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Of all the boots available, no bootmaker takes more care to produce the finest footwear than our friends at Ammons Boots. Handmade of select leathers, your Ammons boots will remain a wearable work of art. Every detail is sculpted. Every stitch placed for beauty as well as function. Hand pegged with lemonwood. All edges are scived. Rolled and finely dressed soles. Heels of stacked leather. Linings are of the best glove leathers. Channeled Outsole stitching. Quality second to none! Ammons boots fit true to size.

Choose from a selection of Ammons best sellers, or choose to customize your selection. All leathers come from the finest quality tanneries. Your custom boot can be made from any of the available leathers. Take a moment to peruse the boot stylus, available scallops, collars, pullstraps, wingtips or heel foxings, stitch patterns, toe medallions, toe and heel choices. Build your dream boot! Cultured Cowboy has experience in custom-made boots. Call us at 1-864-223-3700 or email us for further information or help.

How to find your size -  Ammons boots fit very true to dress shoe size, not necessarily the same as athletic shoes.  If you have any doubt, you may follow these guides for a custom made to measure fit or we will use the measurements to fit most closely to a last size.  (A shoe size is built on a last.)  Made to measure only costs an extra $50.00

1)  Sit with weight distributed on both feet and fanny evenly.   Place feet on a sheet of paper and trace the outline of your feet while wearing socks.  Keep pencil mark at the edge of your foot - don't angle in or out past your true outline.  Be sure to allow for any bunions, or bony protrusions.

2)  While wearing the socks, measure a soft tailors tape around the ball of your feet at its widest part, pull till comfortably snug and record the circumference for each foot, right and left.

3)  Measure around the heel contains across the front of your ankle diagonally and record the circumference of both feet.  Once again - pull tape till comfortable while wearing socks.

4)  Measure around your calf at the height of the boot top and the widest part of your calf, if the top will be tall enough to rise above the widest part of your calf.  Measure around your jeans if you will be wearing them inside the boot top.  A boot top height of 13" will be measured from the top of the heel rand - or starting where your foot seats into your boot, so that a 13" top will hit at 13" from the floor when your foot is on the floor. 

5)  You may fax or email the tracings and measurements being certain to measure the longest length of each foot and recording it inside the tracing so we can accurately proportion you on our end.  Or mail to us via UPS.  We will contact you for verification, approximate delivery time, and costs.

*WARNING* The contents of the next couple of pages will take a couple of minutes to download.  Or you can go straight to the Ammons Boots.

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