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Build Your Dream Boot

These Ammons boots may be ordered as they are seen, or you may build your dream boot using these ideas.  Each Ammons boot from Cultured Cowboy is custom built to match your requests.  Delivery time varies with the seasons, but usually expect 12 weeks for delivery .  We will contact you for final verification and expected delivery once your order is received, as well as the total cost.  Vamp is the foot leather.  Choose your leather or exotic, then your color preference.  If your choice is unvailable we will contact you.Top is the shaft decor.  Choose your leather or exotic , then your color preference.  If your choice is unavailable we will contact you.  Trim leather such as wingtips, heel foxing, earpulls, or foxing may be the same as your vamp or top leather or it may contrast.  The choice is all yours.

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Vamp Leather  

Top Leather    

Trim Color      


Vamp Color   

Top Color      

Other Trim Leather  


Boot Style     



Wing Tips   


Toe Shape  



Stitch Pattern  


Foxing    Sole & Heel Color  Piping 


Earpull Color  Sole Stitch Color  



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