SSG Riding Gloves

A worldwide leader in superior equestrian gloves for a wide variety of disciplines.  For comfort and confidence in competition or when you're just having fun.  SSG Gloves offer maximum protection. 

The SSG Difference:
Don't be fooled - look for the Squared Horse Head logo on this product, SSG on the label or tab and double stitched seam on the index finger. SSG gloves have an exclusive overlap double stitch index finger design where no rein reinforcement is added. There is no inside seam on the index finger which could cause discomfort and expose weaker material to excessive wear. Our exclusive materials are softer yet more durable than competitive gloves. Our gloves are time proven for years. As a result of continued outstanding success of SSG gloves, as can be expected, other companies will offer counterfeits for sale as ours, again don't be fooled.  

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