Sleazy Sleepwear Accessories

Sleazy Sleepwear for Horses now has over seven styles of hoods in a variety of stretch fabrics for different climates and applications. Stretch sheets and tail covers are all available to match the hoods. A full body Sleazy was introduced that incorporates the elements of a hood and sheet into one garment. High quality matching helmet covers and other riding gear is also available for the rider. Sleazy Sleepers are now made in the fabrics ranging from tough polyester knit or stretch fleece to beautiful solid color and print lycras. Even stunning metallic foil lycras are available.


One Size

Lycra Tie Tail Bags


Basic tail protector. All edges are finished, and they are generously sized. 

Three Tube Tail Tie


This is our premium tail protector. The tail is divided in thirds and each is easily pulled through a tube. The tubes are then braided and tied off at the top and bottom.

Tail Extension Bag


Nylon Taffetta cover used for protecting and storing Tail Extensions.  It includes a drawstring with cordlocks at each end. Assorted colors only.

Lycra Tie Tail Bags - Style 02000
Solids CC Price: $7.99
Compare at: $10.00
Prints CC Price: $9.99
Compare at: $12.00
Foils CC Price: $10.99
Compare at: $14.00
Three Tube Tail Ties - Style 03000
Solids CC Price: $17.99
Compare at: $24.00
Prints CC Price: $26.99
Compare at: $34.00
Foils CC Price: $27.99
Compare at: $36.00
Tail Extension Bag - Style TEB10000
Assorted Colors CC Price: $7.99
Compare at: $11.00


Windhorse Mesh Mane Tamer

Breathable mesh, completely lined over mane, soft elastic straps and Velcro closure.

Mane Tamer - Style MT 11000 (Black only)
Small (500-800 lbs) CC Price: $23.99
Compare at: $32.00
Medium (800-1200 lbs) CC Price: $23.99
Compare at: $32.00
Large (over 1200 lbs) CC Price: $23.99
Compare at: $32.00

Fleece leg wraps are made from 300 gram polyester fleece with a print fabric overlay to match your favorite Sleazies. (solids too)
4.5" X 86" Full size.
Fleece Leg Wraps 
Style 32000
$17.99 pr.

Helmet Covers are available in all solids, as well as stock prints, and in black velvet. 
Lycra Helmet Cover
Style 14000


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