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Circle Y Saddles

Here' a great deal!  We saw only one other of these Circle Y Equitation Saddle model on the Internet. They're asking $1700.  This used Circle Y saddle is in great shape, as you can see below - for $1250.00
We like to price compare whenever possible. It allows us to be our best for you. 
 Cultured Cowboy will give you a nice saddle at a "right price".

Looking for that Perfect Christmas gift for your Horse Lover?

Here is one of the best saddle values in America.  Not an economy saddle! One of the best made. The silver is in good shape. No dents. Still shines. Heavier than many saddles built today. 
Color is rich. An oiled medium brown. This saddle was probably kept in a saddle bag when not used in the show arena.  We believe this to be an excellent choice for your Christmas, 4th July, town festival & Rodeo parades.  

An arena equitation saddle, but don't limit your use just to shows. Seat is comfortable. Leggings are well softened with time. Stirrup leathers in great shape. Stirrups barely marked. Fits an average sized rider in inseam. 

Very good saddle for adult riding lessons, clean trail rides, pasture discoveries, or to upsell your very nice horse.

Seat size of 16 fits many riders. No breakdown of the seat cushion. Designed to fit 80% of quarter type Western horses. Seat of suede. If you look sharply, you can see a wear pattern in the suede shine - the original rider favored the right side and placed more body pressure on the left side hip as they rode. (This is covered by anyone sitting in the saddle. And is not worn thin. Could be "scratched up with a gentle sanding. I want to leave it as it is now.) 

Give us your true inseam measurements and we can double check the saddle stirrup lengths are fitted for you. 

If you have a riding school, horseback riding vacation station, or hack horses, this model could be perfect for the rider who wants special treatment &will pay a little extra for that special gift! 

The skirting leather is substantial to support your sport. There is no loose wear in the girth ring area. 

We have a close match in headstall & reins which we got with the saddle - $100.00.
There is a silver show/pleasure bit for another $100.00 

Buy the package and Cultured Cowboy will throw in a BigHorn shaped girth with easy roller buckle, elastic side, and Covil type neoprene - non-slip & velcros apart for easy care & cleaning - your choice of 28 to 36 length. 

We can discuss the best pad or blanket to finish your outfit too. 

Circle Y Equitation Saddle

  • TREE: Circle Y Equitation tree. Quarterhorse Bars - Lightweight Ralide type saddletree material.
  • GULLETwidth - 7"    height - 6 1/2"
  • HORN: 2 5/8" high Pelican type.  Cap 2 3/8" x 2 1/4"
  • CANTLE: 4" Cheyenne Roll. 
  • SEAT: Padded Suede.  16"
  • SKIRTS: 27 inch skirts with rear housing.
  • RIGGING: J type close contact plate  -  7/8" Position.
    Rear Silver Trimmed Ring.
  • FLANK: None
  • STIRRUP LEATHERS: 2.5" with stainless steel blevins buckles. Twisted tied & turned
  • STIRRUPS: 2.5" Extra Deep Leather Laced.
  • FINISH: Border Tooled.
  • COLOR: Medium Dk Oil. 
  • WEIGHT: Approx 35 lbs.
Seat Sizes

Compare At:

Our CC Price



Headstall/Reins $325.00 $99.99
Show Bit $300.00 $99.99
BigHorn Girth $59.99 Included in pkg

Observations:  You can see there are no "folds" in any of the leather. The mix of silver shown gives some variety to matching a breast collar if needed.  We do not often get in a saddle this clean. Fleece is in excellent condition. No wear holes or thinning. The shifting of colors looks good. If you want the lighter places darker, just rub in more olive oil. Stirrup leathers are as original - no cutting down, nor ugly holes punched. Holes are numbered for your convenience. Looks to be the Original girth leather & Off billet. Stirrup pad shows no wear.   Your saddle is ready to ride! 


  Skirts are cut-away for closer contact to your horse. 
Fenders are well oiled & easy to maneuver. 
Leather Girth Tie Strap & Off Billet.


Girth Options:   Normally sized 28, 30, 32, 34, 36.  Cultured Cowboy offers a high quality handmade Mohair cinch for only $79.99 (Either straight or wide roper style.).  A high quality Mohair blend cinch for only $39.99 (Either straight or wide roper style.). A TackyTack type non-slip vented straight Neoprene at $39.99 (Moore EZ Pull Buckle).  Or, A great non-slip reinforced Neoprene shaped trail/gymkhana girth with elastic end at $59.99 (Moore EZ Pull Buckle).  We believe in offering you variety! 

Basic Styles shown are usually in stock and everyday low priced as shown. We even beat the auction prices. However, there are too many options to Advertise every possible Low, Low Price on every combination! 

Our policy is to provide the lowest price possible, while maintaining enough profit to service your needs properly.  Our pricing is very fair, but we must eat a bean, or two, to enjoy helping you to select the “right” saddle for your needs.   We will deliver more saddle value for the buck than anyone because we know more about riding and fitting saddles than most! (No brag, just fact!)


Not quite what you need?  Please e-mail your requests or call us for a friendly quote on your “Dream Saddle”.  Hundreds and hundreds of people have found the call well worth their time!  ;-)    God Bless,  Chuck

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