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Who’s Training Whom?
I went riding this past Sunday. One of my friends had a horse with only three rides to its history. This is the same horse that (a couple months ago) decided to taste the paint on my newest truck, while I was fixing fence in the pasture. I was chopping roots out of a replacement fence post hole, when I heard a horrible scraping noise. It was my driver side mirror being raked by teeth. So, the horse owed me.

This horse is more curious than most. Real friendly sort. He’s full grown. Just acts like he’s 6 months old. The owner told me he wasn’t very broke. Didn’t quite understand right, left, go or stop. This proved true.

Some horses, you have to get onto if they don’t do right. Some horses, you can pony behind another till it catches the drift of what a horse is supposed to do. Some horses are just too smart for all of that. Young Dobbin didn’t care to follow a leader. Young Paintster didn’t care to do much except nose my right boot while I tried to turn right. Young Mirror Terror was so Not Upset by using a rein’s end to promote the learning of directions, that I think he’ll make a fine roping prospect. (I don’t slap ‘em. I like to spin that rein just off his head to get him to move away from it. Didn’t work.)

So, while my riding partner was laughing at my predicament, Young Palomentor and I were patiently learning each other. Not a buck. Not a spur. Not a rear. Not a strike. Just steady study. Like we were playing chess, or checkers. Two potential champions. No heavy breathing. No threats. Just study.

Well after about 20 minutes, the horse figured me out. If he went where I advised, he got his itch rubbed, soft words, and to really do whatever he wanted. Plus, grain and a massage. Plus, I clean all the tack. 4th ride. 1st with me. And I’m trained. What a good horse!

Happy Trails,   Chucky T

Cowboy Christmas Tip: Cowboy Hats For Children: 

What are some of the best choices for your child? Although some of us know exactly what we need for the horse show, or rodeo, most parents might be wondering what to do with all these selections. Some are really durable. Some are really like Daddy's. Once we figure which hat, then we need to figure the size, don’t we. Do you need to know about the shape of your child’s head? What is a long oval or a regular oval, anyway?  For more, Click here.

If you are showing your horses, you know that a nice Stetson Jr. hat will work. If you bend towards rodeo or buckaroo dress, then Bailey / Renegade has a nice selection of bound edge hats. Our children have usually grown up with hats, and understand how to care for a hat like “Daddy’s”. Even if they are too young to know, we put those hats on and take them off just before natural curiosity makes a mess! Mine, when young, had both show and everyday hats. (Seems they still do.)

If you simply need a good hat for your child to play with, Western Express makes a good alternative. Through them, Cultured Cowboy can offer several popular colors in a sturdy child’s hat. The hat is made from a plastic form that is covered with a polyester felt. Children can pull down the sides, pop up their front, drop it, throw it, and with a wire in the edge of the brim, it’s easy to shape the hat over and over again.

Black and brown are probably our most popular colors; but royal blue, white, and pink can make a dream come true.

Measure around the head with a tailor’s tape, or a string, where the hat should rest. (You can then measure the string with a ruler.) We can convert inches to sizes for you. With Children’s hats, many have comfort bands inside. These comfort bands are elasticized and stretch to fit most children, with a 1-Size hat. (This simplifies an order when your grandchild is two states away.)

The elastic comfort bands fit either rounded heads or long oval heads easily. Look at the top of your child’s head. If it is longer from front to back than side to side, it is a long oval. If the head looks round, it needs a round oval. Yes, some heads are egg shaped and some look almost square. God makes us all wonderfully, sometimes challengingly, unique.

If you Email us a picture of your child’s face, we can even shape the brim so that it best complements your child’s facial features. Then pack it to ship. If you want to do this yourself, look at the jawline and have the angles of the brim match the child’s jaw angles. This always works.

For Christmas, you can tie on a gold or green or red ribbon, around the outside of the hat’s crown. A sprig of holly, cedar, or pine on the left side can make dandy seasonal “Macaroni”. (Macaroni is the ornamentation, like a feather, that sticks up, out of the outer hatband. “Yankee Doodle stuck a feather in his cap and called it Macaroni”.)  You can tie your rope or ribbon at the back and let it trail off the rear brim. I have often used a pony bead to fasten, or adorn the ribbons.

I have even taken a “Santa Hat” and placed over the crown for Christmas. This looks pretty good on an adult hat too.

Shipping & Handling on a hat has to do with size of box more than weight. You can usually ship 2 for the same price as 1. Depending on size of box and distance, S&H is $8.89 to $14.89 for most of the continental USA. 

Renegade's Newest Bound edge Children's hats
The Gunner

Black binding and 2 cord hat band on Pecan colored wool felt hat.

One size fits

Only $29.99

The Gunner

Tan binding and 2 cord hat band on Black colored wool  felt hat.

One size fits

Only $29.99


The Gunner

Black binding and 2 cord hat band on Black colored wool  felt hat.

One size fits

Only $29.99


The Gunner

Tan binding and 2 cord hat band on Brown colored wool  felt hat.

One size fits

Only $29.99

The Gunner

Brown binding and 2 cord hat band on Brown colored wool  felt hat.

One size fits

Only $29.99


The Gunner

Tan binding and 2 cord hat band on Pecan colored wool  felt hat.

One size fits

Only $29.99


Christmas Décor for Busy Cowboys:

Sometimes, we’re too busy to “Christmas Up” our whole living area. So here are some tips we gathered for Christmas decorating, without losing your Cowboy flavor.  Bring in one of your rodeo or ranch ropes. Coil it pretty. I added a wrap of green garland, but gold or silver will do as nicely. Hang some Montana Silver Ornaments, red berries, or whatever you have, around the strands. Tie a ribbon into a nice bow on the top or bottom.

Shannon gathered some large honeysuckle vines cut off our fence line, and wrapped them into an abstract wreath. (It won’t finish round, but looks better kinda ovaled anyway. Ditto the Christmas trim. We changed the trim for several seasons last year. The vine wreath looks like it’ll go another year.

Any cactus, or fichus, or other trees already in your home? Add some clear lights. Then add popcorn strings or whatever you like. Perhaps a roll or two of that ribbon with wire in each edge can roll from the top of the tree toward the bottom. Put a good topper on it and maybe some matching ribbon around the pot it’s in. There you go!  After Christmas, the clear lights can stay to add romance to the room. (Better than a soft lamp!)    - Dana

I take the fake sunflowers out of my kitchen and switch them with poinsettias.  There is always mistletoe in an oak tree, so I shoot it out, or cut it off with my knife. (Depending on the height.)  You might bake some Cowboy Cookies from the last newsletter and trade a plate to a tree surgeon, or logger, for some good mistletoe. Hang it right over the kitchen sink area. Best excuse in the world to make washing dishes more fun! Bright colors and a happy wife always make a guy happy to come home.  - Joe

I saw one family take a tennis ball, cut one side out, spray paint it red, and put it on the mounted deer. Should work with elk, maybe buffalo.

Got a mud room, or an entry with pairs of dirty boots? What if you get some silk poinsettias and put a bunch in each boot top. Won’t they look sharp, all in a row!

Spray paint your old horseshoes and set them around. Put a nice candle in the center space, or a small Christmas ornament. Somebody said that paint was too much…just tie a nice ribbon about.  I do keep a box of red candles that I like to use all over the place. (Romance again.) They’re good through Valentines Day!   - Inez

We love our horses.
Do we really want all our Christmas décor from Walmart and Home Depot? When your best friends come over, it’s nice to have our kind of trim. Guess what. You can.

Painted Ponies:
Lots of people like collectables. I just like pretty decorations. These are both. This selection is best for older children. Ya kinda look at them. They are too intricate for everyday play. But mine are over the front door mantle, prancing around greenery, carrying sacks of toys for Santa.

All the Trail of Painted Ponies models below are ready to ship at once.







Happy Holidays


Indian Summer






Polar Express






Trail of Honor


Wish Upon a Star



We have been so silly for so many years. Cultured Cowboy didn’t carry these Christmas ornaments. We just carried the basic horses. Not any more. It’s more fun to have all the few-of-a-kind models.  Oh yeah, these work well with the younger kids too.

All the Breyer models below are ready to ship at once.

Baby First Ornament1
5 inches tall X 6inches wide
Baby First Ornament 2
5 inches tall X 6inches wide
Holiday Horse 07
Winter Song
4.5 inches tall X 4 inches wide.
Noel Holiday Horse
4.5 inches tall X 4 inches wide.
My First Pony Glass Globe Ornament
5 inches round
Call or email us quickly, and we can ship these USPS right to you! 
Deck The Halls
8 inches tall X 4 inches across
Noelle Full Size Collectable
10 inches tall X 13 inches long


 Last letter's Santa Special: 
We found a great buy on men's high quality suede leather coats. It was so good, we bought all that Warren Sewell had. If you aren't familiar, Warren Sewell makes very high quality men's tailored clothing. These sportcoats are better looking than the pics show. In stock right now are most sizes, regulars and talls, in your choices of colors. Compare these with the ones you see in department stores and men's shops at $269.00 to $300.00. They were on closeout by the maker for $160.00 Now yours for only $99.99 each! ($114.99 on sz 50 & up) ... Nothing shopworn, all are in new condition from warehouses. Buttons vary some from coat to coat. 
All are NICE.

   Want to see the last Newsletter for more coat details? Click Here  Merry Christmas.




Shown here in the lighter brown, or camel color. High quality suede molds well to your body shape. The sportscoat has the right linings in the right places, so it will continue to look crisp for years.

CC Priced at Only $99.99

Model is also wearing Cumberland pull-over SS knit shirt $29.99, & Cinch White Label jeans $45.99, & Resistol Black Gold hat $299.99

If you want to pass this page address on to a friend, you're welcome to do so.

Friends, to be added to our list, just shoot us an email with name and anything else you would like to share.


Cowboy Christmas Boot Cake: The looks of this cake depend on how well you can cut a shape and spread icing!  Actually, making a hat, or horse head should be just a matter of nerve!

This cute Cowboy Boot Cake is easily shaped from pieces of a 9-inch x 13-inch cake. I tinted some of the cream cheese frosting to pipe on details. It was a fitting and delicious centerpiece for our cowboy buffet.

CATEGORY: Dessert 
METHOD: Freezer
TIME: Prep: 1 hour + freezing Bake: 35 min. + cooling


  • 1 package (18-1/4 ounces) cake mix of your choice
  • 1 package (8 ounces) cream cheese, softened
  • 2 tablespoons butter, softened
  • 5 cups confectioners' sugar
  • 1 tablespoon milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • Food coloring of your choice
  • Skittles bite-size candies



Line a 13-in. x 9-in. baking pan with waxed paper; grease the paper.
    Prepare and bake cake according to package directions, using prepared pan. Cool for 10 minutes; remove from pan to a wire rack to cool completely. Wrap and freeze overnight.
    Cover a 20-in. x 15-in. board with gift wrap or foil. Level cake top.
    To make boot, beginning from a short side, cut a 2-in.-wide strips. Cut strip into two pieces, one 5-1/2 in. x 2 in. and one 2-1/2 in. x 2 in. Cut a 10-in. x 2-1/2-in. strip from the large rectangle.
    To assemble base of boot, center the 10-in. x 2-1/2-in. piece widthwise on board 5 in. from bottom. Place remaining large rectangle on the right side, forming a backward L. Place the 2-1/2-in. x 2-in. piece under the long strip, forming the heal, and place remaining strip on the other side, forming the sole. Using a serrated knife, round corners of boot toe, sole, heal and top.
    For frosting, in a large bowl, beat cream cheese and butter until fluffy. Add confectioners' sugar, milk and vanilla; beat until smooth. Set aside 1 cup. Spread remaining frosting over top and sides of cake.
    Tint reserved frosting desired color. Cut a small hole in the corner of a pastry or plastic bag; insert round tip. Fill bag with tinted frosting.
    Outline boot shape along bottom and top edges of cake. Fill in heel and toe on cake top, smoothing with a metal icing spatula. With remaining frosting and Skittles, decorate boot as desired. Yield: 16-20 servings.

Serve on Design Impressions Platter

 Reason for the Season:

Most of us know that the birth of Christ might have been earlier in Fall. Sabbath is Friday dark till Saturday dark. Some people who claim to be Christian are not really nice. Still, this is a season of hope. This is a season of family. This is a season to celebrate the gift of God given to us! Do not let the “naysayers”, the bad economics, the miscommunications, or the elections mess with your Christmas, this year…You are a magnificent creature, made in the image of God. You are a person of worth and value.  More…click here.

God knows we are not perfect. I think God has a sense of humor. I think He enjoys watching us grow. I really think He put us on earth, invented us, gave us choice, to aggravate ole Satan. The more we choose to love; the more we choose to grow closer to God; the more we learn about Truth and Grace, and Mercy, the madder that demon becomes. That’s our job!

Pascal, the father of probability and statistics said it well. He said that if we choose to not believe in our God, and there is a God, we are in deep manure. If we choose to believe there is a God who loves, and we act lovingly, at the least, we live a best style of life. We do great things for others. We grow stronger by growing others. We feel a life of being loved and worthy. And if there is a God in which we have believed, and a Christ who is our salvation, how much better, even after we die.

Given the possible outcomes and the probabilities, the risk of not believing is foolish. Statistically, smart thinkers will choose hope! 

I too choose to feel loved, and worthy. Every day can be a struggle. Every day could be a pain. Everyday, there is someone we could not deliver on time, or help with a problem, or satisfy. Every time this happens, I take it personally. I could get depressed really easily. But, everyday, we do deliver most on time. Everyday, we help tens and sometimes hundreds solve or resolve problems. Everyday, there are many that we share lives, and weddings, and family, and hope and Christmas with. Same with you. You have good and hard to understand in everyday.  Choose to concentrate on the things you did accomplish. I pray over your orders. I pray for your strength. I pray that you never divorce again. I pray that you will spread love and cheer, to all that you meet. And when you finally sleep at night, sleep well. This allows us all to help another crowd tomorrow.

God Bless you all. And I thank you for sharing so much of your lives with me. I love you all,  ChuckyT

PS: You can’t outgive love. Just try it!

The Christmas Story

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