"Everybody Loves a Cowboy Cooler !"

Heat Relief "Cowboy Cooler™" is the highest quality product of it's kind. Made in USA. Guaranteed Free from defects in workmanship. 100% cotton fabrics surround agricultural water absorbing crystals.

Tap water's all you need. The crystals swell as they absorb, (about 10 - 15 minutes). in a Time-Release manner, Evaporation cools the wearer. Product can be refrigerated for Super Cooling. 

Don't freeze it, but you can store it in a cooler with your drinks.

Non Toxic, Non Flammable, Non Hazardous. Cools for 18 to 24 hours per soaking. Reusable Hundreds of times. Use as bandana around your neck, or tie as a headband. Safe for pets. 

Assorted colors - solids, stripes and Southwest prints. And, of course our Red White & Blue!  
(When we can get the fabric, we also offer a cancer awareness print.) All proven sellers! 

Easy hand wash to clean. Just a few drops of Dawn detergent in cold water, palpate it some, and then rinse.

Why DO we love our Cowboy Cooler ???

  • Just dip in cool water for 20 minutes max and Wear All Day!
  • Constant Evaporation cools body Naturally!
  • Re useable hundreds of times
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Nontoxic
  • Washable
  • Great for Work or Play

Easy on yer wallet, easy on yer body!  

   Only $11.99 or 2 for $20.00
Small or Large Order Inquires welcome. Please call 1-866-492-6926 or 864-223-3700

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Original Rise
Blue Label,  Fastback,  Green Label,  Green Label SE, Black Label,  Bronze Label, Red Label
Mid Rise -
Super Nova,  Duster,  Bronson,  Dooley,  White Label, Colt, Grand Prix
Low Rise -

         Cultured Cowboy has the "Heat Relief" you've been asking for:

Perfect for Work or Play:

  • Construction Sites
  • Welders & Fabrications
  • Hot Factories & Shops
  • Sports Officials, Contestants & Spectators
  • Rodeo & Race Car Fans
  • Trail Rides & Camping
  • Beaches
  • Truckers
  • Safe for Pets & Working Dogs
  • Sore Muscles
  • Relieve Fever
  • Headaches

They're fun. They're comfy. They're great for your family!

Does your organization have a color theme?  If we can get the fabric, we can personalize it for you.

Wanna have some fun???    Send Cultured Cowboy your Favorite picture , of you , or your pet, in your Cowboy Cooler . If we use it, we will gladly reward you with a Cultured Cowboy $10.00 credit toward your next purchase!  
Mail or Email it to us.   Cultured Cowboy, 3003 County Farm Rd, Greenwood, SC 29646   or

     We usually have a good stock of ready made Cowboy Coolers. But get yours now, before the delivery times get slower.   Thanks and God Bless,   Cultured Cowboy

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