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It is amazing to see how the Southwest lamps, with their various shapes and patterns, can influence a room that was previously boring, into a mood inspiring cowboy masterpiece.  The sand art lamps are created by placing glue on the lamp where a certain color of sand is to go. The various colors of natural sands are then dropped from a clinched fist, onto the lamp, in the desired patterns.  The skill levels for accomplishing a work of art are incredibly difficult.  The symbols, passed for generations, may be strange for us today, but to the Indians this art was a way of recording historical events, performing medicine, and sometimes used during worship.

Each lamp you choose is decorated by an artisan with years of experience in sand art and history.  Do not confuse this quality with cheap imitations from India.  These Indian artists are from America!


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$235.99 $235.99 $145.99
$180,99 $145.99 $145.99 $110.99

Order any two or more as a matching set and save another 20% off the above prices.  To get two or more as a match, they will be built as ordered to insure similarity.  End of the trail, a celebration of the "Trail of Tears", is one of the most popular designs.  Kokopelli, sun, fetish bear, nature, ...any of the decors, can be placed on the shapes seen above.  All are based on earth tones of color, with naturally existing sands such as turquoise, black, and white, used to enhance the vivid brilliance of this art.  Choose from light or dark shades. (Shade included in the prices shown.)

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