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The Davis Clyde S. Dale is the ultimate equine gift.  The high quality stuffed animals are perfect for gifts as well as grand openings, horse shows, rodeos, raffles, store displays and retail sales.  Clyde S. Dale, the plush stuffed horse is available in two sizes and two colors.  His buck teeth, silly eyes and belly button add to his charm.  Sizes:  39" or 72".  Colors:  Black and White or Brown an White.

#DAV-Clyde S. Dale 39"


#DAV-Clyde S. Dale 72"

CC Price:  $27.99
Compare at: $42.00
CC Price:  $117.99
Compare at: $176.00

#DAV-Don Key

CC Price:  $35.99
Compare at: $54.00

The Davis Don Key is the ever-sassy friend who will always have the final say.  Sleepy eyes and an open mouth along with the donkey cross on his back give him an attitude.  Sizes:  39".  Colors:  Gray and White only.

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