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The Finest in Sports Communication Systems

For 1999, ChatterBox really walks the talk.  Each member of our entire communication line iswoman.jpg (12411 bytes) truly a masterpiece in radio technology.  Take your time in reviewing each of our systems.  You'll find that each offers unique features and benefits, and each is painstakingly built to meet our exacting standards.  The systems on they following pages truly offer the state-of-the-art in the design and engineering.  We pride ourselves in offering you not only the most powerful and reliable systems available, but also units which are aesthetically pleasing to your visual senses.  Examine each system for their design, crystal clear reception, range, portability, and price.   We're confident you'll find a system that specifically meets your communication needs.  That's our goal.

5 Unique Systems to Choose From:

1.    The ChatterBox HJC-40
         Driver to Passenger
         Full Duplex Intercom

2.    The ChatterBox HJC-90
         Rider-to-Rider + Intercom
         Our Best Selling System!

3.   The ChatterBox HJC-FRS
           Rider-to-Rider + Intercom
           Family Radio Service

4.    The ChatterBox HJC-27A
          40 Channel CB
          27MHz Transceiver

5.    The ChatterBox HJC-461
          Professional Vehicle Mounted
          Communication System


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