Leanin' Tree introduces it's new " Back 40" line of t-shirt designs. The Back 40 is a collection of artwork painted by Mike Scovel. For over thirty years, Mike Scovel's artwork has been part of the ranching and cowboy lifestyle. His crusty cowboys, feisty ladies, and jug headed, sway backed horses have graced millions of gift products around the world. Scovel's detailed renditions of rural life on the cliffs of the elusive Y-ME Ranch often feature cowboys and their mounts dandling from precarious perches on the the brink of disaster. Easily one of the most diverse artists today, Scovel has found success in both his cartooning and his fine art. Cultured Cowboy is proud to offer the Mike Scovel Back 40 collection at an affordable price. (Just for clarification some of the item numbers are different. Most of these styles are distributed by more than one distributor, hence the OZ in front of those numbers. LT come directly from Leaning Tree.)

Adult  Sizes:  S - XL
CC Price:  $17.99
Compare at:  $20.00       Buy any 3 for only  $48.00

Adult Size:  XXL-XXXL
CC Price:  $20.99
Compare at:  $23.00       Buy any 3 for only  $54.00

Item #OZ-10-2090
Cuz I'm the Mom, That's why!


Item # OZ-10-2091
Does this hat make my butt look big?
Item # OZ-10-2093
Fire in the Hole!
Item # OZ-10-2097
I'm Not Over the Hill Just Over the Belt


Item # OZ-10-2123
Good looks and a fine mind made me what I am today


Item # OZ-10-2214
Homeland Security


Item # OZ-10-2216
Around this place, nobody plays with a full deck!


Item # OZ-10-2219
Don't mess with me I castrated everything on this place!
Item # OZ-10-2220
A woman drove me to drink.... here's to her!


Item # OZ-10-2223
Item # OZ-10-2227


Item # LT-TST-0601
Expose yourself to the West!
Item # LT-TST-0606
ome days I don't know if I'm comin' or goin'!


Item # LT-TST-0613
Item # LT-TST-0617
Are you sure you want to be the next person to get on my nerves?
Item # LT-TST-0610
Go ahead... ask me how my day is going.

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