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Over 15 years ago, (I'm sometimes not so sure which year.), I ran into Twisted X Boot Company at the WESA trade show in Denver, Colorado. They invited me to come in and try on a pair or two. I did. From the first pair, I knew this boot company knew how to make a high tech boot. Everything most of us need in support, comfort, and looks were incorporated into a non traditional performance boot. This is a better boot at a moderate price because of the savings made in state of the art production methods.

Seems the boot's chief designer has built styles with both Justin and Ariat, before making his own venture. His dream is to combine the best of all worlds into a uniquely great product. Once you wear a pair, you'll agree that Twisted X Boot Company has become a leader in footwear design.  

Twisted X Boots include traditional and authentic looking cowboy boots, western boots, and work boots. Recently they have taken their comfort technology to casual shoes too. The technology inside and outside gives you a more stable, durable, lightweight experience. It breathes as it should, to allow dissipation of foot moisture. And the comfort factor is one you just need to feel for yourself.

Fitting is consistent in each boot because all last measurements are from ball to heel. So, if you're changing toe styles, keep your same fit. Bob Frazier and the "Twisted X Bunch" state that they have been at this for a long time, and that this is the best overall boot package they have been associated with. And, they promise to continue searching out the newest and best components available for your footwear.

The boots are cut generously in size. They allow comfortable room for your arches. Until they break-in, Twisted X boots will slip on your heels. ( In fact they are always going to slip a little, the design is different than a short quarter shoe, so the slipping will not rub blisters on your heels. See the next paragraph too.) More flexible soles have been incorporated into the Twisted X shoes, so you don't get rubbing there either.

Although a "cowboy boot" is one of the first things you look for, when dressing for cowboy events, people that wear Western dress boots do not always wear them just to look like cowboys. The arch support and quality craftsmanship allow us to go all day without sore feet and aching backs or legs. As you walk, Western style boots pump air around your feet, which aids in dissipation of moisture, and even more comfort for you. This is why you do want some slippage on those heels!)

Laces on the lace up boots allow you to tighten or loosen, as your feet may actually change sizes during the day. Feet tend to be more swollen in early morning and late evening. For feet that do change a lot during your day, lacer boots are a good answer to your comfort issues. Laces also give the most ankle support. (Even the slip on boots have leather and linings that allow for movement and some swelling during your day. )  

Consider this high quality footwear for your wife & children too. The bones of a child's foott will form only as well as you allow. Lack of arch support, cramming a growing foot in an outgrown shoe or boot, or even consistently wearing way too big  - either can deform foot bones permanently. (Some growth can be allowed, especially with  a good insole added to start. But you want to fit the arches, the metatarsals. ) Proper foot care will pay tremendous dividends in all the years to come. Cheap made shoes create all sorts of problems years from now. And soft bottom tennis shoes, designed for certain active sports, requiring maximum flex and thereby giving up much arch support, were never made to wear all day. 

Although the bottoms of today's Twisted X Western boots are much more comfortable than many of 25 years ago, they still have proper arch support, ankle support, toe room, and all the guts that make a real cowboy boot.

Twisted X Men's Boot Collection
A mix of Leather & Performance outsoles on High Tech Cowboy Boots. 
Click below for lots of choices, depending on your needs!

Twisted X
Men's Boots Collection

Twisted X Ladies Boot Collection
A vast assortment of favorite Fashion & Ladies Boots.
Click below for lots of choices, depending on your needs!
You won't believe this assortment till you see them.
Women's Boots Collection
  BLACK STAR -  Ladies Boot Collection
Wish on a star, Walk in the clouds. Every step you take will reveal the "Star" that you are! 
A premium assortment of Ladies Fashion Boots.

Twisted X Children's Boot Collection
These boots look like real Cowboy, Cowgirl, and Work boots because they are!
Built with the qualities you expect from adult boots. If you knew how most kids boots are made, 
you'd never buy anything but Twisted X Cowkids Boots. 
Click below for lots of Youth & Children's boot choices!

Kid's Boots Collection

Twisted X Boots Work Boot Collection
For the toughest of jobs. Durable built soles, still comfy. 
Click below for lots of choices in Men's, Women's, and Kid's, depending on your needs!

Work Boots Collection

 Twisted X Casual Boot And Shoe Collection
OK, we finally believe Twisted X can deliver body support in these Chucka boots, Driving Mocs, and Casual "shoe-boots".
  It has been the rodeo cowboy that has convinced us to offer Twisted X Casuals.

Built with many of the qualities you expect from adult boots.  Try a few pair. Lots of selection.
We even talked Chuck into a Chucka! Move over Minnetonka - There's a new "Sheriff X in town!

FUN, ridiculous, comfort, novelty - best shoes for the money anywhere!
One customer said he thought Crocs were comfortable until he put these on his feet. His Crocs have hit the closet. 

Casual Boots And Shoes Collection
Casual Boots And Shoes Collection


Veteran Of Foreign Wars Collection


Tough Enough To Wear Pink? Collection

Twisted X  Boot Comfort Technology

Twisted X  Boot Toe Styles

Twisted X  Boot Heel Styles

We have personally found that Thorlo socks made with Thorlon™ Moisture wicking material, 
will outlast "normal" adult or kids socks 4 to 1.
Lots of terry cloth type knitted cushion where cushion is needed to protect little feet. (Material is concentrated on the bottoms, thinner on the top side, for better fit, and better protection.) A small investment now will pay benefits for years to come! And this is your chance to test our "bragging".  Buy 3 Get the 4th pair half off , Gets you 4 pr at a very fair price.   

Why do we offer this, when we could easily make more $ per pair? 
Cultured Cowboy knows that once you try these socks, you, like other loving parents, will be calling again to get more of them. When you first see & feel the value, you'll be glad you did. After they last for long times, you realize the end cost is less than those cheap socks that you have to repair, re-stitch, or throw away all the time. 
(Moms, they feel so good that the kids, of any age, keep up with them.)
You'll soon be getting Thorlos for your whole family.

Click here for the Thorlo styles, colors & sizes.


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