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Smoke Grey Cape Buffalo Boots
R Watson Men's Western Exotic Boots

You want a stylish exotic boot, with arch support, and cradle comfort? 
R Watson Boot Company understands how to make a great handcrafted boot.
Pricing is fair and the quality is higher than many!

We know you can find all sorts of western boots today. And to find a good pair sometimes gets confusing. Most of the major "brands" offer everything from not built so well to built very well.  This page, these RWatson cowboy boots are targeted to those with a bit of discriminating taste.  ( Cheap ain't inexpensive! It's cheap! )    Cheap cost much more in the long run.  (I know I'm preaching to the choir here!)

What we have found is that the consistency and quality of these R Watson exotic boots allow us to be proud to provide them for you. How are the heel counters made? Sturdy! Why - the heel counter that you cannot see is what will determine whether your foot has a tendency to break over the outside of your heel. Once this happens, you not only lose support under your feet, they start to hurt.

Are the soles welted so that my boots can be resoled? Yes - This hand welting process takes a lot more skill than injection molding, which is why so many brands are turning to that process. Skilled labor is in short supply so R Watson pays an attractive wage - you get a better product when the bootmakers care about your satisfaction

Is the toe box made of preformed material that sweats your toes, or is it breathable?  They do allow air to circulate without being trapped in your socks, will avert foot fungus, and will help the boot materials to last much longer.  Does air flow around as well as moisture flowing through to the outside of your footwear?  This happens with the materials used in R Watson dress boots. Be careful to purchasing a boot that's not too small. Your heel should slip a little when you step in your new boots. This pumps the air around your foot like the design was meant to be. 

How about the linings? Glove linings are the norm here and the rear of the shaft has enough support that the boot lining will not tear with the pressures of your putting on or pulling off your boot.  And these glove leather linings breath!  Without going into all the details, (Which we will do if you call to ask), you can trust R Watson cowboy boots to be moderate in price and way above moderate in longevity, and comfort. Also: the bed of your boot has a full leather lining on the inside to prevent "kicking up of the shorter heel pads used on many boots. 

Mr. Randy Watson was past President of Justin Industries. His experience, the trust our industry has for him, and his caring for both the makers and wearers of boots brought him back into boot making. 40 years of experience need not go down the drain!. He came out of retirement, and when various other opportunities fell into place, he began R. Watson Boot Company.

One of our customers came into Cultured Cowboy and said. "You gotta put these boots in your store. They're the old Justin's you used to carry."  It took a few months, but now Cultured Cowboy & R Watson boots are teaming together to bring you "excitement" in Western footwear!  

We trust and know R Watson boot knows exotics, and you can be assured of a great experience for many years to come! 

ALSO:  Together we're working on the "patrol boot" which will work as a great boot for airline pilots. Shiny black, tall enough not to catch on your pants, and non-slip bottoms, moderate heel, rounded toe. NO steel to set off alarms at airports! 

Also, the old Justin 545 & 414 lacers in Bay Apache along with the black bullhide 5220counterpart, so popular among rodeo riders is coming back through Cultured Cowboy! (& R. Watson) 

See the pics below & let us serve you!

Cape Buffalo boots - Made from one of the most dangerous animals on our planet! This extremely strong beast doesn't back down. Randy Watson is sure it will wear through almost anything you put it through. Supple leather linings add to the comfort. Scale of 1 - 10? Most wearers give it a 9.5!
Cape buffalo would be a good riding boot. With proper conditioning it holds well against all the arena stress.

 R. Watson Boot Company will make this into a wide square toe shown below or the new "cutter style boot". 

This boot can be "Rock 'N Rolled" with boot trim. Your choices of toe tips & heel caps.  Boot chains go well with your Cape Buffalo boots. Black straps & bright Nickel or Antique Nickel or Antique gold styling will make you proud to sing "Proud Mary". ... rollin, rollin, rollin in yer Watsons! 

R. Watson Smoke Grey Cape Buffalo Boot 
With Black Cherry Cowhide Top
Wide Square Toe Shown

Cutter style Available

STYLE:   #RW-7110
DESCRIPTION:    Smoke Grey Cape Buffalo, Black Cherry Cowhide top. Wide square toe dress boots, Traditional stitch pattern, Comfort system, stacked leather heel, solid steel shank
SIZE:   D 7-15
EE 7-15
COLOR:    Smoke Grey / Black Cherry
LEATHER:   Cowhide upper, Cape Buffalo vamp & heel counter
TOE:   Wide Square Toe Or Cutter Toe
HEEL:    Super Roper
HEIGHT:   13"
WELT:   Leather 3/4 Double Stitched
OUTSOLE:   10 Iron Leather Outsole


Compare at: $350.00
CC Price: $319.99
Until the maker requires us to raise the price!

R Watson RW7110 Boots
Front view

Rear View.
Stacked Leather Heels, Double deep scallop.

Medial View

Lateral View

R Watson Wide Square toes view

Inside the boot - Tall heel slip pad to ease on/off & protect the boot lining As well as ur socks!
Glove leather hung lining, Softened side seams.
Full sole comfort pad. 

Care Products:  Leather Balm Cleaner Conditioner for deep cleaning. Pulls harmful dirt & dust out of the pores of your exotic leathers. 
Delicate cream for moisturizing the exotic leather. (Leather needs moisturizers just like a ladies hands do.)
Medium Brown or neutral boot cream to protect against scuffs. And maybe a horsehair dauber brush to apply & horsehair finishing brush to buff out & shine. 
Sole Dressing keeps moisture from too much wetting and wear of the soles as you wear them through grass. Your soles will last considerably longer by often application of sole dressing. (Apply to sides of sole & heel block, and bottom of soles.)
Boot Bag - easily store or transport your boots when traveling, or in your closet. 
Water Resistance - A clear (white) mink oil to keep the current color as best as you can or Sno-Seal which my do a better job, but will darken the leather. 

Want to round out your boot comfort even more? - Try a pair of Thorlo socks with them.  Mid calf Western Boot socks, or over the calf Western Dress Socks. - Spring 2023 -  Try 1 pr of Thorlos with your R Watson boots for half price! - (Ya gotta request this with your order)
Extra thickness, almost like a terrycloth towel, in the heel area (Dissipation of concussion). Thickness under the ball of your feet (protection on your take off). And thins down on the top of your arches with a supportive structure so you don't need to change boot sizes. (Assists your metatarsal bones). 

These socks work so well with your boots, we gotta get you to try them.  Regularly $18.00 a pr in most stores.
     Only $9.00 today  to try. 

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