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We destroy our Fat Pads by walking and running on hard surfaces without adequate protection.

1)  This loss of fat pads is due primarily to damage from shearing forces from waling and running on smooth unyielding man-made surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, and even hardwood flooring.

2)  The damage is compounded by poorly designed, poorly fitted socks and shoes.

3)  Thorlos protect the fat pads of your feet from shear forces by transferring these forces from the inner tissues of your feet to the cushion fabrics of your socks. And, where degredation of fatty tissue has already occurred, Thorlos engineering will help replace the function of the natural fat pads. 

4)  Proper protection is the best source of your comfort.

Long Term Effects of Fat Pad Deterioration

Foot Fat Pad of a 20 Year Old Adult

Foot Fat Pad of a 60 Year Old Adult

As you can see from these drawings, there is some natural deterioration in all feet as we age. If the process is either not eliminated, or if the hard surfaces not taken away, this injury can result in bone spurs, tears in the sheathing of soft tissues, or other harmful, painful effects.  

Fabrics that often work well on our bodies, work poorly in our shoes.

1)  Cotton, wool & silk, (all natural fabrics), absorb moisture. They retain the water. Even the wool industry claims that wool wicks away foot moisture; this is not true.

2)  Inside the shoes, natural fiber sock fabrics become ineffective and in some cases even harmful to your feet. Becoming saturated in water, (sweat), the fibers collapse. Result: Much less, or No protection.

3) Acrylic "wicks" moisture. "Wicking is defined as transmission or movement of water by capillary action, moving it away from the foot, to the outer layer of a properly fitted shoe, where it is released into the outside environment.

4)  Acrylic cushion sock fabric, or natural fibers properly blended with acrylic, maintains resiliency and provides a more naturally yielding, forgiving, dynamic environment for your foot. It imitates walking barefoot in the sand.

5)  This results in more protection, more comfort, than any other possibility know today.

Net Effect: Acrylic Cushion fabric creates a more "Natural" environment inside a boot or shoe.

The irony is that it requires a man-made (or natural blended with acrylic), fiber to create a more natural surface inside a shoe; but, remember that shoes and boots themselves are "Man-made" surfaces.

Therefore, the most effective protective measure is to help counteract the negative aspects of one "man-made" surface with another "Man-made" surface.

Whereas, though barefoot in sand might be the best natural environment, it is not always practical. Thorlos exclusive acrylic cushion fabric is more "natural" inside your shoe.

Choosing the right level of Protection

Thorlos THICK variable density padded socks provide the greatest level of protection and comfort found anywhere today. This is the level of protection that made Thorlos famous! Some of our long term customers have come to call these: "Classic Thorlos". 

THICK comfort cushion socks are designed for:
1) High foot stress activities like tennis, long-distance walking, running or hiking, where forces opposing the feet are greatest.

2) Anyone over the age of 35, because the natural fat pad on the bottom of our feet degenerates as we age, losing many of the natural protective qualities.

3) Younger activity enthusiasts who want to proactively prevent the degeneration of these natural protective fat pads on the bottoms of our feet. 

4) Anyone with a history of foot pain, or discomfort.

NOTE: The THICK cushion Thorlos will probably change your shoe size.

Thorlos MODERATE variable density padded socks provide product for activities that place less stress on your feet. These are recommended for shorter distance walking, running or hiking. Cultured Cowboy sells more of the Moderate Cushion Socks, than any other. (Partially because so many of us are riding horses all day, and distribute much weight onto our butts, while we enjoy our sports.)

NOTE: The MODERATE cushion Thorlos will only change your shoe size in a small percentage of people.

Thorlos THIN Performance Protection Cushion is provided because we recognize some activities place much less stress on your feet. We also realize that many younger enthusiasts like to "Feel-the-Road" as they participate. For these people, Thorlos will provide the best comfort and support of any thinner sock you can find, today.



Thorlo socks might be the number one name in making feet comfortable. Normally, few people think about how important a sock truly is. The right sock keeps your feet feeling good, and healthy too. Thorlos pride themselves on their wide variety of socks; each is custom made for a specific purpose. People tend to preoccupy themselves with getting supportive shoes when they should also look for supportive socks. Wearing the wrong sock can lead to foot fatigue and irritation when worn in the wrong shoe. Thorlos are designed to help eliminate fatigue as well as blisters and other foot irritations, while at the same time being comfortable and supportive. These boot socks are manufactured within the United States, so that you can support America's workers, while you wear the best socks made for feet. 

( Truth is, that with American technology, there is very little labor per pair of Thorlo socks. Our USA tools and management techniques can produce goods at great savings. The Thorlo sock materials are selected from the best. Each part of your sock is selected and tested for everything you could ever imagine.  What this means to you, is that you are getting the best value for your money. By wearing the best socks made, thus protecting your families feet, you assure that the efforts done today will pay for themselves many times over in less pain, less injury, and less fatigue. ) 

One more thing - These socks wash easily, and they outlast almost every other sock in the marketplace. Personally, they outlast about 3 times, the dress socks I used to buy, and twice the 3 times of my work socks.  I guess two more things - There is no stitch line inside the sock to irritate your toes.  OK, 3 things! They don't bunch up under your feet unless you wear really cheap shoes that would crawl anything. 

Thorlos have a great sizing system. Once you understand it, it's easy. Some of us like a tight fit. Some of like a looser fit. With Thorlos, you can usually wear your choice of two close sizes. They are forgiving and supportive. 

Adult Sock Size Fits Shoe Size
Unisex Thorlos USA Shoe Size Euro Shoe Size UK Shoe Size
    Youth Women's Men's    
S 9 2 - 4 4 - 6   35 - 37 2.5 - 4.5
M 11 5 - 6 6.5 - 10 5.5 - 8.5 38 - 42 5 - 8
L 13   10.5 - 13 9 - 12.5 43 - 47 8.5 - 12
XL 15     13 - 15 48 - 50 12.5 - 14


Kid's Sock Size Fits Kid's Shoe Size
Kid's Thorlos USA Shoe Size Euro Shoe Size UK Shoe Size
  7 10 - 13 27 - 30 9 - 12
9 13.5 - 4 30.5 - 36 12.5 - 3

God Bless you & your feet!
(want to see why Thorlos are the best sock made for feet? - Keep reading, and at the bottom of this page are links to styles and to fiber protection.)

This Western Work Sock is just one of many of the Specialty Thorlos
See many more Here.

Thorlo's TWW Western Work Sock
is a Cultured Cowboy
customer favorite.

TWW Western Mid-Calf Boot Sock - Also known as Thorlos Western Work socks.
These socks are specially designed to be worn with lacers, ropers, and any other shafted or 8 inch laced Western work boot. It's exclusive THOR.LON® construction wicks moisture better than traditional socks, and moderate cushioning in the ball/heel of the sock helps reduce shock, impact and blisters. Cushioning in the arch is also added for a better fit and level of comfort. A wider toe box allows for the best fit.

If your calf is extra wide, this boot sock is a good choice because there is just the right amount of "hug". We have found the cushioning to work well with weightlifting and with work boots too. In fact, we have rolled down the tops to wear with lower top footwear, and they still look good.

Available in white (004) or navy denim (401). 
Thorlo Sizes: 11 ,13, 15 
TWW11 is a ladies, or smaller men's fit.
TWW13 is a larger ladies, or average men's fit.

I wear a men's sz 8 Justin boot and can wear the TWW11 or the TWW13 Thorlos. Because of my calf size, I prefer the 13 - CT

Compare At: $18.00    CC Price: $ 16.99
  3 pair for $15.99 each (4th pr at $8.50 with boot purchase Spring 2024 only)

(order example: TWW15-004 is a size 15 white Western Work sock)


Thorlo's WLST Safety Toe Socks give extra protection in the toe box, and the right cushioning underneath your feet.

* New - Thorlo WCOU - thicker All Day Cushioning & Support -
Comes in 11, Med, 13 Large & 15 XL

WLST Safety Steel Toe Socks- Moderate Cushion with extra padding in the toe area.
These socks are designed to protect against the steel toe plates found in many work boots and work shoes. It's made with exclusive THOR·LON® construction for resilience, durability and better wicking. Moderate cushioning in the ball/heel reduces blisters, calluses and foot fatigue without the sock being to bulky. Thick cushioning over the toes helps prevent abrasion common in steel-toed footwear and light cushion at the instep protects against lace pad pressure.  Available in black and white.

We have found the extra cushioning around top of the toes also works to wick away more moisture in feet that really sweat a lot. This sock is good for roofing, where you are putting lots of pressure on your toes working steeper pitched homes. 

Available in white (004), or black (305). 
Sizes: 11 ,13, 15 
WLST11 is a ladies, or smaller men's fit.
WLST13 is a larger ladies, or average men's fit.

Compare At: $19.00    CC Price: $ 17.99
   3 pair for $16.99 each   (4th pr at $8.50 with boot Spring 2024 only)
(order example: WLST13-305 is a size 13 black safety toe sock)

Available in Black/Grey, or White/Grey. 
Sizes: 11 ,13, 15 
WCOU11 is a ladies, or smaller men's fit.
WCOU13 is a larger ladies, or average men's fit.
WCOU15 is a larger men's fit. (Boot sizes 13 - 15)

Compare At: $19.00    CC Price: $ 19.99
   3 pair for $18.99 each   (4th pr at $9.50 with boot Spring 2024 only)

New Military Styles coming Feb 2023

Thorlo's MPT Physical Training Crew Sock gives Anti-Microbial, Anti-Odor Protection. This sock can be worn with most footwear, even if you just wear them for long days at work, in an office.

Thorlo's MPT Physical Training Mini-Crew Sock gives Anti-Microbial, Anti-Odor Protection. This sock can be worn with most footwear, even if you just wear them for long days at work, in an office.

Physical Training Socks- Moderate Cushion designed to reduce fatigue caused by extensive physical training regimens  in military and gymnasium environments.
These socks are designed to reduce foot and leg fatigue caused by extensive physical training regimens and workouts, as those in military careers. Available in black and white. It's made with exclusive THOR·LON® construction for resilience, durability and better wicking of moisture. X-Static® - The Silver Fiber, is knitted into the foot area to provide permanent Anti-Microbial and Anti-Odor benefits. Moderate cushioning in the ball/heel reduces shock, impact and blisters. Thin cushioning is added to the instep for lace pad pressure protection. A better fit and comfort you'll appreciate.

Available in two styles: Crew and Mini-crew socks.

Available in white (004), or black (552). 
Sizes:  9, 11 ,13, 15 
MPT9 is a smaller ladies.
MPT11 is a ladies, or smaller men's fit.
MPT13 is a larger ladies, or average men's fit.
MPT15 fits those sizes over men's 11.5 (charcoal heather only)

Compare At: $17.00 - $21.00    CC Price: $old Out

(order example: KOX7-718 is a small size 7 bubblegum pink child's crew sock)

Available in white (004), or black (552). 
Sizes:  9, 11 ,13, 15 
MPT9 is a smaller ladies.
MPT11 is a ladies, or smaller men's fit.
MPT13 is a larger ladies, or average men's fit.
MPT15 fits those sizes over men's 11.5 (charcoal heather only)

Compare At: $15.00 - $20.00    CC Price: $old Out



Thorlos has such a wide variety of disciplines in socks. We know it can be confusing. All of their socks are made to pad, protect, and allow proper warmth; all this, so you do not sprain, rot, or continue to ruin your feet. If you have questions, please call Cultured Cowboy, and we will help you to develop a proper program of footwear and socks for your lifestyle.

Made for EMS, police, security, or other jobs where you wear your socks for long periods and may be called upon for fast action at any time. Do Not let your foot discomfort interfere with saving lives! 

If they are the best made, for protecting the military that protects us, then you know they are the best made for you too. Same quality for all! 

A Most Popular Hunting / Fishing outdoor sport sock.

Now that your feet are nice and comfy, with the right socks, you'll need the perfect boot to go along with them. Check out our Cultured Cowboy Boot Index for a top of the line selection of Western, Western dress, Exotic Western, and work boots. Brands from Wolverine, to Justin, to Twisted X, Ariat and more!

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