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Why buy a vest?  According to statistics up to 60% of injuries will occur to the upper body.  The most common fractures are 20% shoulder and collar bone, 6% dorsolumbar and chest, and 7% upper trunk and ribs.  The major causes of death are 60% head, 9.3% chest, 7.8% abdomen and upper trunk, and 5% trunk.  Status of riders is 61% amateur, and 39% professional.  Be safe with the ultimate protection.

  • Ventilated High Density Foam
  • Reinforced Spinal Column plus Kidney Area
  • Mesh Lining
  • Adjustable Shoulder & Side Velcro Closures 
  • Additional Collarbone & Shoulder Padding 
  • Additional Spectra Shield Padding Under Zipper 
  • Adjustable
  • Comfortable
  • Shock Absorbing
  • Durable
  • Light Weight
  • Washable
  • Extra Protected Areas


  • Red, Navy Blue, Kelly Green, Grey, Black, Royal Blue, Forest Green and Burgundy

Exercise Racing Vest, Lightweight with Back Pad
Mesh, Polysatin or Polycotton

CC Price:  $174.99
Compare at: $230.00


Jockey Racing Vest, Lightweight without Back Pad, Soft Loocking
Mesh, Polysatin or Polycotton

CC Price:  $174.99
Compare at: $230.00


Racing Vest, Lightweight, Binding
Mirco-Mesh, Polycotton or Dazzle Nylon

CC Price:  $174.99
Compare at: $230.00


#CEQ-MC15 Adult 
Adjustable Elastic, Velcro Side Closures, Bucktex Lining, Zipper, Polycotton, Micro-Mesh or Dazzle Nylon, Binding, Removable Shoulder Protector

CC Price:  $204.99
Compare at: $270.00

#CEQ-MC15 Child 
Adjustable Elastic, Velcro Side Closures, Bucktex Lining, Zipper

CC Price:  $114.99
Compare at: $150.00

#CEQ-MV100 Field Hunting 
Yellow Canary English Wool or Black Dazzle Nylon, Adjustable Elastic Lace Closure

CC Price:  $174.99
Compare at: $230.00



Pee Wee  8 - 12 Years Medium  36 - 40 Chest
Junior      26 - 30 Chest Large     40 - 44 Chest
Small       30 - 36 Chest X-Large  44 - 48 Chest

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