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To our dismay, the makers of Rockies jeans have decided to continue forward with the Cruel Girl label, but to drop all Rockies branding.  Cultured Cowboy still has stock in both the higher rise colors of 10 years ago, and the modern cuts. Call us. We will update our availability monthly, then weekly as it dwindles. 

We encourage you to contact Rocky Mountain Clothing Co. if you still want them to produce your Rockies. 


The makers of Rockies jeans tried different styles & fits, with thousands of women, to find the most comfortable & attractive fits for all shapes & sizes.  Fashion stitch lines & small cuts of material act almost as if they form control panels to flatten the tummy, but aren't uncomfortable & restricting as conventional control jeans.

As fashion progresses, so have the Rockies jeans. They began as all high waisted. Today they offer waist options and ditto for the leg fashions. Straight. Boot. Full. Slim. Moderate. All to make certain that there is a good selection of jeanswear that will fit each of you.

Most Rockies jeans are in 32 Regular, 34 Long, or 36 Extra Long, inch inseams. The reason being that jeans need to stack some, to not become "highwaters" once you straddle that saddle seat.  Rockies are designed & tend to fit better with the waist band at your natural waist, as well as at your lower waist lines. (All that research pays off!) If you buy a 36 inch inseam Rockies jean, try on that longer jean and roll the legs to examine the fit on your body, if it fits how you like, let the leg "stack" for style. As you wear them, they will break at the bottoms and lose some of the gathering at the top of the leg that I hear so many young women complain of. Thus, the term stacking. (Or hem them to your desired length, for wearing with flats.)

If you have any questions about the Rockies fit program call us for more information 1-866-4-926-926 Toll Free

Take advantage of our Mix or Match "3 for" savings. You can afford the best, when you shop with Cultured Cowboy.

The newest Rockies Rise Guide provides a snapshot of the various jean rises available within Rockies Jeans assortment of styles. All over the TV Networks, fashion is showing a plethora of rising jean waistlines. This season, there is much more emphasis on the Natural rise! Ride and work in higher waists; Have a night on the town in whatever waist you feel most comfortable! Both Boot Cut and Straight Leg are "in". 
Natural Rise Styles: 
Cody,  Prescott,  Five Pocket
Mid Rise Styles: 
Lowest Rise Styles: 
Rockies kept the lowest waist lines in Cruel Girl

13.5oz Medium Stonewash
Denim shown. Notice how smoothly these Cody Jeans mold to your body. The rear yoke treatment flatters.

CODY    Best Seller since October '07
Rockies jeans introduced its best bareback style. It is still going strong because it fits, it complements, it wears well, and it lasts! This Cody Jean features a durable denim in a medium stonewash finish with a Western inspired back yoke and a straight leg. A natural rise and relaxed fit for comfort and "common sense" wearing makes this the perfect jean for you, the traditional Rockies person..

Fit Details:  Natural Rise,   relaxed hip,  relaxed thigh,  straight leg,  bareback.
Finish Details: 
13.5 oz Denim,  Medium Stonewash  

Cody Relaxed  Style # RB83269002IND     Available all sizes except Grayed areas.
  0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20
All gone Except a few sizes.     CC Price: $59.99   


WOMEN'S SIZING - Rocky Mt clothing Co. decided to discontinue their Plus sizing. Cultured Cowboy has a limited selection remaining. Glad to ship them, if we have your size. Fit was great. In their place, we will be introducing the "Miracle " Fit Jean by Lawman. " Miracle" fit jeans will be up later in March 2011.  

Remaining Rockies/Cruel Girl Inventory:

1 pair of Low Rise Style (rear pockets) size 22W Long (34) inseam remaining.  Actually, Low Rise Style has a mid rise. 

! pair  of High Rise Bareback ( no rear pockets) 20W XL 36 inseam remaining. This jean is about 1 inch higher than the natural rise. 

Fit Details:  
relaxed hip,  relaxed thigh,  straight leg
Finish Details: 
12 oz  Denim,  Medium Stonewash  

Compare At: $60.00    CC Price: $51.99   

Black on Black threads allow this jean hold it's color well. 

Cody Black is just in time for your special days! A True Dark Black Denim finish in Rockies famous Bareback Jean. Every aspect of the fit and style are designed with cowgirls, Western pleasure riders, and motorcyclists in mind.  The many steps of dye, over-dye, and wash finishing, give a feel that makes this jean a real value. A natural rise, with Western inspired back yoke, for a jean that's made comfortable at all occasions. 

Fit Details:  Natural Rise,   relaxed hip,  relaxed thigh,  straight leg,  bareback
Finish Details: 
13 oz Black Denim,  Black Rinse

Cody Black  Style # RB83269001 BLK  
  0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20

Five Pocket Rockies - Straight leg jeans with a hip/waist form that fits.


Five Pocket Rockies    At Once Delivery
For the ladies who prefer back pockets, this is the best fitting traditional five pocket jean made. The relaxed fit features a fitted mid rise, fitted hip and a relaxed thigh. The slim fit features a fitted waist, hip and slim thigh. This jean tapers to the knee ending in a traditional bottom opening. 

Fit Details:  Natural Rise,  slim or relaxed hip,  slim or relaxed thigh,  Straight leg fits over boots.
Finish Details:  14.75 oz Medium Stonewash Denim,  Medium Stonewash Finish.

Five Pocket Slim  Style # RB74065001 IND     Available all sizes except Grayed areas.
  1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17

Five Pocket Relaxed  Style # RB74064001IND
     Available all sizes except Grayed areas.
  0 1 3 5 7 9 11 13 15 17 19
All Gone Except a Few Sizes.    CC Price: $59.99  

Five Pocket Rockies never looked finer.

The Rockies Brand was founded with a mission to reinvent women's Western jeans. Mission accomplished! Great denim has been repeated season after season, over the lifetime of Rockies brand. Rockies offers premium, figure flattering, classic Western styling. Is there any real surprise that Rockies has reinvented the Five Pocket Jeans? This Prescott jean offers a flattering deep-V back yoke, a natural rise, clean back pockets, heavy performance, and a functional boot cut leg. Medium Stonewashed, 14.25 oz denim is lightly hand sanded to highlight just where you want highlights. For the ladies who prefer back pockets, this is a best fitting traditional five pocket jean. (Now in Stretch Denim Too!) The relaxed fit features a fitted natural rise, fitted hip and a relaxed thigh. The slim fit takes in space just where you need a tuck. 

Fit Details:  Natural Rise,  slim or relaxed hip, slim or relaxed thigh,  Boot Cut Legs.
Finish Details:  14.25 oz Medium Stonewash Denim,  Hand Sanded Finish.

Prescott  5 Pocket Slim  Style # RB84475071 IND     Available all sizes shown. 
Prescott  5 Pocket Relaxed  Style # RB84474071 IND     Available all sizes shown.
  0 2 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20
All Gone except A few sizes..     CC Price: $59.99   

It is probably best to turn your jeans inside out, and fasten them, to wash them. Most washing machine makers are recommending this. Wash on a gentler cycle for a longer period of time using cold water for best results in keeping them looking as new as possible. If they are really muddy, squirt 'em off with a hose, then kinda half hand wash them before you ruin a load of clothes with all that hair and mud. Once the bad stuff is off, then put those jeans in the washer. Momma will really appreciate your efforts! Dry, but don't over-dry a lot. This keeps the fabric stronger. Take them out as soon as they finish and you may be able to skip ironing, (except those show pants). You can lightly steam out the wrinkles with one of those laundry steamers, or iron as you see fit.

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