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Men's Western Boots
When asked about a good boot for young men with growing feet, this men's cowboy boot is a good choice.  And if you're a lady with a wide foot, this distressed leather boot is a good choice. And if you have an event coming up, and want to try Western Boots, this boot is a great choice.

 Affordably priced and with a durable sole for those high school sidewalks, the tan bomber leather is a comfortable favorite. And, you can re-sole this boot. Just use mink oil to protect it. 
For an easy to wear, easy to keep, starter cowboy boot, this leather matches almost everything. The color shifts as the oil in the leather is bent, or creased. It always looks good & feels as great as it looks!  

One of the nicest things about having a custom leather shop is being able to take a good product and improve it. It is like sharing the love, to you, with the original factory. 

This is a great Western boot for the money. And, we can give it to you two ways...First price is like it comes from the factory, and that is a good value. 

 Second choice, we hand rub and hand burnish it with a couple-few good coatings of our special leather conditioners, until the leather has a rich luster characteristic, and it is much better protected from weather and deterioration. Then, we expertly flex the shaft and the sole so it wears like a kidskin glove when you first put it on. (Especially in the ball and ankle area.) Finally, we massage it down with a finish coat of olive balm that finalizes a look you only get with better handmade oil pullup boots. The whole process only takes an extra day. Same boot...two totally different looks and feelings.  You choose!   Ain't America great?

See the "scuff marks" on the boot? 
Easy to take on the "Old West Worn" look. Just add more conditioner & they almost erase!

Men's Western  Boots

Did you know that the stitching patterns on top of your foot are to make the boot break in for better comfort? Stitching on the shaft allows some good looks and keeps the top from bagging around your ankles.

Slip resistant sole is mighty handy
for much of farm or ranch life! Still Known as a "Trucker Boot" in many circles.

STYLE:   #SM-4034
DESCRIPTION:    LEATHER WESTERN BOOT with Manmade Lining. Heel is a standard Slightly Underslung Walking Western.
SIZE:   Men's: 7.5 - 12, 13,14 D
7.5 - 12, 13,14 EE
TOE:   Medium Round WESTERN 
WIDTH:    D & EE
OUTSOLE:   Slip Resistant Ridged RUBBER with Steel Shank. Goodyear Welt.


:  $
Compare at$130.00 

CC PRICE:  Only $139.99
Compare at$180.00

 This  boot is a great start for young men looking for a casual boot.  And a favorite for many who simply need a boot for a moderate hours of wear each day. 

   Oil Pullup leather is easily treated/protected with "Sno-Seal" or mink oil. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a good conditioner. 
The more conditioner you add the darker the boot will become, because you are adding preventative moisture control.  - Wear it until it needs reconditioning. (It will lighten again with time & use.) 

     Is this a gift?  We stock this boot heavily. Exchanges are easy!  Just call us.  AND, some other neat gifts are boot pulls (Long boot pulls $!9.99) and a boot jack - ($20 standard to $30.00 heavy duty)    Matching belts!  We're Cultured Cowboy - Your Western Store!   We are accountable to much - but we prioritize our customers, our God, our relationships among each other & family.  Have some fun searching through our pages - Ya might just learn something new.

So, here are more pictures of the Cultured Cowboy Distressed Brown trucker boot, with medium round toe, made for you.

First, you'll notice the quality of the rugged looking leather. Already "broken in" stain resistant, sturdy, yet comfortable on your feet than many cowhide leathers. With a top of a matching color.  A popular toe stitch and top stitch pattern. 

The top has a deep dip scallop. We can take your calf measurement and adjust the circumference of your top as needed for best fit. ( We have equipment to steam & stretch up to 3/4 inch more top circumference.)

Basic upper lining and outer leathers are reinforced by the leather piping and side seams, to hold the shaft from dropping uncomfortably.
A popular boot for complementing your "Old Western Wear". 

Medium round toe with single row sole stitching
is shown. 


The support you need for running and riding events as well as climbing & "wish the sole would not slip". If you need a good western work boot to impress, This might be your boot ! 

Sturdy boot pulls. Very durable "trucker" rubber sole shown. Notice the extra heel slip leather inside, the soft cushion full sole pad under your feet, and the quality built into & through the entire sole to hold your arch from any slipping. 

Look how tight the heel counters, heel rands and heel base fit together for even more lateral support. When you hold the boot by the heel counter, you'll immediately know why these do not roll over to the outside like so many boots tend to do. This inner counter must be made of the best materials to withstand the rigors of tons of pressure you will exert as you move, doing what you do. 


Soles are stitched and can be  re-soled down the road, by any quality boot repair shop. 

Compare this quality to any!  You'll find these a bargain when shopping anywhere! 

Available in most popular sizes, and widths:  

D,   7-12, 13, 14

EE,  7-12, 13, 14

Non-slip Rubber Heel cap. Non-slip composite sole.


Medial View

Plastic compound heel block is sturdy & supportive.

Lateral View

Taped seams. Removable, washable, anti-bacterial Cushion insole.

Add some North Carolina Made Thorlo Socks with your boots.

They have extra thickness under the ball & heel of your foot, then thin on the top side. NOT a tube sock.

Thorlos enhance your boot wearing experience!

Not really a compression sock, but they dooo hold your feet like Jesus would! 

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