Stamper Jewelry is created at a factory in the Black Hills of South Dakota from Karat gold (10, 12 and 14k).  Pure gold is yellow.  The process of alloying is used to achieve the pale pinks and greens depicting the leaves and roses.  Alloying not only creates new colors, but also hardens the precious metal for lasting wear.
   Genuine Black Hills Gold is very labor intensive to produce.  Each piece of jewelry is handcrafted by 30 to 40 skilled artisans.  These people are adept at the several phases the jewelry must go through, including wriggling, engraving and final polishing, which are required to produce Stamper jewelry.
   The treatment to the leaves on Black Hills Gold gives the jewelry a distinctive quality.  Using the tools designed by E.F. Stamper, the soft-frosted finish is accomplished by a process called wriggling.  A special wriggling blade is passed across the surface in two separate directions.  An hand engraver fashions the veins of the leaves using an innovative technique developed by Stamper, which is slightly different from the historical diamond cut.  This creates the unique sparkle of the finished piece. 
   From original design to hand-craftsmanship, quality is the tradition of Stamper Genuine Black Hills Gold Jewelry.  The Stamper styling unites the past with contemporary fashions in a unique class of hand-crafted excellence

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