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Cactus Ropes is home of the Bad Boy, Rebel, Omega, Silverado, Magnet, Orange Crush and Habanero ropes. We are proud to say the ropers such as Charles Pogue, Clay Cooper, Allen Bach, Daniel Green, Trey Johnson, Kirt Jones, David Key, Jackie Stephenson and Chance Kelton all use Cactus ropes. But our ropes aren't just for professionals, they are for anyone who wants results in the arena. Follow the links near the bottom of this page to find out more about our head and heel ropes. Cactus Rope Company has also come a long way in the realm of Calf ropes and youth ropes. Give a try with one of America's best ropes.

Head #1
3/8" diameter, SS lay, 30' long

This is the softest rope we make. This rope has the most tip weight of any rope on the market. This is the rope we like to see novice ropers start with because it is so easy to swing. Also used by some top-notch ropers who like a soft rope with lots of body.

Head #3
3/8" diameter, S lay, 30' long

The #3 is our most popular rope. It is mostly used by ropers with experience and more rope handling ability. It has enough stiffness that it can be swung harder and thrown harder than the #1 and #2 ropes without the loop closing.

Head #2
3/8"diameter, XS lay, 30' long

The #2 has traditionally been the softest rope. It tends to stiffen up a little past what some ropers like, that's why we created the Head #1. The Head #2 is our 2nd most popular head rope, it's used by the novice up to the professional roper.

Head #4
3/8" diameter, MS lay, 30' long

This rope is used only by the most experienced and talented headers. It is easy to wave off the horns if the correct loop isn't thrown. It has enough stiffness to use as a softer heel rope.


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