"Heart Wired"

Home or Barn Wreaths

Show a Love that can't be fenced. 
The quality of these pieces will make you proud to give them as gifts.
Hand made and hand finished in USA. Final Inspections by Artisans.
Perfect for a Cowboy Valentine or Cowgirl Valentine.

"Have a Cultured Cowboy Christmas!"
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Show a Merry Christmas to all of your world.  We went to Hobby Lobby, and then trimmed some cedar from in front of Cultured Cowboy.  Look how easily your Heart wired Wreath can become a showcase of this season.  ( Took Chuck about 10 minutes to put together after 15 minutes to make the bow. And an hour of shopping, and a walk through the horses.)  And then the barbed wire wreath is reused for each momentous occasion your family shares.   I love the refrigerator magnet at top - "True Love was Born in a Stable".  Had to have it!  Wooden cross with metal cross and zircs, Pine cones with red glitter paint. Silver glitter paint coated pasture weeds and holly leaves, Plastic crystal star on a wire. Ribbons proclaim words to the song, "Joy to the World".  And the bow's tail is a simple holiday silver with wire edges. 

Pinterest, anyone?  



There are many ways we can celebrate the February 14th Day of Love. If we are in love, we always like to give a gift that will last more than a day.

Of course, Taking your loved one to dinner is nice. And a flower is quite traditional. But how about a Valentines Day wreath that can be hung as home decor, or barn decor. A handmade twist of wire, really taken from horse farm fencing, that will remind your friends, family, & guests, everyday, that your love is a freedom. Your love just can't be fenced by time, or by geography. 

"Heart Wired" reminds us of a tradition of farming and ranching. It takes a love of the land, love of family and love of God's animal kingdom, to make the tradition work. 

A love that goes beyond the bounds of "9 to 5". A love that exists when times are good, and when times are hard. A love that does not give up. A love that lasts for generations. If you want to show that your love is beyond the bounds of normal, "Heart Wired" is the gift of love for your home.


Boy Toys Decor

Sidebar:  [Beyond the gift of love you are giving your loved ones, all profits from "Heart Wired" will be donated to Grace Cafe.

Grace Cafe is in great part the result of a study of the book, "Un-Christian" by David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons. (Available at all major bookstores.) The core of the book is the research performed by the Fermi Project. The Barna Group supplemented other quantitative and qualitative research. It is a book of study about perceptions of faith, and our culture. Good Reading if you want to know why church attendance among those under 50 is declining. 

Grace Cafe is sort of a church without a steeple. The concept is that Contemporary Christian music and drama, food, art and education are used to introduce what a relationship with God through Jesus Christ is supposed to be. Hopes are that once invigorated with love and relationship, each participant will search for a more "steepled" church home for further love, and to teach as well as to learn.   

It is not that we do not have churches that are not trying, it is that much of the un-churched in America will not grace the doors of traditional church for pre-conceived notions, or prior unhappy experiences.

Grace Cafe hopes to rectify some of the misconception. Non-denominational. Open to Jew & Gentile alike. Believers, and those questioning their beliefs. Working with area non-profits, art guilds, student unions, businessmen, clergy, many volunteers, financial angels, and much prayer, we endeavor the offering of hands-on continuing education in computer skills, business skills, marketing/PR, culinary arts, fine arts, worship, communication skills, self respect, respect for others, debate, anger management and other services that can benefit the person as well as the entire community.] 

As you can see, we have discovered that you can hang other bits of ornamental silver, gold, colored stones, or leather from these twisted works of art. Horse shoes, rope, flowers and sentimental memorabilia are easily strewn through the fibers for your unique look. 

And the look you choose means something to your loved ones, because you can finish your wreath together. Just like a life of Love, your Heart Wired wreath can change with seasons, or stay as the simple beauty that delivers in your box.

Hackling Feathers Decor


Actual wreath size is approximately 17" x 17" x 3". Weighs about 3lbs. Shipped in an 18" x 18" x 4" box, boxed weight 5 lbs, either UPS or USPS, depending on your address. Shipped FOB Greenwood, SC. (Most of continental USA shipping from $7.00 to $19.00)

Each "Heart Wired" wreath is handmade, by an enthused and infused artisan. No two exactly alike. Each will have individualistic inclusions, bends, breaks and shapes to give even more depth and beauty. Made in USA from barbed wire fencing originating on farms and ranches. Each wreath is hand formed and craftily twisted, so it is easy to hang, or decorate with your personalized trims. Your wreath is then painted with a light coating of clear lacquers to keep the natural patina of rust in check. 

The quality of these pieces will make you proud to give them as gifts. (Sharper points have been dulled by time & weather. Wire cuts are slightly hand filed, if needed. ) Even when weathered by age, your love wreath, and your love is everlasting.

Yellow Rose Bouquet


Your minimum donation of only $39.99 per barbed wire wreath will help provide love to others as you show love to yours. Donations above the minimum are very appreciated.   

If you want us to further decorate them for you, call us. We'll work out a Valentine Gift that's a perfect match for you.  

Shipped in an 18" x 18" x 4" box, either UPS or USPS, depending on your address. (Most of continental USA shipping from $7.00 to $12.00)

A pair of them are perfect for double barn doors. 

Heart Wired Wreath
"From our hearts to Yours!"

Each of your wreaths will have been prayed upon. The artists will be asking God for blessing to all who see the beauty within. (No, this is not a hokey prayer rug. But, it is neither a joke, nor an enticement ploy.) We ask that you in turn, pray for the well being of those who participate with Grace Cafe. Grace Cafe needs all the prayer and support that it can muster. There is much power in prayer. 

   Matching, attaching plaques will soon be available. Add your wedding date, birth dates, Family or Farm Name. Add your favorite verse, or quote. Also, Seasonal decor packages on auto ship are being worked through at this time. Let us know if this interests you.


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