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Finally, a treeless saddle that makes good sense! Years ago, at a trade show, we studied a similar model. We loved it. Ridiculously adjustable. Enough substance to work, without binding the horse or falling down onto spine structure that shouldn't have the pressures that many treeless saddles have created. But it would be almost $3000.00 by the time it was imported.  We don't know what became of that original saddle company. Yet, Somehow, this saddle duplicates all the benefits of that other saddle but at a more affordable price. 

 Basically, multiple layers of saddle worthy material, attached together by heavy Velcro type fastening, gives enough body to make this saddle work well. I replaced my bareback pad with this model because of the extra comfort on my seat!

There is enough body for it not to "melt" onto the horse's withers or spine, but enough flexibility to mold to the shape of your horse's back.

Very adjustable. The Velcro allows loosening for cleaning and adjusting to best fit your body & riding style. Actually comes in an English stirrup model as well as this Western. You just have to ride this manmade material laden saddle to believe it's comfort. 

Non-slip Tacky-Tack bottom allows air to flow through the comfortable padding next to your horse. 

It does have stirrups, but plan to use your balance! No tree means it can and will slip when hard jerks, turns, or bolts happen. Use a mounting block, or throw your body onto your horse. Dismounting is best, Indian style: kick your feet out of the stirrups & swing down.  

This flexes to fit your horse but is different than a flex tree saddle in that the flex tree has a permanent, not flexing, set angle to the pommel.

We had a lady about 6 ft tall and 165 lbs use the saddle for 6 months or so. She liked it a lot! Rode thin & fat horses with it.  Wear on the saddle was acceptable. In fact, the saddle pictures here are of the saddle used for those months, after it was returned to us. 

No. ES7500 Treeless Saddle

  • TREE: none    5 Yr warranty.

  • HAND STRAP: Comfortable & removable

  • CANTLE: 3" Padded.

  • RIGGING: Centered. As Shown Below

  • STIRRUP LEATHERS: 2 " with Adjustment pin hardware

  • STIRRUPS: 2 1/2" Ralide Type.

  • COLOR: Black.

  • FINISH: Synthetic suede-cloth

  • WEIGHT: approx 15 lbs.

NOTE: The Pricing is unexpectedly low! Years ago, we saw at a trade show, a similar model. We loved it. But it would be almost $3000.00 by the time it was imported. Somehow, this saddle duplicates all the benefits off that other saddle but at a very affordable price.  

Seat Sizes

Compare At:

Our CC Price

 Med :15", 16"


Lg : 17" $370.00 $319.99

tDetachable handle is handy for carrying between barn & horse as well as for a hold while riding. Low position is safer than an upright horn. 
Here we see the girth tie strap ring, and the hardware for adjusting the stirrup leather. With square dee, you can centerfire fit this saddle for bwetter saddle positioning. Seat actually can be moved forward or rearward to fit your legs.  Here we see optional BigHorn tie straps. They hold better than any other nylon girth straps than we've used. ($40.00 option) 
teDees for crupper, saddle bags, as needed. See the thickness of the padding between you & horse. 
Off side. The fabric on seat & jockey flaps are  suede-cloth. Stirrups are easily adjustable. 
Bottom is non-slip Tacky-Tack material. A waffle weave with allowance for air circulation. Bound edges. Form fitted back.

We will deliver more saddle value for the buck than anyone; because, we know more about riding, and fitting saddles than most! (No brag, just fact!)

Really, with all the many options available to you, Cultured Cowboy researches all over the world to bring you the best values available. 

And don't forget about a black nylon breast collar for safety. Cultured Cowboy carries a full complement of tack and accessories for you and your horse.

 Please e-mail or call us for a friendly quote on your “Dream Saddle”. 

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