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Travelcade Express Luggage, Seating and Accessories

Travelcade/Saddlemen is recognized for it's innovation and technology, bringing new products and ideas to motorcycle seating and luggage.  Their design team works regularly with show-bike builders on innovative, one-off custom jobs, and this design flair naturally filters into the production line. It puts the Travelcade/Saddlemen look at the forefront of style. It'll put you there too.

They didn't just revamp the existing luggage by changing the concho- they went back to the drawing board, examining every stitch and every panel to determine the best materials and construction method.  In the process, they re-wrote the book on universal luggage, offering the most innovative and stylish new products at incredible an value.  General Features at a glance include:

  • Quick Detach Saddlebags Universal saddlebags feature a unique mounting system that allows you to take each bag off the bike in seconds, without tools, and without disturbing the seat or yoke.  The mechanism is located inside each bag for security.

  • Fully Adjustable Yoke Mounting Saddlebag positioning is adjustable up & down and towards the front or rear of the bike, to fit with nearly any shock / exhaust / foot peg / turn signal location.

  • Rigid Composite Construction Saddlemen Express products are made with a unique combination of materials, including heavy-duty, genuine leather.  Every panel, stitch and buckle are engineered for weatherproof performance, high strength and long lasting good looks.

  • Lockable Security All Drifter and Desperado saddlebags, tool bags and handlebar bags feature heavy-duty roller buckles that accept a small padlock for secure storage. 

  • Unmatched Value This is a truly high-end luggage line, with features and quality that would surprise you at any price, Saddlemen Express luggage is priced to sell against ANY luggage line, with amazing value built into each bag.


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