western footwear!  

Here you see some of R Watson's better, ready to go work boots.

R. Watson Adobe Brown Buffalo

Also available in Safety Toe
Same sizes: 7-15 D or EE
CC Price: $183.99 

STYLE:   #RW-1002
DESCRIPTION:   Distressed Adobe brown and cherry red square toe. 10 row of stitch pattern, pull holes, removable orthotic insole. EVA midsole. Block heel COWBOY BOOT.
SIZE:   7 - 15 D
7 - 15 EE
COLOR:   Brown and Cherry Red
LEATHER:   Buffalo
TOE:    Wide Square toe
HEEL:   Unit Outsole
HEIGHT:   12"
WELT:   Direct Attach 
OUTSOLE:   Non-Slip RUBBER Compound


Compare at: $185.00
CC Price: $179.99

I think I'da like to have seen this look at the turn of the century, when everyone was just over Y2K & thinking computers and space age.  Kinda 21st Century, space age looks!
Actually, I'm glad the sides don't light up as we step - tho my youngest daughter would find that really cool! And all the "yellow" won't show until we climb a tall ladder! 

But it took another 20 years to have this boot sole technology available. And we're glad to have it now. Seems to me, Mr Watson has a workboot that's safe to ride in your stirrups.

Oil resistant, Slip resistant rubber compound surprised me. Our customers are admiring the comfort, the support, the traction, and the fact that this sole is designed to leave dirt outside, and not tracked into our homes!

Together Cultured Cowboy & R Watson Boot are working on the "patrol boot" which will also work as a great boot for airline pilots. Shiny black, tall enough not to catch on your pants, and non-slip bottoms, moderate heel, rounded toe. NO steel to set off alarms at airports! 

Also, the old Justin 545 & 414 lacers in Bay Apache along with the black bullhide counterpart, so popular among rodeo riders are coming back through Cultured Cowboy! (& R. Watson)

Cultured Cowboy has a full range of Saddle Soap cleaner, Mink Oil, Snow Seal, & other Work Boot conditioners - See Boot Care Products.

Want to round out your boot comfort even more? - Try a pair of Thorlo socks with them.  Mid calf Western Boot socks, or over the calf Western Dress Socks. - Spring 2023 -  Try 1 pr of Thorlos with your R Watson boots for half price! - (Ya gotta request this with your order)
Extra thickness, almost like a terrycloth towel, in the heel area (Dissipation of concussion). Thickness under the ball of your feet (protection on your take off). And thins down on the top of your arches with a supportive structure so you don't need to change boot sizes. (Assists your metatarsal bones). 

These socks work so well with your boots, we gotta get you to try them.  Regularly $18.00 a pr in most stores.
     Only $9.00 today  to try. 

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