Lawman Jeans Basics

Now, mostly, the Tribute, Beverly & Rodeo are their only original rise jean. We have some limited stock in these other styles though. Call us!  God Bless, Chuck

Tribute -  Lawman is following the rest of the industry in lower rise jeans. They have another label called "Petrol" aimed at a younger market. It has a lower rise and for Fall has some nice glitter and crystal trim Look for them to be pictured as soon as we get them in stock. In our Greenwood, SC store, we are having good success with this Petrol line in basic 5 pocket denim colors.

Double Stonewash Finish Shown (149)
Antique Stonewash (light) Finish 
Black Rinse (491) Black Pleather Finish (521)
Limited Sizes (also a couple red pair left)
Double Stonewash Finish (149)

Colors:  (Only Style #LAW28-385 available in all Colors & Black Pleather; Style #LAW28-576 in Double Stonewash Finish only. )
Antique Finish, Double Stonewash Finish,   Double Stonewash Finish in Deep Indigo Denim, Double Stonewash Finish in Stretch Denim Black Pleather  (Black Only)
CC Price:  $69.99
Compare at: $74.00
CC Price:  $69.99
Compare at: $74.00
CC Price:  $39.99
Compare at: $74.00

Style Fit Inseam/Bottom Style Number
Tribute SLIM 32"/15" #LAW28-043
  Size: 3/36 Light Stone    
Tribute SLIM 34"/15" #LAW28-726
  Size: 3/36 Medium Stone    
Tribute SLIM 34"/15" #LAW28-385
  Size: 2 pr 1/34 Dark Stone
3/34 Dark Stone
5/34 Dark Stone
Tribute  SLIM 36"/15" #LAW28-600
  Size:  5/36 Dark Stone
2 pr 7/36 Dark Stone
11/36 Dark Stone
Tribute  Black RELAXED 34"/15" #LAW28-206
  Size:  7/8 /34 Black Rinse    
Tribute  Black COMFORT 36"/15" #LAW28-600491
  Size:  5/36 Black Rinse    




 Double Stonewash Finish (149)   Double Stonewash Finish (149)   Double Stonewash Finish (149) 
Dana Style
CC Price:  $69.99

Compare at: $83.00
Beverly Style
CC Price:  $69.99

Compare at: $83.00
Rodeo Style
CC Price:  $69.99

Compare at: $74.00
Style Fit Inseam/Bottom Style Number
Dana Lower Rise SLIM 34"/17" #LAW28-535
  Size:  11/34 Slim    
Beverly SLIM 34"/15" #LAW28-629
Asymetrical Swirling Overlay of matching denim at hip & lower leg Size: 1/34 Slim 
 7 /34 Slim
Rodeo SLIM 34"/15" #LAW28-344
Fancy Scalloped Rear Western yoke.  Stonewashed Size: 3/36 Slim Light Stone
 7 /36 Slim Light Stone
Size: 0/36 Slim Med Stone
 5 /36 Slim Med Stone
Rodeo Concho SLIM 34"/15" #LAW28-884
Conchos like Tribute, all the way down the outside leg. Dk Stone Size: 5/34 Slim
11/34 Slim 
Rodeo Concho Style
CC Price:  $79.99

Compare at: $88.00

Colt Black




Basic 5 Pocket Jean
silver reinforcement rivets
Size: 3 pr of 7/34 Comfort
9/34 Comfort 
Colt Style
CC Price:  $69.99

Compare at: $83.00

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