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Most times, when we view a western or dress hat site, there will be a lot of male models. For years, ladies have come into our store wondering how "they" would look in a hat, or "where were the ladies hats?"  Ladies are wearing some very popular styles for both men and women. And, of course, if it's a girly look, most guys will avoid it! You see, most hats can be shaped to fit the person wearing that hat either by bending and manipulating wire built into the outer edge of the brim, or by steaming the hat and changing curves up or down a little. (Sometimes even radically!) Your hat brim can be styled to match a jaw line, or cheeks, or other facial shapes. 

In our store, we have these really nice steam machines and for a while, bought a lot of forms too. After a bout with those forms, we ditched them and went back to hand creasing all the hats. With a little practice, you too can shape or reshape your hats. Our first steam generating machine was a steam kettle on top of a wood stove in our 2nd store building. It worked great, just slow. Although holding the hat over a pot of boiling water works, it is not as much fun as the steam kettle. (Something about the sound of the water whistling through that little hole, and not blistering the skin off your hands over un-concentrated hot boiling water!)

If you need to buy a steamer, we can get them for you. If a little less investment will work, get a nice stream kettle. Anyway, I like to shape a hat brim so that the angle of the brim matches the angle of the jawline of the wearer. This almost always makes a hat look good on people who even think they look bad in a hat. They don't look bad; they just have not gotten the right shape. With almost all felts you can make these little adjustments so that your hat complements your face. The Crushable Tassy is so popular because it just goes on to do a good job from the start. You can manipulate that wire a bit, after it is on your head for just the right touch.

Be sure and study Page 2 of these hats. Page 2 has more Crushable Tassy and Outback Adventure hats.

Good wearing, and God Bless,    Cultured Cowboy.

Choosing Akubra combines good taste and good sense. 

are among the finest hats being manufactured in the world today.  For over 100 years, Akubra has taken the highest quality, super fine range-rabbit fur, luxurious silk linings, full grain leather sweatbands and handsome trims to create hats that have become part of Australia's heritage.  Akubras offer uncompromising durability that provides superior protection from the sun, wind, rain and snow.  It's then said that an Akubra improves with age, often developing special characteristics worn into it by its owner, be it a rugged range rider or a "city slicker".  

Unless otherwise noted, All Akubra Hats are available in sizes:
54,  55,  56,  57,  58,  59,  60,  61,  62, 63, 64
Snowy River comes little to major in size.  Akubra is known for a wide range of larger hats.

See the whole line of Cultured Cowboy Akubra Hats - ( this page got so large we needed to split them off)

#AKU-1611  Snowy River

From big country to big screen, the Akubra Snowy River hat is the premier Aussie shape.  Low pinched crown and Aussie-dipped brim is the "Down-Under" silhouette.  Braided leather hatband with Akubra's commemorative medallion. 

The Snowy River is a pre-creased stockman's hat from Akubra, a classic Australian outback hat. It has a pinched telescope crown and a brim with rolled sides with front and back turned down. This enduring outback style may be worn over the eyes or well back on the head in typical Australian fashion. The crown is 4 inches high. The brim is 3-1/4 inches wide, with a raw edge. The pure fur felt is Akubra's Imperial Quality. The hat is fully lined and has a leather ornamental band with sueded insert and chin strap hooks set inside the crown for easy attachment of a stampede string. Reeded roan leather sweatband. Made in Australia.   
Colour: Choose among Fawn (CC best seller), Med Gray, or Black.

Sizes: 6 3/4 to 8 1/8 

CC Price: Only $200.99!    easily compares at $200.99

#AKU-1617 The Boss

The Boss is a hat that shows the on-going love affair between Australia and America - a happy melding of rolled up sides, downswept front and back brim and tapered open telescope crown. The raw-edge brim is 3-1/2 inches wide and the pre-creased crown is 4 inches high, fully lined. Made from Akubra's Imperial Quality pure fur felt, The Boss has a brass-studded leather band. There are chin strap hooks set inside the crown for easy attachment of a stampede string. Reeded roan leather sweatband. Made in Australia.

Sizes: 6 3/4 to 7 7/8 

Colour: Choose among Sand, or Black 

CC Price: Only $289.99!    easily compares at $300.00



     For the past few seasons, Outback Trading Company's best selling assortment of felt hats has been the "crushable", or laidback, can fix if dropped, conforms to your head, casual Australian hats. Outback Trading Company labels these the Tassy Crushers. Tassy crushers incorporate time tested processes blended with the latest technologies to produce superior headwear. The finest silky smooth Australian wools are used and these are reinforced with a wire at the edge of your brim, or brim lock, to enable the hat to "remember" it's original shape. They spring back. A superior dye compound assures fade resistance.

     Although these Tassy Crushers have a natural water resistance, we have a great water proofing treatment that is easy to apply. Use the treatment after deep cleanings, or any time you feel the need for more protection. ee product #MF-01046 - Scout Rain & Stain Protector towards the bottom of this page. 

All weather protection from wind, rain, cold and the sun's harmful radiation.

Unless otherwise noted, All Outback Tassy Crusher Collection Hats are available in sizes:
Small, Medium, Large, Xtra large.

  • 100% Wool
  • Brim Lock
  • UPF 50 Rating
  • 4 1/4" Crown, 3 1/2" Brim
  • Sizes  S, M, L, XL  


#OUT-1307 Shy Game 

A low crown (4 1/4 inch) updated pinch front crease balanced on a 3 1/2 inch brim. Hatband is a corded band, similar to your bolo ties. Brim is shaped with the ever popular "Dipped" front & rear. It comes in adult sizes for men as well as ladies. 

Colors: Black (shown  left),  Brown.
Compare at: $90.00  CC Price: Only $89.99

Four strand band with oval Outback pin
Quick dry sweatband
Water resistant

  • 100% Wool
  • Wire Brim
  • UPF 50 Rating
  • 4 1/2" Crown, 3 1/2" Brim
  • Sizes  S/ M,  L/ XL


#OUT-1323 Maverick

Here's a nice mix of Americana and Australian Hat. With a brim rolled from front to rear, and a pinched front crown, you'll be able to keep this one on your head in a strong headwind.
100% Wool.  UPF 50 Rating.  Wire brim, shapeable.  Leather hatband with silver ornaments & feather.  Water resistant. Quick dry sweatband.
    4 crown, 3 brim


 Colors: Black (shown  left),  Brown.
Compare at: $110.00  CC Price: Only $89.99


#OUT-1365 Ridin' High   Sold Out

Same body style as you see on many of your pop music stars. Even Blues and Country music singers are wearing updated versions of more traditional Western hats now.  Black hatband with silver Conchos and rivet trim.

  • 100% Wool Felt
  • UPF 50 Rating
  • 4 1/2" Crown, 4" Brim
  • Sizes  S, M, L, XL

    Color: BLACK

    Wire brim, shapeable
    Water resistant Quick dry sweatband.  4 crown, 4 brim.

Compare at: $110.00  CC Price: Only $89.99



Feel the spirit of Broken Hill!  Become a part of its unique heritage and proud traditions.  Outback's American-made tribute to the special spirit of Australia is the Broken Hill Collection.  With styles to suit every taste, our clean blend of 2X durable wool fur is soft and pliant.  Our brims have more "give" and don't feel nearly as rigid.  With satin taffeta linings and our exclusive ultra-suede sweat band for a comfortably more secure fit, Broken Hill hats are an unmatched value.  Meticulously-selected hatbands and decorative trims make each style come alive.  Great for sun protection and wearable in light showers, these styles are not meant for heavy downpours.  If it  gets very, very wet, coax it back into shape and let it dry naturally and slowly.  Turn down the sweatband and stand the hat right side up on the sweatband on a clean, level surface.  Broken Hill ... for those who understand style and appreciate value!

Unless otherwise noted, All Broken Hill Hats are available in sizes:
Small, Medium, Large & Xtra Large.

  • 100% Fur Felt
  • UPF 50 Protection
  • 4 1/2" Crown, 3 1/2" Brim
  • Size  6 7/8  is all that is left of this favored hat. 


#OUT-1384  Exmouth   Almost Sold Out                                                                                                            

One of the most recognized Australian Hat silhouettes with pinched front crown and deeply dipped front and rear brim. Hatband is a nicely braided center with corded edges. 4 1/2 inch Crown. 3 1/2 inch brim. 

Color: Khaki 
Compare at $140.00  CC Price: Only $99.99


Much of the Broken Hill Collection is being in a transition stage. Cultured Cowboy still should have the sizes indicated at each hat. The ever growing popularity of "crushable felts" with Outback Trading has them add ing more selections in that soft hat category.  Enjoy them both...I do!

#OUT-1313 Road Warrior 3   Sold Out

The look is pure Aussie.   Tapered pinched crease crown and face-shading dipped brim with just a little side roll.  Classic faux leather hatband with gold tone 3 piece buckle, keeper & tip set. UPF Rating 50%. 4 1/4" crown. 3 1/2" brim. 
Sizes: 6 7/8 to 7 1/2

Black  or Fawn
    CC Price
Only $79.99! 
Compare at $90.00             


#OUT-1313 Road Warrior 2

The look is pure Aussie.   Tapered pinched crease crown and face-shading dipped brim with just a little side roll.  4 1/4 inch Crown. 3 1/4 inch Brim. Diamond Stud hatband. UPF Rating 50%. 4 1/4" crown. 3 1/2" brim. 
Sizes: 7 1/4 & 7 1/2

Sold Out 
       CC Price
Only $79.99!
Compare at $90.00       


#OUT-1311 Jumbuck

Pure Aussie with just a touch higher crown. Remember that you should always look balanced in your hat. And, because God made us all unique, we offer a couple crown heights in a stylish pinched crease crown. Face-shading dipped brim with just a little side roll.  Classic faux leather hatband with a unique stud pattern of diamonds, ovals and rounds.  100% Wool. 
UPF Rating 50%. 4 1/2" crown. 3 1/2" brim. 
Sizes: 6 7/8 to 7 1/2      Sold Out 

Color: Black 
    CC Price Only $79.99!

Compare at $85.00       

Leather hatband with brass ornaments
Taffeta lining
Sheepskin sweatband
Water resistant

#OUT-1402 Trailblazer

Pinched front crease peaks dramatically before tapering slightly in back. Crown height is 4 inches. The 3 1/2 inch brim dips and rolls very slightly. This is a great hat to look cool, whether the weather is sunny or snowy. 
Lots of protection. UPF Rating 50%.    4" crown. 3 1/2" brim.   

Size: 7 1/2  Fawn (shown) & 7 1/4 Black  is all that is left.

Putty        CC Price
Only $89.99!
Compare at $110.00       

#OUT-1324 Western Dreams

How many of us have dreamed of being a cowboy? Too many to count. This hat helps make dreams come true! A tooled fabric underbrim and the richly appointed hatband magically transform this hat from basic cattleman, to the hat of dreams. 4 3/16 inch Crown. 4 inch Brim. Mini-crystal hatband.

All Sizes Available 
Black       Only $179.99!
Sold Out.



#OUT-1417 Outback Jack

Year after year, this is a best seller for Outback Trading Company. An impressive, astute, profile. Pinched front. Deep dip front and rear. Not-too-fancy silver trimmed hatband. 4 inch Crown. 3 1/4 inch Brim.

UPF Rating 50%.  100% Wool.
Sizes: 6 7/8 to 7 1/2
Fawn, Tanbark (top) or Black (bottom)
 CC Price Now
Only $89.99!
Compare at $100.00       

Leather hatband with silver ornaments and buckle
Taffeta lining
Sheepskin sweatband.  Water resistant

(PS: What a bargain! To be frank, we have this hatband alone from another company that is almost the price of this Outback Jack hat.)

Sold Out 


#OUT-1416 Featherlite  SOLD OUT

Silver Feather accents the stitched espresso hatband. Classic Aussie hat  2 3/4 inch Brim with a 4 1/4 inch Crown. Flattened brim and and a remarkable Australian crown...just the combination you've been searching for. Looks like your ready for business, or fly fishing!

Sizes: 6 7/8 to 7 1/2
Color: MOSS

100% Wool   UPF protection.
Hatband with antique silver feather ornament
Taffeta lining.  Sheepskin sweatband.  Water resistant.

       Compare other brands with this quality anywhere at nearly $100.00 
     CC Price Now
Only $87.99!     

#OUT-1404  Gunnison

Same hat in Popular brown color, with contrasting buckstitched look laced hatband. The frontward sloping crown crease has been famous every since movies began. Not just talkies, reel movies! How many Matinee actors actually wore a hat like this one? I don't know either. What I do know, is that this looks great on the rugged individualist. 

With the brown, a bit of light color borders the braided band. UPF Rating 50%. 4" front crown. 3 1/2" brim. 
Sizes:  Only 7 1/4 & 7 3/8 remaining. 

Sold Out 
CC Price
Only $00.00!
Compare with hats at $150.00

I don't know how Outback can produce these hats at this price! I'm just glad they can. Aren't you?



#1392  Broken Hill  SOLD OUT

Ever popular pinched front Australian Hat silhouette. Moderately dipped front & rear.  Nice leather type braided hatband with signature pin.  UPF 50 rating  This is sure to be a Cultured Cowboy customer favorite.

  • 100% Wool Felt
  • UPF 50 Rating
  • 4" Crown, 3 1/4" Brim
  • Sizes  S, M, L, XL 
    Color(s): Brown, Black

Brown (shown), or Black.
Compare at $00.00  CC Price: Only $00.00

#OUT-1420 Billabong - (discontinued- but we have a few left) 

Still a great hat! Call us for one of these last few remaining sizes. Another traditional Aussie shape.   Deeply dipped brim protects face and neck.  4-strand braided leather band ends with antique brass star, Outback pin, D-ring, and trailer. Compare at $69.00 



7 to 7 3/8 remaining

Only $89.99!
Wallaby Brown

6 7/8, 7 1/2 only

Only $89.99!

Scout Brand Aerosol Spray "Scotchguard" type

#MF-01046 - Scout Rain & Stain Protector
Felt Hat Rain & Stain Protector
CC Price:  $10.99
Compare at:  $12.00


How do you help weather proof your Australian hat? These fur felt Australian hats can be assisted by using several coats of Scout Brand Rain & Stain Protector. Spray, let dry about 10 minutes. Spray again. Let dry about 10 minutes. Repeat a couple more times and make your headwear more weather resistant in snow and easier to clean in mud. Remember the key is several lighter coats. Retreat after washing.  CAUTION: Only treaty the TOP side of your hat. Do not treat the bottom or inside, or you will not be able to steam your hat if you waterproof all sides. 

Please be sure to specify your size when ordering!













































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