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Western Pads

Equi-Tech Nonslip pads are made from a soft material which allows air flow and "grips" both the horse and saddle. Benefit: If your saddle is sliding around, the "grip" through this entire pad holds better than any other surface materials to date. 

The material does not trap heat, hair or sweat. Benefit: By gently cleaning your pad after use, matting of hair & dried sweat which creates soreness problems can be eliminated. These are Easy to Clean!

The lightweight, soft and stretchy texture is deceptively tough. Horsemen have used the same Equi-Tech pad for years without replacement. You can enhance the look of basic pads by using a Mayatex pad on top / Your pad next to the horse. The woven Mayatex blankets allow the air to keep flowing. (Small incidental tears will not hurt the use of your pad.) 

All Pads come with vinyl wear strips. Suede or leather wear strips are available with an extra charge. Benefit: Wear strips take the brunt of the pressures of tying the girths. 

Our Cool Back series is specifically designed for hot climates. Benefit: The white material keeps the horse cooler by allowing the heat to dissipate more effectively.

All pads are tapered at the sides. Benefit: This gives you more contact while remaining extremely effective as protection and with better non-slippage properties. 

Pads are constructed from ventilated shock absorbing, soft, durable foam. Benefit:  The shock absorption aids in horse comfort, and in jilting the rider, especially in rougher terrain, or "trotty" horses with upright pasterns.

All western pads are available in black, brown, white (Cool);  Green, navy or burgundy may be available from time to time.  

Top covered pad shown below, is made from a durable acrylic waterproof fabric.  Benefit: Covering gives extra protection against wear of the Tacky-Tack material,  Tradeoff: but will lessen breathe ability. 

Basic pads are designed for Nonslip under saddle and against horse. Benefit: This material has been developed for non-slip usage and is used on everything ferom Cabinet door makers to these great pads! It is now a time proven favorite.

#EQU-103 Western Super Roper 
CC Price:  $79.99
Compare at: $85.00
#EQU-203 Western Super Roper Cool Back
36" X 32" X 1 1/4" Roper Weight
CC Price:  $89.99
Compare at: $95.00

#EQU-102 Western Trail
CC Price:  $65.99
Compare at: $80.00

#EQU-202 Western Trail Cool Back 
34" X 30" X 1" Trail Weight
CC Price:  $79.99
Compare at: $85.00

#EQU-105 Western Contour 
36" X 32" X 1 1/4"
Designed to fit high withered horses, treeless saddles, training or trail riding.

CC Price:  $107.99

Compare at: $124.00

#EQU-205 Western Contour Cool Back 
36" X 32" X 1 1/4"
2" wide spine pressure relief design.

CC Price:  $117.99

Compare at: $127.00

#EQU-104 Barrel Racer - "Shaped" 
31" X 27 1/2" X 3/4"
CC Price:  $75.99
Compare at: $80.00

#EQU-204 Barrel Racer Cool Back -"Shaped"
2" wide spine pressure relief design.
CC Price:  $85.99
Compare at: $90.00

#EQU-300 Top Covered Western Show Pad
34" X 30" X 3/4" 
CC Price:  $99.99
Compare at: $104.00

Pad Colors:
Hunter, Navy, Burgundy, Black, Red



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