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Flower Girls' Dresses

Your attendants add a special and memorable touch to your wedding and offer a chance for close relatives or good friends of the couple to take an active part in the ceremony.  The ring bearer and the flower girls usually walk behind the rest of the bridal party but in front of the bride and her escort.  A nice touch is for the flower girls to lay a bed of floral petals for the bride to walk on.  Trainbearers walk in pairs following the bride and her escort, holding the bride's train. 

As an additional service to our customers, Cultured Cowboy offers complimentary alterations to those shopping locally in our physical store on all dresses for your bridal party ordered from us if you order six or more.  This is our gift to you in appreciation for your patronage.  If purchasing your dresses from the Internet to be shipped to another location, we will substitute a 10% discount on all dresses when purchasing six or more for the bride, bridesmaids, mother of the bride or groom, grandmothers, etc.  to help with any necessary alterations. 

Cultured Cowboy carries a nice selection of Flower Girls' Dresses for your special western wedding.  Choose from any of the following.  Additional dresses for your bridal party are shown under our sites for Bridesmaids' Dresses and Wedding Gowns

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WCK211 - $134.99


Young Eileen 
MMC880 - $329.99


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