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About Rockies Jeans

     The makers of Rockies jeans tried different styles & fits with thousands of women to find the most comfortable & attractive fits for all shapes & sizes.  Fashion stitch lines & small cuts of material act almost as if they form control panels to flatten the tummy, but aren't uncomfortable & restricting as conventional control jeans.
    Most Rockies jeans are in 34 or 36 inch inseams, the reason being that jean manufacturers increase the height of the rise (distance between the crotch & the top of the waist band) with longer leg lengths.  Rockies are designed & tend to fit better with the waist band at your natural waist.  If you buy a 36 inch inseam Rockies jean, try on the jean and roll the legs to examine the fit on your body, if it fits how you like, let the leg "stack" for style, or hem them to your desired length.

If you have any questions about the Rockies fit program call us for more information 1-800-BOOTS-18


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The Original Classic Relaxed Fit :
This jean is designed to closely fit the topline of the hip & buttocks.  From the point of the hip down through the leg, the jean relaxes into a tapered leg that will fit over a boot. 
The American Straight Leg Fit :
This jean is designed to fit closely to the topline of the hips & buttocks, but instead of relaxing through the leg, it has more of a slim cut through the thigh and will fit over your boot.
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The Relaxed Long Rise Fit :
This jean is basically the same cut as the Original Classic Relaxed, but has a longer rise.
The Slim Long Rise Fit :
This jean fits the same as the American Straight Leg, but has a longer rise.   |  |    
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