Merry Christmas

Well, itís Christmas again!

This month Iíve taken a deep dive into Bible study about the birth of our Savior. Thanks to those of you who have joined me on Zoom as it happened.

I listened to ďMary Did You KnowĒ, and loads of other Christmas songs. Been falling asleep with Hallmark Christmas movies on You Tube.  How about you? 

Have you enjoyed this season? Have you taken time to reflect on blessings? On family? On times past & present that were inspiring? Have you thanked God for being here, when so many have died from our pandemic, from cancer, from broken hearts?

Have you made up your mind to enjoy the rest of your life, starting now? Even when it hurts?

This past few seasons, I decided Iím just a cowboy on this fence of life and whichever side I fall, Iím going to fall into the arms of Jesus!  Covid aggravated a kidney stone situation, which led to finding cancer. Without the Covid, the cancer would have advanced beyond hope.  So far, Iím-a leaning here more than heaven!    Itís great to spend a little more time helping people to make their dreams come true.  

When we feel like weíre in that valley of the shadow of death, (There was a valley David knew well from all the battles that occurred as two armies would rush down the hills to fight.), just remember thereís also mountain on the other side, and beyond that, probably a cool river to recover!  God has you covered with rod & staff. (shepherdís tools)

As I told many who felt so sorry for my conditions, any of us could be gone in an accident, at any time. Make this season the one to renew relationships, to strengthen relationships, to live like you were dying.

Merry Christmas to all, and Iím hoping to serve you well into 2022.

God Bless You,   Chucky T
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