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Western Leather Breast Collars

There are tack pictures loading below as you read. These paragraphs will give you a brief overview of some of the options you can choose through Cultured Cowboy and Dakota Saddle. Enjoy!

Breast collars can be ordered in either rough side out (the flesh side showing for grip and a rugged appearance), or smooth side out (smooth grain is easier to tool and clean). There is no extra charge for turning either smooth or rough side out. Only the smooth side out can be tooled. 

Choose your color. Any saddle can be dyed to light oil, golden brown, russet, pro brown or black. And the same goes for your breast collar. Rough out parts will be left natural, due to the inconsistencies of dying the flesh side. But smooth or trim leather can be properly dyed to match.

Would you like to get a new saddle that feels like it is used? We will heavy oil any breast collar for you. We prefer to use Lexol. Lexol will darken less than any other conditioner. It is PH-Balanced for the leather used in your saddle. We have been using Lexol on our personal saddles for over 30 years. Add $25.00 for about 1/2 liter of Lexol and some several hours of application. Lexol is best applied in many thin layers. To darken slightly, we will add extra virgin olive oil. To darken more, we will blend in some pure neatsfoot. The choice is yours! Your breast collar will then come out of the box ready to ride in ultimate comfort!

Remember that a breast collar is a great addition to your saddle purchase. Many people think the breast collar is only to keep the saddle from slipping back.  For a small investment, you can add an emergency measure that could prevent saddle twisting under your horse, should a girth loosen without your knowledge. The breast collar helps stabilize the saddle. Since it goes around the neck, the horses neck will usually only allow the saddle to slip so far around the side of a horse. (Unlike the time I was 17, riding, in saddle, on the belly of a young horse to be saddle broken, at a full bucking run, wondering whether to let go and get trampled, or stay on as long as I could and keep getting hit by running hooves, until the animal got tired and stopped!) Any saddle can have breast collar dees added. If the saddle has enough area where the girth rigging ties, you can use the same ring for breast collar tug straps and girth tie strap. Still, sometimes you may want a higher positioning of those tug straps, or may want double tug straps for more security. 

Tooling patterns can match the saddles. Full tooling will "pack" the leather for durability and strength. Tooling can hide small "range" scars that are inherent to the leather before it is formed into a saddle part. Tooling adds depth and beauty to the leather. Tooling is just a little more effort to clean than a plain saddle. You can choose from 1) no tooling, 2) basket stamped  3) spot carved  4) trophy tooling. The more elaborate the tooling design, the more value, the more time involved in production, and the more your investment will grow over time.

Montana Silver can be placed in the large parts of scallops, or flat areas, of your breast collar. Just let us know if you want more trim than is shown, or different trim than is shown.

We advise selecting a matching breast collar when placing your new saddle order. But, we can get replacements, others to go with your other saddles, or order them after the fact too. 

With the experience of thousands of saddles made for thousands of horse people, Cultured Cowboy looks forward to helping you with your needs. 

God Bless,
Cultured Cowboy

Because so many Dakota saddles are customized for your needs with choices of smooth or suede seats, leather color, hoofpick holders, special trees, special length stirrup leather, etc., we do not use buy buttons on this part of the website. 

Please e-mail your requests or call us for a friendly quote on your “Dream Saddle”.  Hundreds and hundreds of people have found the call well worth their time! ;-)    God Bless,  Chuck

Breast Collars Compare at Price Our CC Price
BS-40 plain $215.00 $199.99
BS-23 spot carve w/basket weave $164.00 $147.99
BS-23 same w/out rawhide trim $154.00 $139.99
BS-700 matches 700 saddle tooling $174.00 $144.99
BS-20 plain $154.00 $139.99
BS-20 plain w/out rawhide $144.00 $134.99
BS-21 basket $164.00 $144.99
BS-21 basket w/out rawhide $154.00 $134.99
BS-22 spot carved $164.00 $144.99
BS-22 spot carved w/out rawhide $154.00 $139.99
BS-34 scalloped $164.00 $145.99
BS-33 scalloped w/ silver conchos $247.00 $199.99
BS-30 plain $144.00 $124.99
BS-31 basket weave $164.00 $144.99
BS-32 basket weave w/ silver conchos $257.00 $239.99

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Our Price:     Please call for an exact price on tooled breast collars. More intricate designs may cost just a little more. If you are having special silver on the rest of your saddle and bridle, there may be a slight increase in price in the silver trim for your breast collar too.

Please e-mail your requests or call us for a friendly quote on your “Dream Saddle”.  Hundreds and hundreds of people have found the call well worth their time!  ;-)    God Bless,  Chuck


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